This is BEYOND BIZARRE!   It’s beyond the old adage: “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black!”  It’s the LDS (Mormon) Church counseling people about how to identify a CON!!

Check this story out:

Michael Otterson, the “managing director of Public Affairs” for the LDS “Mormon” Church of candidate Willard “Mittens” Romney, has the incredible hypocrisy to stand before a crowd of over 300 people and warn them not to let their “natural trust blind them to the people trying to EXPLOIT them!”

Also during this “Fraud College” – attendees were STRONGLY counseled by the Securities and Exchange Committee’s representative Jennifer Moore how to quickly recognize a SCAM, by simply demanding “audited financial statements of the company”.   If they refuse, then get away – no honest company would refuse to share AUDITED financial statements, you see.

Here’s the hypocrisy:  LDS INC. demands 10% of all member’s income, as well as 2 years of a young man’s life, as well as countless hours of “service” in “lay ministry”.   All of this without EVER giving any rank and file member an audited financial statement!!!!  By the SEC’s own definition, this is a HUGE SCAM!!!

LDS INC. discourages honest investigations of its claims and history.  Questioning the leaders is a most grievous sin, and will get you “disciplined”.

Mark Hofmann, the convicted bomber/murderer is the classic example.   He conned the con.   He bilked Gordon Hinckley, Mormon PROPHET, SEER, and REVELATOR out of hundreds of thousands of dollars – and as a direct result, Kathleen Sheets and Steve Christiansen lost their lives.   Talk about a murderous HOAX!

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The Mormon Flim-Flam Man Hofmann fooled the infallible “Prophet” – and therefore, fooled God Himself??  RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!  And people wonder why Utah continues to lead the nation in scams – with over $2 BILLION lost just in the last year and a half.   MERCY!!!!   (No wonder the scam known as LDS Inc.  is so concerned, they are losing out on their share from the dumbed-down members!  The $2 Billion should go to them – the TOP SCAM in Utah!)

Sadly, the hoax is not only taking the Mormon people’s income, but also, their very souls.  It veils them from embracing the TRUE Yeshua Christus, Jesus of Nazareth.  That is the ultimate scam!

“By their FRUITS ye shall know them!”