Are Mormons (aka Latter-day Saints) Christians?   According to the standards set by The Holy Bible – they absolutely are not!!

I know, I can hear the screaming now from the LDS faithful – of COURSE we are “Christians” – we are the “Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints” – we PRAY in his name, we bear our “testimonies” in his name, EVERYTHING we do is in his “name”.

I used to be a Mormon – so I know.  I served a mission in Upstate New York.  I thought I was not only a Christian, but also that I held the only true Christian “authority” – the “Holy Melchizedek Priesthood” restored to the earth  by Joseph Smith at the hands of the original apostles, Peter, James, and John.   Pretty heady stuff here, without a doubt.   Either “Mormonism” is absolutely true and Christian, or its absolutely false and Satanic.  There can be no middle ground here – if Mormonism is true, then the entire earth had better listen to its message.  Conversely, if it is false, it the greatest religious hoax ever perpetrated on mankind – and should be exposed as purely a most elaborate Satanic delusion.   Which is it?

First of all it must be stated:  just because people do everything in the name of Jesus Christ, it doesn’t make them a “Christian”, and that is true of all religious denominations.   Jesus makes this abundantly clear in Matthew 7:21-23.  Imagine, people actually making prophecies in His name, and in His name “doing MANY WONDERFUL WORKS” – even “casting out devils”!!   Indeed, His Name is very powerful spiritually.   Human beings can indeed do many wonderful works by simply invoking the spiritual power inherent in His name.   However, it doesn’t make one a true follower of Christ (a Christian) just by using His name.  The key thing is –  a true Christian must KNOW HIM – according to this passage of scripture – Christ must KNOW YOU – meaning something much, much, much deeper than merely bantering His holy name around.

Ok then, how does a person come to KNOW Jesus Christ?   In the original Aramaic text of Matthew 7: 21-23, it is clear that Christ was not talking about mere KNOWLEDGE – but rather was referring to a complete and total spiritual understanding and oneness with Him.   He was and is referring to a complete and total 100% commitment of heart and soul.   This is the “born-again” experience – where one’s spiritual eyes are opened, and catches a glimpse of the pure majesty and LOVE that is Yeshua Christus – the Messiah.  When this happens, there are no words in the English vocabulary to describe the wonder of it.  You will only KNOW it when it happens.   Your heart will literally break, and you will invite Him inside your very soul.  Only then will you KNOW Him!   You will embrace and love the TRUTH of all things after that experience.  You will absolutely HATE the lies and hypocrisy of Christ’s enemies.  To follow Christ, to truly KNOW Him – you will not fear the wrath of men, for you are one with Him.

Once you KNOW Jesus Christ, you clearly see that He was the great I AM – the creator of heaven and earth.  You understand that through his powerful love, man and woman were designed by His Word.   You then understand that the Serpent, Lucifer, changed the perfect plan – and Sin and Death entered this earthly dimension.   You then understand that ALL HUMAN FLESH became subject to the LAW – that ALL would be subject to death and hell – the domain of Satan and his minions because our First Parents made a most binding legal contract with him.   All humans were born you see, under the penalties of the primal transgressions of the Law – for DEATH is programmed into the human DNA.   Knowing Christ means you understand that HE designed a rescue plan, however – a most glorious REDEMPTION from the penalties of the original Law contract.  This rescue plan means eternal life – not death!  He was the perfect sacrificial Lamb, and because He, the Potter – the Creator, became human flesh and personally ransomed mankind, – human flesh hopelessly bound by the Satanic contract with Adam and Eve – the contract with Lucifer was fulfilled.  The price of Sin was redeemed.

This act of incredible Ransom was and is a free gift, but unless it is understood and utilized, it is meaningless.  Lucifer, therefore, wants nothing more than to see Christ’s rescue plan ignored and misrepresented.   Lucifer is the ultimate deceiver and liar.   He teaches that there was no real “sin” in the Garden of Eden, and that he alone brought his gift of “free agency” to earth. He desperately wants you to believe that you are responsible for your own sins, not for what Adam and Eve did so many long years ago!    The serpent would want you to believe that Eve’s contract with him was actually a good thing, that it was the only way that “man might be” – for it was the ultimate gift of FREEDOM!   Lucifer would want you to believe that Yeshua Christus was only a mere prophet, and that the Cross is meaningless – thus the CONTRACT is still valid!    Lucifer wins a great victory when he gets people to BELIEVE this way.

So, are Mormons Christians or not?   In the LDS “Articles of Faith” we can find the answer!   The LDS 2nd “Article of Faith” reads: “We believe that men will be punished FOR THEIR OWN SINS, and not for Adam’s transgression.”   That says it all, folks.  The Mormons simply do not believe that the entire human race – the posterity of Adam- were bound by the results of Adam’s fall from Grace via his contract with the serpent.   They believe that Eve’s breaking of Yahweh’s law and contract with Lucifer was a very good thing!  In Mormonism, each person must be “saved” by their own works – their “obedience to the LAWS and ordinances of the Gospel” (of Joseph Smith.)  This is their 3rd “Article of Faith” and completely and totally misrepresents the “atonement” of Jesus Christ.  Thus, Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross is meaningless then.   No need to have a Cross on their buildings!

It is only logical.   Without “Adam’s Transgression” passing on to all human descendents, there is and was absolutely no need for a “rescue plan” – much less no need for people to humble themselves and accept it.   There was no need for a sacrifice on the Cross.   There was no need for Yeshua to become flesh and redeem His creation.  There is no need to KNOW Him, and be Born Again in Him!!  In short, Lucifer, the God of Babylon and Egypt, is the true God – and Jesus Christ is merely our wise and helpful brother – nothing more!  Furthermore, because He did not fulfill the penalties of the LAW, the Temple veil wasn’t rent at all when He died on the cross.  Thus, top-secret Holy Temples are still necessary – to uphold and TEACH the BABYLONIAN LAW, to “Go forth”and to “Govern all the Earth”.  (Mormon Hymn “High on the Mountain Top” makes this infernal doctrine very clear.)

So – are Mormon’s Christian, or are they anti-Christian?   To me, the answer is clear.