There can be no doubt that this blog has upset the Edomite Jew overlords con-troll-ing Planet Earth.   I have been trolled and the world is being conned!

A “Humanist Psycho-babbler” lackey named Mike Lewinski has publicly accused me of plagiarism.  No, to be more exact, this sacrosanct Pharisee has rendered a guilty verdict, and has made himself the “Executioner” as well.  To do so, he has obviously searched this blog in minute detail, and somehow has cross-referenced other Goyim Christian blogs to see what matches up.   When the Troll Program matches – the “divide and conquer” card is played.  Lewinski should have no “interest” in this blog, for his worldview is diametrically opposed to Christ and His message of Freedom.   Here is basically  how the “Troll Program” works.

Lewinski’s Edomite brethren in Cyberspace (most likely centered in Tel Aviv – the Hub of the World-Wide Spider Web)  have created numerous, quite sophisticated programs to scan internet websites specifically searching for plagiarism.  They sell these programs primarily to their controlled Universities and Public Schools so that “professors” can quickly check for “academic fraud”.  For example, see It’s really quite a problem – with the “web” being such a vast, open library, it is quite common and easy for students to simply cut and paste their term papers.   The point is, stealing another person’s thoughts and ideas is never a moral or honest thing to do.  I know this, and and I have no MOTIVE for plagiarizing anything.  Why would I, when I know how simple it is to scan my entries??

For the record, I have been the VICTIM of at least a dozen cases of plagiarism.  For instance, Edomite-elite psycho-scientologist Rima Laibow took my writings and thoughts concerning Bird and Swine Flu, and sent it out to  her subscribers under her name.  That’s ok with me, until other Edomites began charging ME with plagiarizing HER!   That is hard to swallow.

Consider this:  on this blog I have posted nearly 300 original pieces.   I have contributed dozens of peer-reviewed articles in my field.  I have authored literally thousands of op-ed documents during the last decade and a half.   From all of this, only ONE “questionable” piece has surfaced from the Edomite Web “Thought Police”?   Here’s the rub, however: somebody “copied” somebody here – for the similarities in the texts are indeed too identical to be mere coincidence.   All I know is that I wrote The Philosophy of Truth in April, 2007.  I remember now the inspiration that spawned it.  I was deeply troubled over Willard Mittens Romney’s presidential bid then, just as I still am troubled today,  – and I wondered why people (especially aspiring politicians) couldn’t simply tell the Truth.  Lies kill people.  Lies are the domain of Lucifer and his minions, not the Messiah.   I awoke very early in the A.M. – and wrote the words.  It was like I was listening to Christ dictating: “Just Tell the Truth” and the world’s problems can be solved.  I don’t know Mr. Walsch and only visited his website after reading Lewinsky’s venom.   It appears like Mr. Walsch is a fellow Christian, and has Christ in his heart as well.  Could it be possible that we BOTH received the identical whisperings of the Holy Spirit?   In the realm of angelic inspirations, stranger things have happened, I submit.  Of course, this is beyond the grasp of the Satanist – the HUMANIST – mindset to even consider for a second!

The bottom line is this:  I have clearly been targeted!    The modern Edomite Christ-killers HATE my research and my writings, so they search for any POSSIBLE anomaly they can use to discredit the author – while never intellectually DEBATING the subject matter of the written document.   This is the same mindset they used against Jesus of Nazareth – they pinned a capital crime on Him – for indeed He broke the Law of the Sabbath – HEAVEN FORBID – HE HEALED PEOPLE ON THAT DAY!!!  That is the primary charge they brought before Pilate to have Him Crucified!  He dared to declare that He was Lord of the Sabbath Day – and that it was MADE FOR MAN, not vice verse.   These blind Edomites ignored the miracles and the marvelous signs he bore, and instead focused on themselves as MORE RIGHTEOUS than anyone.   Lewinsky is FULL of this same toxic mindset!

