Truth is a Beautiful Thing – when it is declared and told, you don’t have to worry about covering it up.   On the other hand, malicious Lies beget more lies and more deception.

#1 TRUTH FOR CHRISTIANS:  Edomites (the descendants of Esau which is Edom)  Abhor Truth, yet Adore the Lie!   Yeshua understood this when He declared in John 8:44 while condemning the Edomite Scribes and Pharisees:  “Ye are of YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL – and the LUSTS of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar and the father of it.”

This is vitally important for followers of Yeshua Christus to understand!  There most assuredly is a deeply satanic and evil group LYING each and every day to the American people.   They are quite simply those of the Edomite bloodline – those who “Say they are JEWS, but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan”. (Revelation 2:9)  They hated Yeshua Messiah (they conspired to crucify Him) during His earthly sojourn, and persecuted and conspired against his followers with a deeply-seated, genetic enmity.   Today the modern Edomites are easily identified, not only by their surnames and genetic features, but more clearly identified by their very actions.  In short they are deceivers and dis-informers of the highest order.  They make lies and false witness their refuge.

Sadly, the Edomites yet today do indeed engage in the LUSTS of Lucifer – meaning simply, they are adulterers and concubines.  They engage in producing and purveying pornography and promote sexual perversions of all sorts.  Of course, they declare this to be completely normal and natural, and whoever would oppose such is either a “misogynist” or a hate-filled bigot.  (My how they love to use the word “hate”.)

Those who would follow Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) in every way and every day, must be prepared for the most malicious attacks from the Edomite camp of anti-Christs.   I submit such attacks are a clear hallmark of discipleship of Yeshua – a sort of “Red Badge of Courage”.   Make no mistake, the Edomite Synagogue of Satan are incredibly skilled at convincing the gullible crowds that good is evil and that evil is good.   Did they not convince the masses to cry out “Crucify Him” and cast false witness and the deeply wrongful judgement against the most INNOCENT of all men?

People are free to believe whatever they want. However, please see that you do not judge A. True Ott wrongfully merely because my honor and integrity has been maliciously attacked by the agents of Edom.

Last year, I was, with clear malice aforethought, viciously slandered by Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane publicly in the so-called Conspiracy Conference, and on the pages of Horowitz’ identity-thieving website  Pursuant to their Con-Conference grandstanding,  Kane and Horowitz signed a legal, court document,  wherein they declared UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY – various spurious and complete and totally FALSE accusations against me personally. UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, Kane and Horowitz declared to the court, as well as supposedly to the FBI that I had personally threatened them with MURDER, – and of course, because of their self-proclaimed “incredible talents of investigation,” I also was responsible for the murders of my good friend Don Harkin, Judge Roll, and the shooting of Ms. Gabrielle Giffords et. al. in Arizona!!  In other words, they SWORE UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that I was perhaps one of the most dangerous, seditious SOB “domestic terrorists” on American soil – and that I had a number of aliases – including David Main and John Smith.  Amazingly, the first set of court papers sent to me didn’t have Kane’s signature attached, and had Horowitz’ name as complainant scratched out!  This smacks of high irregularity in the L.A. Court – for why would they set a hearing date without a signed statement to begin with?   See TRO_Filing_Kane  and the “revised” copy at:   KaneRevisedPapers  for proof of this!

Please understand this obvious self-evident point.   Making slanderous accusations on a website or publicly in a conference is one thing, and mean-spirited enough.   Filing a sworn statement UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY is another matter altogether.   Before doing such a thing as that, you had better be 100% sure you are declaring absolute TRUTH – and not some paranoid ramblings.  It is not a game Ms. Kane and Mr. Horowitz – it is a most serious legal matter now.

