Once again, I have no choice but to defend myself against the mean-spirited ranting of Ms. Kane and Hypocrite Horowitz.

I can ignore their lunacy and false witnessing only so long.

In a sworn statement under penalty of perjury to WordPress, Sherri Kane filed a DMCA notice alleging that I, A. True Ott, had violated her EXCLUSIVE COPYRIGHT to the video of her and Horowitz’ presentation at last summer’s Conspiracy Conference.   As a result of this DMCA accusation, WordPress deleted the entire paper from my blog.   Why is this perjury?  Simply because Kane signed a legal contract whereby she agreed to waive EXCLUSIVE OWNERSHIP of the video tape.   Either she is abjectly stupid, (not likely) or she is a most manipulative and deceitful liar.

It should be documented that the videotape section in question was posted by Horowitz and Kane PUBLICLY on YouTube with the VERY OPEN INVITATION to: “Post this clip elsewhere to support the HoroKane journalists dedicating their lives to exposing the most unnerving truth—the way you think comes from these exposed propagandists. If you do not like governments or governors, guess why. This is the team of MKULTRA mind-control manipulators indoctrinating you. They have been broadcasting their divisive hate and lingering lies to trigger terrorists and psychopaths that believe the COINTELPRO’s unnerving propaganda.”   Now, when I do this very thing, Ms. Kane cries foul and then gives a false DMCA statement?

See the link at YouTube.com and search for the title:  COINTELPRO COMPROMISED: Sexual Exploits of Jew-Hating American Terrorists  (I don’t want to have my blog shut down for posting the direct link.)

Now, in my defense, please understand the TRUTH – the “Story Behind the Story” of these attackers.

Please go to YouTube and watch the video in question.  At the 6:22 point, Ms. Kane blatantly lies about the e-mails she says I sent her.  Stop the video, and you see that the problematic e-mail was in fact sent not by A. True Ott, but by Timothy Patrick White, and cc’d to me and many others.   It would appear that Tim White’s e-mails and abusive phone call is what upset Ms. Kane – and not MY e-mails.  To come to the conclusion that Tim White is my “barking dog” is really a stretch of reality.   It was Tim White and him alone that used foul and abusive language to Ms. Kane, and/or Horowitz, I never did.   I can’t help it if White cc’d e-mails to me on his own initiative.

Please understand that Ms. Kane instigated all of this by first phoning me in 2010.  She lied to me on the phone – telling me she was a “reporter from FOX News” and was “doing a story” on Dr. Len Horowitz.   Clearly, she was baiting me to say derogatory things about Horowitz, and of course, I had nothing bad to say about him.  In fact, I followed up this phone call (initiated by Kane) with the following ON THE RECORD e-mail to let her know I had simply HEARD negative things, but was clearly  “on the fence” as to their validity and truth! (Notice my final sentence – does this sound like I ever attacked Mr. Horowitz?):

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 2:02 PM, True OTT  wrote:
Hello Ms. Kane.


I, A. True Ott, have corresponded with Len Horowitz, DDS for well over a decade.  I was a close and trusted colleague of Dr. Joseph (Joey) Puleo during this time as well.  I visited Dr. Puleo and Linda many times at their home in Clark’s Fork, Idaho and considered Joey and Linda to be some of my closest friends.  We talked and communicated often, and shared many thoughts, ideas, and personal information.  I know and can testify that much of the content of Dr. Horowitz’s books actually originated with Dr. Puleo and was his (Puleo’s) personal research, as he allowed Horowitz to be the “lightning rod” and publish his work while Puleo assumed a pseudonym – “Dr. Barber”.  This is not personal opinion, this is fact.

Since the untimely passing of Dr. Joseph, Horowitz has continued on in the natural healing field and has produced some truly valuable research documentaries; information that I consider vitally important, and info that I have recommended to many hundreds of people.

In 2007, I was indeed contacted by Mr. Greg  Szymanski, and we did exchange e-mails.  I was a guest on his radio show a number of times.  He informed me of his suspicions concerning Dr. Horowitz and his possible Knight of Malta coronation.  Taking this at face value, I did express my concern to Szymanski about the possible ramifications of this in light of my earlier arrest, prosecution, and eventually successful legal defense on the charges of “practicing medicine without a license” – a Class I felony on a par with homicide.

In my communications with Szymanski, I did indeed voice my concerns and questions about Dr. Horowitz and his alleged connections to the Knights of Malta back in 2007.  I submit it is wise to question everything and everyone – especially since paid government agents like Hal Turner have now been exposed.   There is no doubt, however, that Dr. Len Horowitz has long been an extremely valuable voice and has shared his considerable intellect for the rights of the individual to select natural products and therapies, and I sincerely hope that his motives are indeed of the highest integrity.

For the record, I have not personally received any substantively hard evidence that would suggest that Dr. Len Horowitz has joined the enemy camp and is in their employ. 

A. True Ott, PhD
Ogden, Utah.

  Is there any reasonable individual who can justify the actions of Ms. Kane and Horowitz to in turn attack me so mean-spiritedly, first on Coast-to-Coast radio with George Noory, and then on the Conspiracy Conference based on this “on the record” letter to Kane?

As far as attacking my professional credentials is concerned, they can’t seem to get it into their heads that in the early 90’s, most DOCTORATES IN NUTRITION were “brokered” via Germany (Dresden) for a fee by “continuing education” facilities such as the “American College” – and the World Naturopathic Health Organization, (WHNO) Washington D.C. – which oddly enough was affiliated at that time with my two deceased colleagues Dr. Joey Puleo and Dr. James Dussault.  See http://www.wnho.net/drdussault.htm    Just as “home schooling” is not “accredited” by the Masonic-controlled  “Boards of Regents” – ALTERNATIVE HEALING DOCTORATES such as mine are likewise detested by the “establishment” of Big Pharma and their lapdog University testing labs.  I submit that Horowitz may well be showing his TRUE BIG PHARMA LOYALTIES when he so blindly attacks my alternative research doctorate from Dresden – the nutritional (alternative) healing capital of the world.

For the Record: My PhD and ND credentials were supplied by the WHNO, as was the ND of Dr. Puleo – whom Horowitz at one time clearly thought enough of to publish the book “Healing Codes” together.   So, by attacking my CREDIBILITY in such a way,  by such association is he not also attacking Dr. Puleo’s research and thus, attacking his own credibility and the content of his book “Healing Codes” by association??   This is the warped dichotomy at play here.  Will the REAL LEN HOROWITZ PLEASE STAND UP????

Now, in an ongoing case of provocative harassment,  Hypocrite Horowitz and the “loving” Sherri Kane have filed a NUISANCE LAWSUIT in Hawaii consisting of literally two reams of paper in its content!   Not only are they attacking me, my sweet innocent wife Joan, and my business, but also an extended list of “co-conspirators” that I have never even heard of.   This includes a myriad of licensed attorneys and even David Icke from England!!

Funny, I have talked to Dr. Bill Deagle and Ken Adachi, and they have yet to have been legally “served” by this bogus legal stretch of credulity.     Furthermore, the “plaintiffs” have falsely listed me as “Alma C. Ott” – which to me implies that they have somehow pulled my personal credit report based on my SS number.   My credit report is the ONLY place that I have ever seen where it shows me as “possibly” being named Alma C. Ott.   (Most credit reports show multiple names for the same SS – this by no means is accurate nor definitive – but it does show that somebody in the plaintiff’s camp is skilled at identity theft!)    This is filed “pro se’  because according to my attorney, no self-respecting HONEST attorney would stoop so low – and that includes the ambulance chasers – for they would likely be lined up for “frivolity” sanctions before the state Bar.