One thing is for certain, the candidacy of Willard “Mittens” Romney is causing the critical spotlight to shine on Mormonism like never before.

Where is the AMERICAN “Mainstream Media”?  Why does it take the BRITS to come to Utah and ask the LDS “Authorities” some of these tough, rather hardball questions??

As you watch this video clip – here are the basics you need to know.

1.  “Elder” Jeffrey R. Holland is one of the more “senior” members of the LDS “Quorum of the 12 Apostles”.   Before being “called” as an apostle, Holland was the proud president of LDS Church owned Brigham Young University.  He indeed has “read a few books” and “is not a do-d0” – and is VERY proud of his stature in Mormonism’s cult-ure (which of course means absolutely nothing to the BBC interviewer!)

2.  The “Strengthening the Member’s Committee” is the modern equivalent of the early LDS Church’s band of thugs, assassins, and cutthroats known as the “Danites” or the “Avenging Angels”.   It is composed of retired LDS members of the CIA and/or the FBI.  It is basically spy network of LDS Incorporated.  Up until this interview – the “official” LDS position was simply to issue  “no comment” to the question of its existence.  It spies not only on “disruptive polygamist groups” but also ANY potentially “disruptive” apostates who get too vocal.

3.  Notice how incensed Mr. Holland gets when asked if the Church is a cult.   Corrupt and dishonest cult “leaders” often get hostile and upset when they have no possible means to verbally deny what is fairly obvious.   A cult, you see, has six PRIMARY IDENTIFYING CHARACTERISTICS, which are:

A.  Every cult has a single powerful human leader. In fact, all cult leaders will proclaim themselves the single and only voice of God on earth.  This perfectly defines Mormonism – for the LDS “President” is sustained as THE “Prophet, Seer, and Revelator” for the entire earth.

B.   The cult leader’s word, and also the teachings of the cult become absolute truth over shadowing the Holy Bible. In fact, ALL cult leaders declare their traditions are above the Bible. They must do this because the Bible exposes them. They need to make the Bible appear fallible so as to ingrain the thought process that makes man’s word appear superior to God’s Word.

C.  Each cult uses force to coerce its members into submission. Most cults today will use high pressure tactics to get people to not only join them, they also resort to extreme measures to make them stay. They do this mainly because they know the loved ones of their converts would eventually reveal their hidden evil agenda to them causing them to leave the cult.

D.  Each cult leader will teach a Jesus that is not found in the Scriptures.  They will teach, for instance, that Jesus was simply mankind’s “elder brother” – and thus diminish and minimize His earthly mission.   The CULT ITSELF will teach that IT’S DOCTRINE will save, and not Jesus’ blood.

E.  A Cult will teach a Gospel of  good works in place of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Again, look at Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and even some of the more “gentle” cults of today. False cult leaders always teach that you must work your way to Heaven. Jim Jones declared the poisoned Kool-Aid to be a work that will “set them free.” Charles Manson declared murder to be their good works. Of course, some cults will use works of murder and mayhem, while still there are others that use good works as their requirement.  Works simply cannot “save” the souls of man – only the Blood of Christ can accomplish that!

F.   Cults place loyalty to the leaders and the organization above families – and often seek to break families apart in order to keep them brainwashed and loyal.   This often happens when one spouse begins to “question” the LDS Church, while the other spouse remains loyal.

(These 6  cult characteristics were adapted from the website – which focuses on the Roman Catholic Church cult dogma and practices – which of course also parallel Mormonism.)

Finally – ask yourself if this man is really a committed follower of Jesus of Nazareth and is he filled with Love and Truth when the hard questions are asked?   Sadly, millions of well-intentioned people will continue to be part of what is an obvious STRONG DELUSION!!!