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What was the REAL REASON for the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden Germany in February, 1945?   Could it have been due to the fact that Dresden was the planet’s research heart of Homeopathy and Naturopathy/Cellular Nutrition?   Could it be that during the 30’s Dresden was unlocking the secrets of the STRUCTURE (Firmament) of Water within Water?  (See Genesis 1:6).

This is an amazing video.  You owe it to yourself to watch and learn.

Wake Up America!!!!

Why is the Controlled Media so quiet about discussing what will happen in 2013 if Obama is still in the White House?   Do you realize that Mittens Romney will implement OBAMACARE COMMUNISM as well?

Instead of harping about the NDAA (of which the final version was sanitized of any provision to detain citizens) – why has OBAMA-CARE suddenly been forgotten?

Take 10 minutes and watch this summation: