I have been INTENSELY studying the Holy Bible recently.   In the context of defining “Who are the Edomites” I find what Paul wrote to the Corinthians to be VERY eye-opening:

2 Corinthians 11:2-3 “For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted…”   The term “subtilty” has to do with “charisma” and “exceeding charm” – and is used in the Greek texts as a synonym for sexual ‘seduction’ – which has the same root word etymology.    In numerous places in the New Testament, Christ is likened to a bridegroom, and His disciples as the bride – so being a “chaste virgin” bride is a very important simile as you define the structure of the correct relationship of “born again” converts to the Messiah.  Paul declared you don’t want to be “unchaste” and “unfaithful” (like Eve was to Adam) to Christ, the Bridegroom.     Personally, I think Paul is telling the people at Corinth that Eve was not a “chaste virgin” at the time Adam first had relations with her – because of the opposite parallels drawn in this passage.

Moreover, this appears to be quite a common, universal theme amongst the earliest Christians, and also amongst their adversarial counterparts, the Talmudists and Kabbalists of Edom and Babylon.   For instance, in the Kabbalist text called the Zohar we find this clear teaching:

“Two beings [Adam and Nachash] had intercourse with Eve, and she conceived from both and bore two children. Each followed one of the male parents, and their spirits parted, one to this side and one to the other, and similarly their characters. On the side of Cain are all the haunts of the evil species; from the side of Abel comes a more merciful class, yet not wholly beneficial — good wine mixed with bad.”    (Zohar 136)  (Nachash is the Hebrew word meaning “Serpent”)

The so-called “Serpent Seed” idea appears also quite commonly in 6th to 9th Century rabbinical texts.    Rabbi David Eichhorn explains this quite clearly in his book:     Cain: Son of the Serpent, which traces the teaching back through early Babylonian Midrashic texts and identifies many early rabbis who taught that Cain was literally the son of the union between the serpent and Eve.     Some Kabbalist rabbis also believe that Cain and Abel were of a different genetic background than Seth.  The Kabbala teaches its students that God created two “Adams”(Adam means MAN in Hebrew). To one he gave a soul and to the other he did not give a soul. The one without a soul is the creature known in Christianity as Can (Cain) aka the Serpent (Dragon, or Reptilian Seed).

Further evidence for this is found in the New Testament epistle of 1 John, ch. 3:12 where we also read this simple verse:  “Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother.” The original Aramaic text of that passage clearly gives the context of Cain having been “sired” (of that) by the “wicked one” – i.e. the Serpent.   John also recorded in his gospel (8:44) that Christ said to the faces of the Edomite Scribes and Pharisees of King Herod and corrupt Antipater: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.”    These passages, if taken as being literal and not as simile, would clearly seem to suggest that Jesus Christ Himself knew the hidden truth and taught that Cain, the first murderer, was indeed the serpent’s seed – and more importantly, that the “hypocrite” Scribes and Pharisees were absolutely not of Abraham’s “seed”.   (See Verses 39-43).   NO WONDER THE PHARISEES WANTED HIM CRUCIFIED – for that was the best and most blatant example of racist HATE SPEECH ever uttered!

So, the most important question today is: who then are the “Edomites” – i.e. the literal descendants of Cain and Esau?   Throughout the first 10 parts of this writing, I have documented the fact that the Edomites would gain “dominion” in the earth via mastering the art of warfare. (Fulfilling the blessing from Isaac that Esau would live by the sword and would cause Jacob (Israel) to be a servant to Edom.)   Archeologists and historians have been able to determine that the Babylonians, the Medes/Persians, the Greeks under Philip of Macedonia (Alexander the Great), and finally the Romans all have genetic ties to Mount Seir – the Red Stone fortress of ancient Edom (which is Esau.)  Moreover, there is no doubt that each of these “empires” conquered (gained dominion) by their military might (the sword) – by acts of warfare and bloodshed!

This Part XI will now look at the clues given by following and understanding the trail of SYMBOLISM – which is the unspoken language of ancient cultures.  I submit that no symbol is more indicative of Edom’s conquest of the earth than the ‘Fasce’ and ‘Mace’ symbol.

The “Fasces” was originally composed of 12 birch “scourging” rods bound by a BLOOD-RED (remember Edom means Red in Hebrew) binding cord, surrounding a large BATTLE AXE!   This symbol was common in the courts of the Early Greeks at the pagan “Temple of Pergamos” – and became associated with the “Nicolaitan” rulers of the Greeks (aka the Etruscans) and then later became the ultimate authoritative symbol of the “Holy Roman Empire”.   As documented in the earlier pages of “Righteous Blood”, both the Greeks and the Romans were the literal descendents of the Hittite and Horite wives of Esau.   Therefore, the “Fasces” was and currently is indeed the purest remaining symbol of the Edomites and their quest for world control and domination (dominion) of the seed of Jacob (true Israel) through their art of WAR and deception.

Let’s take a  quick pictorial look at the “Fasces” and it’s journey through history and EDOMITE culture, and see what we learn.

First let’s look at an example of an early Roman coin.  Here we see the image of Caesar on one side, and on the other, three symbols explaining what the coin could be exchanged for:  1. ears of corn (food and lodging) 2. Fasces (payments of Roman tax levies) and 3. Caduceus – (payment for medical treatments)

In occupied countries such as Judea in 33 A.D., Roman capital punishment execution squads were always preceded by two official “Lictors” bearing the two “Fasces”.   The fasces were the Roman Empire’s official symbol of authority over life and death – and thus they were carried and displayed during the trials, and then the executions.   As the condemned criminal was escorted to the spot of  public beheading (if a Roman citizen) or of public crucifixion (if not a Roman), the procession was ALWAYS led by the Lictors carrying the two Fasces.   Upon reaching the execution site, the criminal was first stripped naked, then “scourged” – beaten repeatedly by the fasces scourging rods which caused deep bruising and bleeding – and then the victim was nailed to the beams of the cross (also called a “tree”) to slowly die.   Executions in Rome against Roman citizens were much more quick and civilized – (the condemned was beheaded) and this capital punishment was usually reserved only for crimes of high treason.   The Fasces Axe was used instead of crucifixion nails and crosses, and the victim was quickly beheaded.

Historically, the Fasces bundle of scourging sticks and an axe was totally emblematic of the ultimate authority of the Pagan, EDOMITE Roman authority.  Even after Emperor Constantine established the pagan form of “Christianity” named “Catholicism” – the Fasces remained the primary authoritarian symbol of the so-called Vatican as well.

Incidentally, lets take a quick look at the etymology of the word “Vatican”.   What’s in a name?  In this case – just about everything.   Vatican is the combination of two words – Vatis and Can.  Vatis = diviner and Can = serpent. So, the word Vatican literally means:  The Divining Serpent.   In Latin, Vatic means “pertaining to a prophet,” (c.1600, from L. vates) and again, Can = Serpent   Vatican thus can also mean the “prophet (diviner) of the Serpent.”  Who then, is the “prophet” of the Serpent?  The Catholic “Pope” – it would appear!

Again, a truth-seeker must understand that the ROMAN Catholic Church grew out of the seed of Berniece – the daughter of Edomite King Herod Agrippa.   This, according to Christ Himself, was/is the literal SEED OF THE SERPENT.    Just as there are various forms of lizards and snakes today, there are different divisions of Edomites leading people today. We have Edomite Jesuit/Catholics, leading Rabbis of the Synagogues, the LDS Mormon leaders, and yes – these wolves have even infiltrated “Protestant Christian” leadership.   “Zionism” is simply the promotion of the Edomite lying agenda, it would appear.

