I have had a number of “informants” (worker’s at Utah’s Hill AFB) tell me “off the record” that the USAF have deployed large “saucer” craft rigged with invisibility RFR “cloaks” since the late 90’s.   They supposedly are based in New Mexico – but have made nocturnal visits to Utah’s west desert bases quite regularly.  My response to these “informants” has always been,  “show me.   Take some pictures, and if possible a video.”

Well, yesterday I received this link, and then again today from a lady outside the U.S. of all places, where it showed up on a Dutch-language website.   This footage was supposedly shot in New Mexico, outside an active military base, according to my “informant”.   Notice this video is tagged by a man from the U.K.!   What’s that about?  Notice also the logo on the craft positioned just about mid-ship.  The video is a bit fuzzy, but the markings indeed appears to be a white star in a dark blue field, the “roundel” internationally-recognized symbol of the USAAF: