He is 84 years old.  He was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1999.  He is a German named Gunter Grass.  Apparently, Herr Gunter also has a conscious, and is upset over the West’s hypocrisy over Israel’s “conflict” with Iran.  The hypocrisy to Herr Grass is simply:  Iran is EVIL and must be bombed for possibly TRYING to go nuclear – while Israel has been “nuclear” for decades – and, thanks to Germany, is now quite likely deploying nukes on German-built submarines.

Author Gunter Grass was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1999

As a young 17-year-old lad, Gunter was forced to join the “Walden SS” corp in the final years of WWII.  (If he refused this conscription, he would most likely have been shot.)    Despite these facts, however, Herr Grass has been vilified and besmirched as a “Nazi” – while his poem’s theme and content is thereby ignored and diminished.  A most typical Edomite maneuver – simply focus the attack on the messenger and by so doing, diminish the message’s credibility.

Here is Gunter Grass’s “poem” as published in a German newspaper, April 4.    Also, in a tit-for-tat exchange, an Israeli “holocaust survivor” wrote a poem in response.   VERY INTERESTING – THIS ESCALATING “WAR OF THE WORDS”!!!

What Must be Said

By Günter Grass

Why have I kept silent, silent for too long
over what is openly played out
in war games at the end of which we
the survivors are at best footnotes.

It’s that claim of a right to first strike
against those who under a loudmouth’s thumb
are pushed into organized cheering—
a strike to snuff out the Iranian people
on suspicion that under his influence
an atom bomb’s being built.

But why do I forbid myself
to name that other land in which
for years—although kept secret—
a usable nuclear capability has grown
beyond all control, because
no scrutiny is allowed.

The universal silence around this fact,
under which my own silence lay,
I feel now as a heavy lie,
a strong constraint, which to dismiss
courts forceful punishment:
the verdict of “Antisemitism” is well known.

But now, when my own country,
guilty of primal and unequalled crimes
for which time and again it must be tasked—
once again, in pure commerce,
though with quick lips we declare it
reparations, wants to send
Israel yet another submarine—
one whose speciality is to deliver
warheads capable of ending all life
where the existence of even one
nuclear weapon remains unproven,
but where suspicion serves for proof—
now I say what must be said.

But why was I silent for so long?
Because I thought my origin,
marked with an ineradicable stain,
forbade mention of this fact
as definite truth about Israel, a country
to which I am and will remain attached.

Why is it only now I say,
in old age, with my last drop of ink,
that Israel’s nuclear power endangers
an already fragile world peace?
Because what by tomorrow might be
too late, must be spoken now,
and because we—as Germans, already
burdened enough—could become
enablers of a crime, foreseeable and therefore
not to be eradicated
with any of the usual excuses.

And admittedly: I’m silent no more
because I’ve had it with the West’s hypocrisy
—and one can hope that many others too
may free themselves from silence,
challenge the instigator of known danger
to abstain from violence,
and at the same time demand
a permanent and unrestrained control
of Israel’s atomic power
and Iranian nuclear plants
by an international authority
accepted by both governments.

Only thus can one give help
to Israelis and Palestinians—still more,
all the peoples, neighbour-enemies
living in this region occupied by madness
—and finally, to ourselves as well.

“Was gesagt werden muss” published in Süddeutschen Zeitung (4 April 2012)

Translation by Michael Keefer and Nica Mintz


In response,  Israel National News published a “poem” by Itamar Yaoz-Kest, a Holocaust survivor. The poem is presented as “letter-poem in reply to German Günter Grass’ attack.”   The poem is not only a clear reminder of the horrific danger that is embedded within “Jewish identity” power politics and contemporary Jewish nationalism, but I submit that it is a glimpse into their unique psychotic genocidal sense of retribution at all costs.  These lunatics who call themselves “God’s Chosen People” are simply vindictive as hell, and are unforgiving in the extreme.
The “letter-poem” starts as follows:

I want to be a danger,
I want to be a danger to the world,
so that after my destruction, not a single blade of grass will remain on the face of the Earth,
or a single blade of grass for Gunther Grass’s pipe,
upon the Earth where, since I was born, I pose a danger to the world.
Because it is my right!
It is my right to live or die while annihilating my annihilators, without riding again as a crying-boy in a transport train,
Into the world-vacuum, while placing my head in the lap of a mother who is disappearing into the fresh air of the Land of Wotan,
and the urine tin darts dark-yellow specks onto the walls of the cabin – like gunshots that spray
a yellowish-reddish liquid from besides the train guards, and among them – maybe – the soldier G.G., also, wearing a steel helmet.

Later in the poem, Yaoz-Kest issues what appears to be a statement of intent along the lines of “the Samson Option”:

“And yet, there is a right reserved only to us Jews (if indeed any human on Earth has this right): to be destroyed and to take the weary and sated       world with us to the non-existence, along with its wondrous libraries and heart-stirring tunes – just so, after we descend to the grave, while the ground emits radioactive rays to all four winds.”

“Indeed – we have the right! It is mine, too!”

“For it is the right of the Nation of Israel to finally shut the gates to the world after it leaves this place (not of its free will!), and we have the right to say, at the price of the 3,000 year old fear: “If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to the depths of the Earth – let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness.”

The Samson Option – taking out Israel’s enemies with it, possibly causing irreparable damage to the entire world – has been a phantasmic Israeli strategy since the early 1950’s.

The message for not only Iran, but for the entire human population of Earth is clear- Israel is the biggest threat to world peace, and is the ultimate “terrorist” nation.  How can the WORLD so quickly and easily forget the 66 million killed in Russia and Eastern Europe (especially Poland) during the “Jewish” Bolshevik “cleansing” – and the untold millions killed under the Edomite (Red) Communist (Jewish) tutoring of Mao in China, and Pol Pot in Cambodia?