This video is AMAZING – it sums things up pretty well.  First, it shows why Judge Napolitano was fired from Edomite Ruppert Murdoch’s FOX NEWS!

But this video is even more stunning in what it shows at the 7:15 mark!   It shows a clip from the BRITISH BROADCASTING coverage on September 11-12, 2001.   The BBC interviews PLO head Arafat and the PLO’s “official” response, then an interview with the “former” Israeli Prime Minister Edward Barak is given much more time and focus!!   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE notice what this Edomite elitist says,  as opposed to the PLO’s sympathetic, heartfelt response.   Arafat offered sincere condolences, while the ISRAELI spokesman IMMEDIATELY began making declarations and demands!!! LISTEN CAREFULLY to this smelly rat’s demands and statements:

1.  First, he performs a classic “Freudian” slip of the tongue:  admitting the party responsible for the “event” was “OURS! —- (then stumbling and mumbling) Bin Laden in a cave in Afghanistan”.   OOOOPS!!!  How did he know that it was Bin Laden?  This interview was the day of the event – no “investigation” had even begun yet!!!  HOW COULD HE KNOW THIS?    This black-hearted joker simply knew the entire pre-conceived plan – and who the scapegoat was to be!!!    Indeed, the “terrorists” behind 9-11 are the MOSSAD Israelis!

2.  Notice the demeanor of this demon from Hades – there is no COMPASSION for the poor American goy victims, no prayer of safety and closure, NOOOOO!   Instead, you see only the gleam of victory and a brass-balled statement of DEMANDS:  1. Changes in travel security, 2. WAR against the enemies of Israel, 3.  All LED by the brainless “Christians” of the USA.

9-11 was without a doubt now, a FALSE FLAG instigated by NeoCon Edomites committing high treason!!  These criminals MUST be arrested and tried, and if convicted SHOT!!   And it must happen NOW, before they attack Iran, and begin WW III!