You are exposed, Lewinski.   Below is his naked accusatory post and my justified response.   Dear reader, draw your own conclusions.  Funny how Lewinsky’s writings seem to plagiarize the concepts and ideas of the rabid Rabbi Sabbatea Svi and Jacob Frank.    Funny how Lewinski seems to also know the content of hate-filled, almost daily posts that I have traced to another Edomite Lackey named Leonard Horowitz.  Seems like Lucifer has a lot of lieutenants – filled with the most blatant lies and character assassinations.   Lieutenants who never debate the content of TRUTH, only cast aspersions.

I have one final thing to say to Lewinski and his breed:  JESUS IS/WAS MESSIAH – and I am His disciple!!  He is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life – and make no mistake,  Edomite Hypocrites: JUDGEMENT IS COMING!  You messed with the wrong Guy!!!

True x

Except for the last few sentences, this appears to be a partial plagiarization of Neale Donald Walsch’s writings here:

What God Would Say.

Conveniently, the piece above ends just before references to “Conversations with God” begins in the original.

The irony of lying about writing an article about telling the truth is really beyond par. The Internet will eventually expose such deceit.

So Dr. Ott, will you come clean and atone for your lies here, or will you double down on it and delete my comment? I’ll be checking back. I haven’t informed NDW of this… yet. You can still redeem yourself.

Submitted on 2012/02/08 at 10:34 am | In reply to Mike Lewinski.

Amazing. Thank you Mr. Oroboros, for making your presence known.

For the record, I wrote The Philosophy of Truth in April, 2007. I have the MS Word doc to prove it. Honestly, my memory is vague as to the inspiration for the piece. My local pastor often shares Christian blogs in his “sermons” – and perhaps that is where I got the idea of God asking us to simply tell the truth. I can honestly say I had never heard of Mr. Walsch or his blog until your post. I like his writing, and I like his “What God Would Say” piece. It is indeed remarkably similar to my “Philosophy of Truth” – but also markedly different as well. Whoever plagiarized whom, does it matter to Christ – whose message it ultimately is? I could care less – I’m not selling anything, unlike you and your coven.

The TENOR of your post is condescending and accusatory, Mr. Lewinsky. Did you notice that Walsch posted his piece in 2008? Did you write Mr. Walsch accusing him of plagiarizing me – or am I the “liar” simply because I have written so many expositions on Edomites like you? (Oroboros is the Cabbalistic SERPENT EATING ITS OWN TAIL – clearly a satanic (Samael) icon utilized by Madame Blavatsky and other “Humanistic Psychologists” of your bloodline deceptions.)

You sir, and your ilk are the prototypical Pharisees of modern times. You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. You pontificate on your website how you and your psycho-babbling Edomites have the corner on integrity, while you DENY CHRIST and crucify His disciples in your daily pursuits. Worse, you promote the ULTIMATE LIE – that you are “Israel” when you know that you are actually of Esau – and are CURSED by Israel’s God. To your own self, be True, Mr. Oroboros – but then, that is what you are doing. You are clearly fulfilling the measure of your anti-God, humanistic gene pool. You are most skilled at spreading dissension and discord – Hegelian Dialectic in action. I suspect you are employed by Langley VA CIA spooks – am I wrong?

I close with your own words from your own “wilderness” wanderings and mindless blathering in the dark with your DARK LORD. This is quintessential Sabbatean humanism – aka “Do what thou wilt”. No consequences for your actions, no morality, no accountability. YOU HYPOCRITE!!! Judgment is coming, Lewinski. God has been mocked long enough by you satanic minions! (BTW – Say Hello to Monica!!)

The Last Blasphemy
If traditional futilitiarianism is the belief that holding onto any belief is futile, the militant futilitarian takes that idea too far by being rigidly intolerant of intolerance. We stridently proselytize our “dogma of no dogma” to all who have ears to hear (and seek out ASL interpretors to reach the eyes of the deaf).

The only way to purge the ideas of heresy and apostasy from human civilization is to brand all who disagree with the futilitarian creed as heretics and apostates.

The last blasphemy finally contradicts itself and disappears into the black hole of its own reason.

There is no God, and I am his prophet.

Mike Lewinski

Stanley, VA

December 13, 2010

Since you are so concerned about “honesty” – why don’t YOU come clean? Is this what you do for a living, troll Christian blogs