This youtube video generated well over 2 million hits.   Why?  Because it sums up quite nicely the FRUSTRATIONS of the helpless GOY.   (Goy = the Human Cattle of the Edomite Overlords.)

So, why do I call him and millions of “middle” Americans just like him  “lunatic’?  There is no disrespect meant by this – just the simple definition of lunacy which is:  Doing the exact same thing over and over and over again, and expecting a DIFFERENT result!!

This fine fellow just doesn’t “get it”.  Americans just don’t “get it”.  It’s not our TAX DOLLARS fueling government’s riotous spending.  It’s not TAX DOLLARS funding the bailouts.  Taxes are merely the PLUNDER of the Edomite Banksters!!!!  It’s the real wealth of the country going into their pockets, and they have everyone believing that’s what runs “government!”       GET IT NOW???   Our “government” doesn’t need We the People’s TAX DOLLARS – for you see they have a printing press called the Federal Reserve to give them all the electronic bank notes they could ever need.  There is no accountability with the FED – they do what they damned well want.   Need a toilet seat from an authorized govt. “vendor”?- no problemo,  the vendor will provide it for $2,000.  It doesn’t matter, it’s paid for with     guv-mint paper after all.

Don’t blame Obama, Pelosi, or Bush, or Clinton.  BLAME YOURSELVES AMERICA – for simply being so duped and gullible since 1913!!   The SOLUTION is quite simple – peg the nation’s money supply to a solid multiple of its Domestic Product.   And don’t EVER allow a private group of Satanic Edomites to charge usury on the process.  No income taxes simply means no EDOMITE PLUNDER!!!