Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything.”

Joseph Stalin –  Original Eomite Master of the Vote Hoax!   See

They have to make it “look official” – they want the “goy” to falsely believe they have a voice – but it is all a giant EDOMITE HOAX.

The puppet we call the “President” is appointed by the organized crime cartel known as AIPAC and ISRAEL, ladies and gentlemen.  Here is how it works:

First, the Edomite (Jewish) overlords decide which of their loyal puppets they want in the Oval Office.

Then, through controlled electronic polling machines, they manipulate the results.  Amazingly, they are so damned confident that the stupid goy will simply believe what the controlled media tells them, they now make their official announcements of the “winners” with less than 1% of any votes actually counted!

How is this done?   Say hello to Edomite “Pollster” controller Larry Rosin and his company Edison Research.  and of course Edison Research’s “clients”:    Not only do the Edomites control the electronic voting system, they also control the official reporting channels as to disseminating the results!   Now you know why NO POLITICIAN WILL EVER BE ELECTED PRESIDENT WITHOUT LICKING THE EDOMITE AIPAC BOOTS!!   If you think for one minute that America is not under Edomite occupation, you better think again!!

Here is the evidence:

Larry Rosin - He Tells America Everything They Need to Know - Even Who Wins Elections!!

Just watch and listen to Edomite puppet Obama licking the boots of his Masters at AIPAC,  Remember, Israel is a FOREIGN NATION, yet Obama promises them complete obedience and absolute protection.

You see, rigging false elections has happened before.   In a FREE AMERICA – secrecy must be kept as to the PROCESS of rigging the results.  It’s all about EDOMITE AGENDAS of organized crime.

Look what happened in Athens, Georgia – and see how American WWII Veterans stood up for freedom: