This is a great older presentation by Ted Pike concerning the “Jews” and “Israel”.

It is a good and basic PRIMER course, but is missing a few critical pieces of the overall puzzle:

1.  The infiltration of the Edomite bloodline into Rabbinical circles 200 years before the birth of Jesus.   Antipater and his son Herod, (“King” during the advent of Christ) were Edomites as was the Chief Priests of the Pharisees – and a  majority of the “Seventy” – the “Sanhedrin” were also Edomite at the time of Christ.

2.  The descendants of Edom (which is Esau) are the brutal, war-mongering, Khazarian “Jews” of today; they are NOT the true biblical  “Israelites” and are perpetrating a massive hoax in this regard.  (They are NOT “God’s Chosen People” – far from it!  They are the anti-Christs.)

Also, here is the PDF file link to the trial of Ernst Zundel manuscript.   ZundelTrial

An incredible read to say the least.

Considering this expose by a young Jew (ethnic, Jew, that is – for he is a self-proclaimed atheist) named David Cole – who was forced into hiding and obscurity because his fellow Jews threatened his life for “Questioning the Holocaust” in such a brazen manner!

Why is this information so incredibly important?  Simple.  Without the “holocaust” generating such world-wide SYMPATHY – it is highly unlikely the Khazarian imposters would have ever succeeded in their fraudulent quest to gain a foothold in Palestine.   Without this “foothold” – a “nation of their own” – they would not be in the position they are in today to export terror and mayhem in order to establish their satanic “New World Order”.