Are you tired of all those Big Pharma ads – you know, the ones that promote the miracles of  a wide variety of chemical drugs?  Billions of dollars are spent by Big Pharma to pre-condition the Goyim mind to desire their miracle pills.   Of course, the FDA requires the caveat:  ASK YOUR DOCTOR.   HE/SHE KNOWS BEST!!!    The FDA also requires a very quick warning of possible side effects.   I submit its incredible that these “advertisements” result in a single sale – isn’t it up to the “Doctor” to write the px?

What if very strong alcoholic beverages were marketed to the mindless GOY by MADISON AVENUE, just like they market Cyalis or Nexxum?    It would first state the product’s initial Benefits, but then quickly list its actual “side effects” of course – here’s what such an advertisement would look like: