Submitted personally on 2012/05/07 at 2:09 am to this blog by His Excellency “Sir” Charles McWilliams:

(In an earlier post concerning the “knighting” of Leonard Horowitz True Ott wrote:) “In a simple nutshell, the individual who “knighted” Leonard G. is a man named Charles McWilliams. He claims to be a M.D. but is actually a huge fraud. He received his “credentials” solely from a diploma mill in Sri Lanka called the “OPEN” International University for Complementary Medicine” – the OIUCM (we-see-um). Indeed – from the largess of Mr. McWilliams, and a whopping donation of $400 – ANYONE can don the black robe with White Cross, travel to NYC, and receive a TOTALLY MEANINGLESS “KNIGHT OF MERIT” award (or DAME of merit if a female) compliments of the bogus Open International University for Complementary Medicine!”

McWilliams wrote:
“This is a fabricated lie. I request and demand you remove your rumor of me and my good name or else face the consequences.”

Charles McWilliams

Now, dear readers, I don’t know exactly WHAT has upset the good Mr. McWilliams and his friends at OIUCM so mightily.   All I know is that this entire “Knight” business of the Vatican is sordid and highly questionable to say the least to the true Christian.   It has, if nothing else, caused me to dig even deeper into the history of McWilliams and company.   In so doing, PERHAPS one can learn a bit more about the non-licensed DENTIST Leonard Horowitz and his concubine shill named Kane – and what THEIR true agenda may be.

In answer to McWilliams, I wrote the following:

Pray tell, McWilliams, what is the difference between a “lie” vs. a “fabricated lie”?   Are you really, truly a secretive “Knight Hospitaler” and if so, then where (and when) did you receive your legitimate MD credentials and your holy “investiture”? Your MD schooling appears to be absent from your personal CV for some reason.   What I have reported concerning you and your association with the Sri Lanka diploma mill is not a “rumor” sir, but is factual.  I stand by my report.

Reference:    “A colleague determined that there was an ‘OUI’ in Sri Lanka, but it is called Open International University for complementary medicine, and it is not an accredited medical school.’ For an additional fee of $400-US, outstanding students are awarded an M.D. (which is their abbreviation for Masters Degree) or other degrees such as B.Science, or extra credentials. (Parenthetical comment his.)

“We were told that ‘OIU’ has additional prizes such as ‘the Albert Schweitzer Award and Knighthood’ (for an additional fee of $400-US).”

Any more personal threats “Sir” McWilliams??  You, Leonard Horowitz, and your ilk are in my opinion hypocrites of the worst order – you are apparently not part of the “inner circle” of Satanic-Vatican illuminism, so you apparently seek to form your own secret circles in imitation – complete with black robes and all.


According to

“The large passage fees collected by the American Association of “SMOM” in the early 1950s may well have tempted a man named Charles Pichel to create his own “Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller” in 1956.[4] Pichel avoided the problems of being an imitation of “SMOM” by giving his organization a mythical history, claiming that the American organization he led had been founded within the Russian tradition of the Knights Hospitaller in 1908; a spurious claim, but which nevertheless misled many including some academics. In truth, the foundation of his organisation had no connection to the Russian tradition of the Knights Hospitaller. Once created, the attraction of Russian Nobles into membership of Pichel’s ‘Order’ lent some plausibility to his claims.”

Sound familiar McWilliams??   Were you REALLY “knighted” by the Pope???  If so, please show the world the PROOF of this – (i.e. pictures and documentation of your holy “investiture”.)  If so, what then gives you the authority to “knight” others like Leonard Horowitz?  Isn’t this the equivalent of a Catholic (Edomite) Cardinal going abroad and proclaiming others to be “Cardinals” as well – and giving them a crimson-red robe?

You have publicly declared the following announcement:

“By recognition of meritorious deeds in health care through the agency of the Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller, His Excellency Professor Doctor Charles McWilliams of Nevis was Knighted. The Grand Master and Dame, Grand Lieutenant, and other members of the Sovereign Council were conferred the Papal Award, the Noble Knighthood of the Pontifical Order of St. Sylvester. The Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester Pope and Martyr (Latin: Ordo Sanctus Silvestri Papae) is one of the chivalric orders awarded by the Pope. It is awarded to Christian laymen who are actively involved in the life of the church, particularly as it is exemplified in the exercise of their professional duties and mastership of the different arts.  It is awarded directly by the Pope as Supreme Pontiff and head of the Catholic Church and as the Head of State of Vatican City.

“On April 9, 2008, under the instructions by His Eminence Cardinal Sodano and Archbishop Andeodato Leopoldo Mancini of the Caldean Church, at the Pontificio Consiglio per i Laici, the Grand Master, Grand Dame, and Vice Grand Marshall had the opportunity to present a gift and conveyance on behalf of the Sovereign Medical Order to establish papal relations more than one year in development. The Sovereign Medical Order presented a brevet to His Excellency Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko. During the meeting His Kind Excellence expressed the joy of humanitarian works in regards to the history of the Order and the help the Order is participating with the Church. A further meeting is to be arranged for later this year with the Holy See department of State.”

WOW!!   Sounds like Sicilian mob activity to me.   Especially in light of the latest Vatican SCANDAL.  See

Truly, it appears that McWilliams did indeed receive a “”M.D.” (aka “masters degree”) from the OUICM in Sri Lanka – for their website lists his name as part of the “class” known simply as “Group 2”.  See

But wait a minute.   Could it be possible that McWilliams is indeed a legitimate PAPAL KNIGHT?   Was he indeed knighted into the EQUESTRIAN (Horse) ORDER OF ST. SYLVESTER by the “Holy See”  (the Pope)  himself?  If so, what does this possibly portend?

According to Wikipedia, the Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester is a pretty darned neat-o secret society.  You know – a Knight has to ride a horse, after all.  According to these papal knights “have no privileges, except the right of riding on a horse inside the Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This right has not recently been exercised.”    Like I said – NEAT-O!

Reading on in the Wikipedia article, however, raised some red flags.  His “excellency” McWilliams appears to be headquartered in the Edomite International Bankster hotbed of Nevis –  the West Indies of the Caribbean.   I know from my extensive research that this little island paradise called Nevis has ALWAYS been a safe-haven for organized crime – the epicenter of money laundering etc.   Nevis, for example, was the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton – the American agent for the House of Rothschild and the colonial central banksters.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, here are just a few examples of “notable” personalities who were “Knights” of St. Sylvester:

1. Oscar Schindler – German Industrialist – (You know him – “Schindler’s List”.)

2.  Actor Bob Hope – who according to many whistleblowers, was an MK Ultra, SRA master -handler.

3.  Father of the CIA and MK Ultra LSD experimentation  – William Joseph (Wild Bill) Donovan –

4.  Liason to Adolph Hitler and Pope Pius – the Japanese diplomat Ken Harada

5.  Last, but not least, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan,

It would appear that the Papal Knights of St. Sylvester are a rogues gallery of shadowy Illuminati soldiers.   It would appear that “Sir” McWilliams may well be a member of this sordid club.

It would appear that thus, by association, Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane have some rather questionable allies and bedfellows.