Sadly, this despicable scene is repeated daily in the inner-city cesspools of America.   This one just happened to be recorded for posterity.

Not only was the entire event VIDEOTAPED, but incredibly, was posted on You-Tube as a kind of “Look What We Did to Whitey” bragging-rights trophy by the perps.

I don’t know what is more despicable, the video of the only white guy in the neighborhood being punched senseless, then stripped naked – or the bonehead comments of  CNN’s “Wolf” Blitzer: “there MAY EVEN be jail time for those involved!”   What part of robbery, assault and battery, (aka violent crime) don’t you get Mr. Blitzer?  I see, innocent until convicted – even with the evidence of the tape!

The point is, if this had been done by a gang of Caucasians  against a lone Negro, then posted in such a graphically celebratory manner on You-Tube – my bet is that there would be mass rioting in the streets ala Rodney King – not only in Baltimore, but in every large city in this once great country.

No wonder Homeland Security ordered 450 MILLION Black Talon bullets!  Just imagine the streets of Baltimore, and every other inner city when these “citizens” stop getting their free “guvmint” welfare checks and “entitlement” handouts!

Here is the CNN ‘edited’ version – the entire 10 minute original clip was much more disturbing – but it has been pulled from You-Tube!