Let’s see if we have this bizarre story straight.  U.S. Representative Harman supports and lobbies for warrant-less wiretapping of Americans under the “Patriot” Bill.   Of course, this “abuse of power” is only designed for John Doe Citizen, not for the omnipotent, highly-paid hypocrites occupying mass and space in the District of Criminals.  When SHE is “wiretapped” allegedly arranging a bribe with a member of AIPAC (The American-Israeli Political Activities Committee) she screams FOUL – where’s my “constitutional rights”?  Keep in mind she ignored the cries of “constitutionalists” when she voted for this un-American activity – but now it’s different when her Ox is being gored, it would appear.

What else is immensely STRANGE with this story is that the NSA is even daring to wiretap the all-powerful AIPAC to begin with- for AIPAC is the single most influential power-peddling PAC on Capital Crime Hill.   Isn’t this a normal day at the office for joint Israeli/American citizens employed by AIPAC and MOSSAD —- After all, isn’t ISRAEL America’s ally.  Since when does AIPAC constitute a threat to “national security”?   Just ask Willard Mittens Romney and his TOP ADVISERS Mikey Chertoff and Rabbi Dov Zackheim!