The Holy Bible tells us the history of the family of Shem – aka the Shemites.  It is the story of Father Abraham, and his firstborn son of Hagar named Ishmael.  Ishmael, like his half-brother Isaac, was blessed to be the father of many nations.  This is the ancestor of ancient Persia, the country today known as Iran.

When one attacks the Arabs and Iran, one is then a true Anti-Shemite, (anti-semite).   Conversely, the bloodline of Edom (which is Esau) is mixed with the forbidden and cursed blood of CAIN, (the Kenites).   Exposing an EDOMITE, therefore is not “anti-semitic” – but is simply anti-Mammon!  (Mammon, aka Satan, is their god!)

Keep in mind that the Edomite agenda against Iran began with their support and funding of the Shah – and continues to the present day.  Apparently, according to Edomites such as Robert Kagan and Mittens Romney, Iran has no Right to Exist – and no right to develop nuclear fusion – especially COLD, SAFE FUSION – which is what this story is really all about!!  Watch these videos and learn the Edomite timeline going back to 1995 and Bill Clinton and the Ice Queen of Narnia – Hillary:

Also, listen to the testimony of General Clark:

Of course, these “wars” must be justified by means of a “New Pearl Harbor” – outlined by Kagan, Dov Zackheim, and all the other “top advisers” to candidate Mittens Romney.   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!   Your lies are now exposed!