Because of the arch-enemy of humanity, one Osama bin Laden (aka Tim Osman – CIA) and the “terror” he supposedly inflicted on the entire free world Sept. 11, 2001, the United States military, most likely under orders from Israel, invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.   Untold thousands of Iraqi and Afghan “citizens’ were forced into internment (aka prison) camps.   All of this was apparently done without the need of a 300-page “OFFICIAL U.S. ARMY FIELD MANUAL”

So the question must be asked, “Why produce such a comprehensive “field manual” in 2010, when U.S. military presence in Iraq is supposedly markedly reduced?”   Is it fair to ask: Who’s next?  What independent country is to be the next victim of U.S./U.K./Israeli hegemony?   In light of the training and obtrusively extravagant armory needs of  “Homeland Security” – I submit it could very well be the Christians of the UNITED STATES that are currently being targeted to occupy massive “camps” in the not-to-distant future.   Some salient clues to this are found within the text of the “Internment and Resettlement Manual” itself.

The complete copy of the “manual” can be downloaded here:  USArmy-InternmentResettlementManual

Read it yourselves, friends!

It’s what is called  a “Field Manual”.  The official title is: FM 3-39.40

It’s publication date:  February 2010

It consists of over 300 pages of policies and guidelines for the operation of “Interment” and “Re-Education” Operations – aka – CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Moreover, the “manual” is not to be distributed widely – (For what should be fairly obvious reasons.)

Is it “treasonous” to post such a manual on this website?  Some would say yes – but I for one would submit it is TREASONOUS to NOT post this document, in order to generate discussion and debate.

The “Manual” itself declares:

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to the DOD and DOD
contractors only to protect technical or operational information from automatic
dissemination under the International Exchange Program or by other means. This
determination was made on 8 December 2008. Other requests for this document
must be referred to the Commandant, U.S. Army Military Police School, ATTN:
ATZT-TDD-M, 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 270, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-
DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of
contents or reconstruction of the document.

When I first began reviewing this “Field Manual” – I was not too concerned about it at first.   “Better late than never” I reasoned.   There SHOULD be a clear set of instructions concerning U.S. Army personnel’s treatment of “detainees” at such facilities as “Abu Grahib” in light of the humanitarian infractions that occurred there.     As I began dissecting the text, however, I, as John Q. Public began to get VERY CONCERNED.   The language and semantics of the “manual” made it quite clear that such “Interment and Resettlement” facilities were being planned in very large numbers.   Moreover, since when are “Interment and Resettlement” camps and widespread and inclusive MARTIAL LAW needed in the wake of natural disasters in the USA???  My blood literally ran cold as I read on page 13 of the “Manual”  these words:

1-40. External involvement in I/R missions is a fact of life for military police organizations. Some
government and government-sponsored entities that may be involved in I/R missions include—

Department of Homeland Security.
Federal Emergency Management Agency.

EXCUSE ME!!!!!   DHS and FEMA involved in I/R “missions”?  Where, in Pakistan or the Ukraine???   Keep in mind that absent September 11, there would never have been a Department of Homeland Security.  Why then, MAY they be “involved” in I/R “missions”?     FEMA and DHS have no authority except on U.S. soil.  Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that this manual may well govern FEMA and DHS camps operating in America at some future time.  I submit that this could well explain the order for 650 million rounds of ammunition!