After spending considerable time and money PROVING BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT to the court of Los Angeles that I was not “David Main” or “John Smith”, and thus did not author the questionable e-mails attached by H & K as their solid “evidence”, the court summarily dismissed the false witness claims.   Yet, the court did not seek to arrest Kane and Horowitz for the crime of PERJURY!  This to me is most strange, because in my home state of Utah, swearing out false charges is taken very seriously.   Without a doubt Kane most definitely did knowingly and willfully make false, and with malice aforethought, the most injurious statements concerning me under oath – and Horowitz was most definitely her willing and able accomplice.   It would appear that Horowitz and Kane are somehow above the law.  It also clearly appears they have absolutely no compunction concerning USING the FBI and the legal system for their own self-serving ends when it serves them best.

Now, these two arch-Edomites are at it once again.   No, it’s no longer the MURDER of Judge Roll, and Valerie Plame, and “handling” Jared Loughner that I am being accused of by these two, it is the most heinous crime of plagiarizing a paper and conspiring with Horowitz’ ex-wife to steal his company!   Once again, they have employed the same Modus Operandi – they have apparently committed perjury in swearing out a complaint with the Hawaii FBI office.   Incredible!  Once again, this is all done on the FLIMSIEST OF WHIMS in the mind of Ms.Kane and Horowitz, it would appear.

On their attack blog, we read this declaration:

Additional evidence filed with the police, as well as the FBI, is available by downloading this file: FBI COMPLAINT for IDENTIY THEFT w- EXHIBITS.pdf.

 On March 2, 2012, at 4:30PM Hawaii Standard Time, Horowitz filed the aforementioned Complaint with the FBI in Honolulu. The prima facie evidence materially exhibited compels any reasonable and legitimate law enforcer or prosecutor to pursue indictments of Ott, Hampton, Lindenbach and others complicit in the felonies cited. Given this overwhelming material evidence of extortion, libel, and commercial felonies, FAILURE to act reasonably and lawfully by the FBI in this matter implicates the Bureau’s complicity or recklessness in the political persecution of journalists Horowitz and Kane, as per the FBI’s COINTELPRO.

 For this reason, readers, activists, and members of the media are encouraged to monitor this case and relay this story, and forthcoming news about the FBI’s response (i.e., action or neglect), to all available news outlets in service to justice and Freedom of the Press.

Do you get that, dear Reader??   Horowitz is declaring that if the FBI fails to investigate this to the full satisfaction of Horowitz and/or Kane – then THE ENTIRE FBI IS “COINTELPRO” and corrupt!!  My my, how narcissistic and paranoid is that?  Never mind that the FBI likely made inquiries last summer concerning the WHOPPER ACCUSATIONS laid out in the TRO documents shown above – and of course, found them to be completely false and baseless.    Mr. Leonard Horowitz and his concubine Ms. Kane are simply crying wolf too many times!  They are wasting the time and resources of the FBI and sooner or later, perjury charges will be placed and PROSECUTED to the full extent of the law.

Of course, there is another distinct possibility, and that is simply that this entire FBI story is just that:, another publicity-stunt story!   Yet another fabrication of the Horowitz and his concubine.

Now, not that it matters to my loyal readers, but here is the truth once again offered in my defense.   I did not plagiarize any paper by Ms. Boehm or anyone else!    No, I submit that Mr. Horowitz has once again committed perjury to the FBI – and has not bothered to investigate the truth before making outlandishly false claims against me.   If he had cared about the truth, he would realize that his own credibility is the only thing continuing to be eroded by such actions!

Here is the timeline in answer given to Ms. Boehm’s attorney’s questions weeks ago:

