What happens when an archeologist finds an artifact that disproves a widely accepted “scientific theory” such as evolution?   Simple, make the artifact disappear, and if the archeologist cries foul, black list him/her and teach them a lesson.  If the archeologist continues to spout off, then arrange for them to have an accident!

What happens when literally THOUSANDS of ancient American artifacts are uncovered all over the states of Ohio, Michigan and Illinois?   Simple.  Give them to the Edomite “Catholic” Jesuits – who in turn gives them to their brother Edomite Mormons in Salt Lake City for “safekeeping”.  Tragically, the end result is that PRICELESS PARTS OF AMERICAN HISTORY are lost and falsely discredited!  How evil and despicable is that?

You see, Joseph Smith, the CHARLATAN FALSE PROPHET of MAMMONISM (aka Mormonism), made up a huge story.  He publicly claimed he had been shown ancient “golden plates” by an angel named Moroni.   He claimed to have “translated” the language into a new and “more correct” scripture called the Book of Mormon.  He alone was the only one “worthy” to handle and remove these mystical, magical, artifacts from the “Hill Cumorah”, let alone “translate them”.  However, the Edomite Mormons and their Edomite brethren the Jesuits have a problem.  Not a single artifact has to date been unearthed anywhere in North, Central, or South America that can be conclusively linked to the “Book of Mormon” central cast of characters – Lehi – Nephi, Sam, Laban, Lemuel, Moroni, etc.  Not a single artifact has been discovered having any connotative  reference to the B of M city of “Zarahemla”.  This is exceedingly strange, since this great city was the nexus of the “Nephite” culture supposedly covering over 700 years.   No Nephite coins, no weapons, no shields, no chariots, NADA!   Yet, the archeological evidences of the Holy Bible are exceedingly numerous in volume and scope.  Could it be the Holy Bible is genuine and accurate, and the B of M is mere religious fiction?  Indeed the evidence makes that conclusion inescapable.

That’s a problem if you are a mega-billion dollar conglomerate masquerading as the one and only “True Church”.  So, when a farmer in Ohio or Michigan uproots a tree, or digs into a mound and uncovers ancient bronze and copper artifacts, it should make the Mormons in SLC rejoice – one would think.  But no, instead, they declare it all to be elaborate forgeries, (and a grand conspiracy since thousands of farmers found artifacts) and ultimately they hide them away in secret warehouses.  Why?  It’s simple.  The artifacts are Hebrew and Phoenician in origin – and tell the story of the ISRAELITE COLONIZATION of America, and their booming industry here.  Why were they in Michigan and Ohio?   They were mining and exporting COPPER to Europe and the Middle East – and copper of course is the primary ingredient in BRONZE.

Joseph of Arimathea, a bloodline descendent of the TRUE House of David, an uncle of Mary, the Mother of Jesus – maintained and operated a rather impressive fleet of ships that brought the Copper from America, and the Tin to make copper into bronze from similar mining ventures in England.   Following the crucifixion of Christ, and prior to the genocide of Titus and his Roman legions – many “Christians” emigrated to America thanks to Joseph of Arimathea.  These artifacts clearly prove this.  The LDS Church of Mammon keeps these pieces of Americana hidden from public view – because such TRUTH would expose their B of M fraud – and they would lose their “principality and power” that is Edomite Mormonism.

I can’t write the truth any plainer than that, my friends.

So – did Jesus of Nazareth visit the Americas?   I believe He did indeed.  However, He likely came as a young man accompanying his Uncle Joseph on his travels to the mining ventures.  This young “Immanuel” (God in the Flesh) more than likely shared His teachings with the native peoples, all who had spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear.  It is quite likely He healed their sick and raised their dead as well.  It is quite likely that the AmerIndians told stories of the great white, bearded “God” – who “went away, but promised to return some day.”  Since He went away to the East in a sailing ship, is it any wonder why the native AmerIndians dropped to their knees and worshiped the Spanish and Columbus?    It is my opinion that these “artifacts” tell this story completely.  No wonder they have been hidden away.  Truth exposes the LIES!

Here is a video of just a few of the these artifacts taken by my friend Duane.  Sadly, Duane still clings to the false hope that these artifacts are proofs of the Nephites and the B of M.  He just can’t accept the fact that if they are “proofs” of the B of M story, LDS Inc. would have them under glass on Temple Square and charging admission to see them, not collecting dust on the shelves of secret warehouses!   Notice there is no sound.  The Mormon “curator” didn’t want his voice identified.  (I wonder why?  What’s he so afraid of?)