Follow the Fasces – and the TRUTH becomes apparent.     Whoever adopts the FASCES (and the MACE) as their national symbol – has simply embraced the anti-Christ Edomites.   Hitler, Mussolini, Knights of Malta, The Pope,  – and YES, the UNITED STATES all give honor to the FASCES and the MACE of the Edomites of Lucifer.

First lets take an objective look at this so-called “Christian-led” nation – The United States.   From the official U.S. Govt. website “Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives we read this about the Fasces and the Mace.

The Bronze Fasces

“The bronze fasces, representing a classical Roman symbol of civic authority, are located on both sides of the U.S. flag. The original Roman fasces consisted of an axe within a bundle of rods, bound together by a red strap. The fasces were carried before the consul and were used to restore order and carry out punishment of the courts. The U.S. adopted the fasces as a symbol of the authority of Congress in part due to their symbolic relationship with Republican Rome, which the founding fathers consciously referenced in the formation of the United States.

The Mace

The mace, a decorative variation of the fasces, is placed by the Sergeant at Arms on a pedestal at the Speaker’s right each time the House convenes. The mace is moved to the lower pedestal of the Speaker’s rostrum when the House is called into the Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union or for the consideration of legislation.

This mace has been in use in the House since 1841 when the Members met in the old House Chamber, and was crafted William Adams, a New York silversmith. The original House mace was destroyed when the British burned the Capitol in 1814. During the intervening years, a wooden mace was used.

To restore order in the Chamber the Speaker may direct the Sergeant at Arms to take the mace from its pedestal and present it before an unruly Member.

The mace is 46 inches high, made of 13 thin ebony rods. The rods are bound together by the four crossing silver bands, which are pinned together and held at the top and bottom of the shaft by silver bands. The bands are decorated with a raised floral border. The inscription “Wm. Adams/Manufacturer/New York/1841” is engraved in a cartouche in the center front of the bottom band.

A silver globe with an eagle perched on it sits at the top of the mace. The globe is 4½ inches in diameter and engraved with the seven continents, the names of the oceans, lines of longitude, and major lines of latitude. The Western Hemisphere faces the front. The globe is encircled with a silver band marked with the degrees of latitude, on which the engraved, solid silver eagle with a 15-inch wingspan rests.”

Detail of Congressional Fasces. Notice the "Laurel leaves" - symbolic of the Crown of Caesar.

The Two Bronze “Fasces” surrounding the U.S. Flag. Where are the Christian Crosses?
















Briefly, let’s learn about the “Mace” and it’s origins.   The original Edomite warriors had two primary weapons, the Sword, and the Mace.   The Mace was basically a long club fashioned with a metallic head with sharp spikes – a most devastating weapon.   The warrior kings, whether it was Edomite Nebuchadnezzar, Xerxes of the Medes, Alexander the Great Greek, or the Caesars of the Holy Roman Empire – all presented their MACES as symbols of their military prowess and POWER.   Indeed, the MACE is the ultimate symbol of the warlike nature of the Edomite conquests.   Jesus of Nazareth NEVER wielded or carried a Mace or any other weapon.   Yet today, the MACE is the symbol of Edom – and is also the symbol of authority of MOST EDOMITE-CONTROLLED UNIVERSITIES as well.  It figures.

Original Edomite "Mace" Circa 650 B.C. Notice Edomite Facial Features, and the Horns of the "Devil".

Edomite Warrior Chiefs With Their Mace of Power       

Mace of the U.S. Congress

U.S. Mace with 13 Ebony Rods

Fasces and Mace Combined in U.S. Congress Chambers

It would appear that the Edomite “Synagogue of Satan” has had incredible influence in Washington for many decades.   It would appear that Hitler, and Mussolini, both Edomite Catholics, likewise were blessed with the exact same Satanic symbols in their roles in establishing the “New World Order.”   Make no mistake, the Edomite “Nation of Israel” would never had been established without Hitler, Mussolini, the Vatican, and World War II.  Just look at the PROOF these pictures provide:

"Axis" Postal Stamp - Hitler and Mussolini With Fasces and Nazi Mace

Vatican Stamp - Lady Liberty and Fasces

Mussolini's Fasce Edomite Symbol

Fasce Insignia on SS Troops (Right Collar)

Here’s a valid question.   Would the Edomite Anti-Defamation League be silent if a pair of Nazi Swastikas adorned the walls of the U.S. Congress?  Why are they so silent concerning the Fasce and Mace – considering that Hitler used this symbolism as well?