1.  I become involved researching nutrition as healing – via colleagues in Washington D.C. — 1994, and completed PhD courses. 
2.  My father, Stanley K. Ott, is diagnosed with advanced liver cancer – 1995, is given 6 months to live.
3.  I start him on supplements, and begin researching the causes and possible cures of cancer – 1995.
4.  1995-96 – In my search for cancer remedies, I discover Barry Lynes and his book, the Cancer Cure that Worked.  It all rings true, so I immediately travel to San Diego Ca to meet with colleagues of Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. John Crane.  I photocopy hundreds of pages of original research and writings concerning the M.O.R. (mortal oscillating rates) of possible cancer-causing pathogens.  This seems much too complex and burdensome to me, shouldn’t there be a “master” frequency I reasoned? My earlier research had found that according to Georges Lakhovsky and Nicola Tesla – there IS such a “master” frequency.  However, learning the science of MOR was very helpful, for from this I developed a THEORUM that based on the atomic weight of any substance, both their specific “resonant” or “harmonic frequency” can be quantified, as well as their “DF” – or debilitating frequency charted.  This was all based on the pioneering works of Rife, Crane, Lakhovsy, and Tesla.  I needed to find an electrical engineer to build my vision of a “frequency device” utilizing a delta-wave based master frequency.
5. 1997 – my father was still alive, and doing pretty well.  He was supposed to have been dead two years earlier.   My ongoing search for an engineer takes me to Clark’s Fork Idaho, where I first meet with Dr. Joseph Puleo.  I share with him my findings and my basic DF theorum, and he shares with me his MOST EXTENSIVE research data files on frequencies; which he declares are identical to Rife and Crane’s research findings.  Puleo informs me he is also working with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and they are compiling parts of Puleo’s research work for publication.  (The book, “Healing Codes” is eventually published in 1999.)  Puleo introduces me to the “Photon Sound Beam” – and gives me the name and phone number of William Coombs in Ogden Utah.  I contact Coombs, and he and Gary Taylor drive to Cedar City to first meet with me. See affidavit below!
6.  Summer of 1998 – Puleo presents me with a most generous gift:  a photo-copy of what he claims is a “Reader’s Digest” condensed encapsulation of his “healing codes” white paper.  He gives this paper to me in order to “further my research” – and said he wished to remain 100% anonymous in its distribution.  Puleo said his life was in danger over this, and he felt he had to employ a bodyguard to patrol his home and estate.  The desire to remain anonymous is what he also told Leonard Horowitz, and indeed, the book “Healing Codes” when published, featured Puleo with the alias name of “Joey Barber”.   I incorporated my original research of mineral resonant frequencies into Puleo’s text, and distributed the final copy entitled “Resonant Frequency” in October, 1998. In December, my father dies from a bleeding liver tumor.   I never thought about, nor sought any official copyright protection filings.   
7.  1999-2001 – I begin advertising and promoting a “research project” for cancer patients combining the Photon Sound Beam and angstrom mineral solutes in tandem.  This is done in memory of Stanley K. Ott.  We find the protocol is very helpful, with numerous “miraculous” successes.   Coombs and Taylor are very much involved with observing my “project” during these years.  I give numerous lectures in the home of Taylor during this time.  The core of the “project” is my research paper “Resonant Frequency” and is the basis for my public lectures and presentations.
8.  Coombs and Puleo introduce me to Dr. James Dussault and the World Naturopathic Health Organization – and I learn that Dussault was the primary person responsible for the American College Nutrition PhD I had earlier completed.   Dussault asks me to keep him informed on my research.
9.  December – 2001 – I am arrested and formally charged with felony “practicing medicine without a license” due to my “research project”.  The authorities seize my computer, microscope, and all original files, including Puleo’s papers.  Nothing is returned.
10.  February, 2002 – My preliminary hearing is held.  James Dussault flies to Las Vegas, NV – rents a car, and drives to Cedar City to present a voluminous Amicus Brief in my defense – declaring that my right to conduct research is a basic human right under not only the U.S. Constitution, but also international law under the Nuremberg findings at the end of WWII.   My case is dismissed.   Less than 48 hours later, Dr. James Dussault is shot and killed in Arizona.   The same day I receive a cryptic “stick-it” note on the INSIDE of my locked Chevy Suburban with two words:  You’re Next.   
11. 2002-2003 On the advice of Taylor, I sell my Cedar City residence and relocate to Ogden, Utah.   I abandon my public “research project” because of concern with my family’s safety and well-being.   I also quit disseminating and lecturing on “Harmonic Frequencies”.

