Be careful, Chuck and all Christians.  March 7-8 is the Edomite FESTIVAL OF PURIM – where they attack all enemies.



Hello Friends, Especially those in Washington D.C. and surrounding,
From Chuck Carlson

I will be in Washington,  DC, March 2-6 with Tom Compton.  We will participate in Occupy AIPAC, sponsored by US Campaign to End The Occupation, wonderfully brave Code Pink ladies and others.   I hope we we can add our message by informing AIPAC that this big group is onto its tactic  of shaping public opinion through Christian Zionist church leaders in the USA.  If you plan to meet us there be sure to hook up first by cell phone or e-mail because we have other activities while in DC, an we do not want to miss you.

Tom and I are among the founders of Project Strait Gate that has now led some 80 vigils at Christian Zionist leaning churches around the county, with more on the way.  We find our energy and travel budget  is best spent challenging Christian Zionists leaders at their own churches in front of the congregation.  We do not want to leave Washington DC behind without conducting a Sunday morning vigil on March 4, at  one or more Washington DC area mega-churches, to be announced in a few days.  I need your knowledge.   If you are familiar with a DC area church that might deserve a Vigil for Peace with Justice in front of its doors, please let us know right away.  And if you want to participate please tells us.  One need is a cameraman to record the event.

Some of you joined us on July 17, 2007 at John Hagee’s Night to Honor Israel at the Washington Convention Center, a memorable event!  Our latest vigil at a Hagee love in for Israel, and his call to war in Iran is recorded in a four minute video produced by Tom Compton, that has attracted many thousands of watchers:

We also hope to inform many of our allies at Occupy AIPAC,  just how important Christian Zionism has become in extending the occupation and our War Based Economy, and in supporting the latest war scheme against Iran, and Syria.  We want to let everyone within reach know the all important fact, Christian Zionism is not about Jesus, it has become a “Cult” that worships the political zionist, state of Israel.  Every political candidate for president is bowing and scraping to the state of Israel…they are not appealing for Israeli votes,  but for the tens of millions of American Christian Zionist votes.  This is the facts that  AIPAC and its enforcer, the Anti-Defamation League, hates to have known.  Thousands of mistaken and opportunistic Pastors also fear the truth because they have mislead their congregations.  Knowledge of Christian Zionism can drive a stake through it, to be someday buried in the graveyard of apostate, reli gious acts of war.

If you are within driving distance we hope to meet you for the first time, or to see you again.

Chuck Carlson,  office, 303 238 1168
Cell 602 741 4650
Tom Compton
Cell 602-770-8893

Subject: Video: Eustace Mullins on World Zionist Conspiracy Against True Christianity; How Zionists orchestrate wars;Secret Holocaust



Eustace Mullins, We will NEVER FORGET your contributions to TRUTH. – Pastor Eli James


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