Fasces are not just adorning the walls of Congress – they are evident on the U.S. Supreme Court as well.

Roman Centurion and Fasces - U.S. Supreme Court. The Scourging Rods of the Fasce Were Used On Jesus Before His Crucifixion!

The Edomites controlled the vast treasury of Mount Seir – carved out of the red rock in the ancient town of Petra – the Edomite Rock.   Their gold and silver coins were lent with usury to fund wars of conquest and death since the days of Jeremiah the Prophet.   The Edomite SYMBOL OF AUTHORITY – the FASCE – was present on these coins – both ancient and modern.

Edomite-Roman Gold Coin - "Lictors" Bearing Fasces

Edomite-U.S. Silver Dime - WIth Pagan God Mercury and Fasces (Which God do they "Trust")

So, what about the Roman Catholic Church?  Consider the Edomite Jesuit’s military arm – the “Knights of Malta” and their associated “Knights of Columbus” Symbolism.  Yep – the Fasce is Front and Center!

The Military Arm of the Vatican - Knights of Columbus! Notice the Edomite "Iron Cross" with the Blue Pentagram Center.

In conclusion, the reader needs to clearly understand once again that the Vatican literally means the “Diviners (Prophets) of the Serpent!   Also, the reader needs to understand WHO crucified Yeshua the Messiah, and WHY!   Many people will scoff and mock this truth, but the Pope and the CHIEF Rabbis of the Synagogues are NOT Christian, but are Edomites whose God is the Serpent Satan.    It is VERY clear to those who, as Christ says: ‘Have Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear.”

The Official Edom (Red) Crest of the Dragon Vatican

Pope With EDOMITE (Red) Inverted Cross - the Universal Anti-Christ Symbol

Anton Lavey's Church of Satan Altar With Inverted Red Crosses

Did you know that the CHIEF RABBI of the “Synagogue of Satan” is the only Edomite allowed to wear the mystic “Kohen Breastplate”?  You see, BEFORE JESUS MESSIAH, the true “Kohen” of Jacob/Israel wore a special “breastplate” and sacred robes in order to enter the “Holy of Holies” – the “Sanctum Santorum” of the temple.   The “Kohen” of today is simply the highest Pharisee – the CHIEF EDOMITE.   Only HE can wear the “Breastplate” – but you see, this is the ultimate denial of the reality of Christ and his Crucifixion.   Since Messiah came on time, and at the minute He “gave up the ghost” – the veil of the temple was torn in two – and the Holy of Holies was finished.  Unnecessary!  Kaput!   He, Yeshua, was the LAST AND FINAL HIGH PRIEST – because of His sacrifice, there simply is no longer any need for ANY “Kohen Breastplate”!     Yet, look closely, and one will see the PHONY EDOMITE POPE still wearing the “Kohen Breastplate”. Why is this??

Both the Pope and certain Edomite Rabbis know well the Satanic Salute!







Greetings From Red Edom - And the SERPENT! (Know Any Young Boys I Can Date?)


Pope's Most Elaborate "Mitre" Headdress - in Pure Gold and Precious Jewels. Notice the golden HEXAGRAMS encircling the globe.



Pit Viper Common in Babylon - Notice the Pope's "Mitre" - Does It Resemble the Triangular-shaped Head of all Vipers?

Frontal View Sporting "Star of David"? I Don't Think So.










The “Vatican” the “Divination of the Serpent”?  Yes, Indeed.