The bottom line is simply this:  Horowitz, by his own declaration, appears to be conspiring with Charlene Boehm for the sole purpose of attempting to discredit my good name and reputation, not to mention my research.  Funny, isn’t Leonard Horowtiz SUPPOSED TO BE this white knight in shining armor exposing the evils of the Medical Mafioso – aka Big Pharma?  Funny too how the big-wigs of Big Pharma also are mostly of the Edomite bloodlines?   

As I told my attorneys, TRUTH FEARS NO INVESTIGATION.   When asked to provide me with Ms. Boehm’s research, the answer from her attorney was simply that she had only authored the document, and did not claim the actual research.  That is true, the RESEARCH was conducted by Dr. Crane and Dr. Rife  – and I would submit, by Dr. Puleo and A. True Ott PhD and others!!!   HMMMMM!  Why would Ms. Boehm (Edomite Bohemian perhaps)  decline to share with me her basis in research?  It is POSSIBLE that Puleo received the paper from Boehm or her associates, and – like the THOUSANDS of other Rife/Crane documents, had no claims of copyright – JUST THE OPPOSITE IN FACT – they wanted free and wide dissemination to the public domain??  In fact, they BEGGED for such!   Keep in mind that HOROWITZ HIMSELF “borrowed” the work of Puleo for their 1999 book “Healing Codes” – and sadly, my friend “Dr. Joey” is not alive to comment – (but his wife LINDA surely is!!)   My copyright attorneys are most confident that we can prove our claims in court, (if needed.)   I am looking forward to filing a massive counterclaim on Horowitz, Kane, and Boehm, if it indeed progresses to that point.   Indeed, dear Truth Seeker – keep your eyes on this as it unfolds!!     .  

Once again, I as a devout Christian do not seek to harm or defame others.  However, I will defend myself and my loved ones – and I have had more than a belly-full of Horowitz and Kane and their hate-filled lies and most subversive actions.   Kane spouts off about men abusing women aka misogyny.   Yet, she apparently has no problem with destroying a marriage and hurting Leonard’s ex-wife Jackie Lindenbach in a most cruel and unjust manner!! What a hypocrite!   If I am judging wrongfully, please accept my apology – but this appears to be entirely about stealing money from Jackie and her children – not about standing for TRUTH!   It’s MOST DEFINITELY NOT about helping people heal and preventing disease states – don’t you think?? 

Am I now indeed your ENEMY, simply because I tell you the Truth?   Galations 4:16

The number 7 is Yeshua’s watermark, dear Readers, while the number 6 – is Satan’s.  Frequencies are merely particle-physics extensions of Gematria and genetic coding.   For the last 15 years I have promoted and lectured on 728 hz, as opposed to 528 hz.    Why?  728 hz is a sacred multiple of Yeshua’s 7 (X 104,) while 528 hz is Satan’s 6 (X 88).   The watermark of the frequency’s on your DNA chain is either Yeshua’s or Satan’s.   By your fruits ye shall know them, my friends.   Who maintains a devoted wife and family for over 30 years, and who has exchanged such for a manipulating, POTTY-MOUTHY concubine?   Who is following Yeshua, and who his following his father, “the devil”.  Who has an Anglo-Saxon surname, and who is named after the murderous Cain?

Truth, indeed, is a most wonderful thing – for it is Yeshua Himself who declared – “I am the Way, THE TRUTH, and the LIFE!”  —-

BTW:  While 728 is the “Master” frequency – another very powerful healing tone is Schumann’s 432 hz.   432 is divisible by 3, 6, and 9 – the numbers of MAN, (3) the number of the Nail – Satan – (6) and Father – (9).   Again, 528 is only that of MAN and the ANTI-CHRIST.   Funny how Edomite Joseph Goebbels and Edomite Len Horowitz appear to be on the same page here: