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Willard Mittens Romney has been anointed by the elite for a special purpose.  He has the support of the Bilderberg cabal.  He gives keynote speeches at MOSSAD conventions in Israel.  What does all this mean?

The answer is here in this amazing video presentation.  Watch and learn.


Utah leads the nation in AUTISM amongst its children.  Utah is ranked No. 1 in autism diagnoses in the country. The statistics are striking: One in 32 Utah boys has autism. The rate for girls is one in 85, and that represents a 1,200 percent increase between 2002 and 2008. Overall, Utah’s rate is one in 47 children.  Source:

The majority of Utahns are LDS (Mormons) – and the majority of “active” Mormons simply do not question their leaders.   Like dutiful sheep they jab their babies with toxic “vaccines” – and wonder why autism is so rampant in their state.  Now – they are promoting the elitist agenda of population control via the vaccine needles.

Remember Bill Gate’s admission a few years ago – that the undesirable “excess” population of planet earth would be reduced by vaccinations???  How is this possible when “vaccines” are supposed to save millions of children?  The answer is simple.  The “new vaccines” contain “adjuvants” designed to sterilize the children.  Simple formula, really.

Now LDS Inc. is apparently donating additional millions of “sacred” member’s tithing dollars to further this satanic agenda of the Illuminati elite.

Church News and Events

Church Makes Immunizations an Official Initiative, Provides Social Mobilization

By Heather Whittle Wrigley, Church News and Events

  • 13 June 2012

Measles campaign volunteers in Ghana contacted families with information about immunizations.

In May the Humanitarian Services Division of the Church announced that immunizations will join the ranks of the other major humanitarian initiatives—clean water, emergency response, food production, neonatal resuscitation training, vision care, and wheelchairs.

According to Fred Riley, manager of immunizations and special projects for LDS Humanitarian Services, this change means more emphasis on and more funding for the initiative.

Although Church leaders recognized the importance of immunizations more than 30 years ago (read a 1978 First Presidency letter, “Immunize Children, Leaders Urge”), only in the last decade has immunization been a focus of the Church’s Welfare Department.

Today health organizations with which the Church has partnered in the past are recognizing the unique ability the Church has to mobilize vast groups of volunteers in countries around the world. These volunteers help further the fight against disease and increase the long-term effects, eventually allowing countries to sustain their own immunization efforts.

The Church: A Valuable Player in the Effort to Immunize

The Church’s immunization efforts began in 2003, with a $3 million USD donation to a worldwide movement known as the Measles and Rubella Initiative, which involved several organizations, including the American Red Cross, the United Nations Foundation, and World Health Organization. The initiative provided measles vaccinations to children in 40 countries.

Immunizations are one of the most cost-effective health measures available, according to the United States Agency for International Development, which has said, “Investments in immunization yield a rate of return that is higher than nearly any other development intervention.”

Since 2003, the LDS Church has contributed more than US $16 million to the immunizations initiative, donating approximately US $1.5 million a year to help provide funding for immunization supplies such as vaccines and syringes.

This week, the Church donated $1.5 million USD to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) to help make pneumococcal (pneumonia) and rotavirus (diarrhea) vaccines more widely available in five African countries. This donation represents the $1 million donation made this week, in addition to a $500,000 donation the Church made late in 2011. This contribution is the largest made by a religious organization in GAVI’s history and will be doubled as part of the GAVI Matching Fund by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The success of such efforts, however, is evident in other numbers: Between 2001 and 2010, measles deaths decreased by 74 percent globally and by 85 percent in Africa. Approximately 4.3 million lives have been saved as a result of the international Measles and Rubella Initiative.

Now health organizations are shifting their focus to diarrhea and pneumonia, which together account for 28 percent of childhood deaths in developing countries.

The Church’s monetary donations have played a key role in combating disease, however, in the past few years, the Church’s ability to mobilize large numbers of volunteers quickly in countries around the world has become just as valuable.

Earlier this year, for example, thousands of LDS volunteers arranged to send 1.5 million text messages to Ghanaians, notifying them of an immunization drive sponsored by GAVI. The Church has also provided additional funds and volunteers for health education programs in several other GAVI-supported countries.

Local leaders oversee members’ volunteer efforts in activities including social mobilization and health training.

“The Church is becoming a facilitator,” Brother Riley explained. “We coordinate with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI), the United Nations Foundation, and others, and what we bring to the table is the ability to gather volunteers in more than 100 countries who don’t expect payment and who reliably show up.”

In nine years, approximately 60,000 Church volunteers have donated 766,000 hours to immunization campaigns in 35 countries, reaching more than 100 million children and youth on six continents. Another 25 Church-service missionary couples have offered support in various countries and campaigns, and Church buildings have served as immunization sites in the past.

Immunization: From Inception to Inoculation

Humanitarian Services, overseen by Welfare Services and the Presiding Bishopric of the Church, monitors immunization needs around the world then works with health organizations, local government, Church leaders, and members to fill those needs.

Brother Riley emphasized the importance of local leadership in forming relationships with health and government organizations within each country.

Part-time welfare missionaries spend four to six weeks at a time in various countries, working with local health ministries and others to educate and organize immunization efforts. They help supply banners, flyers, and other materials to help spread the word. Area Presidencies direct leaders on coordinating with local government, members, and citizens.

Due to their familiarity with social media and new technology, young adults are especially helpful when trying to mobilize local citizens to participate by volunteering, Brother Riley said.

Regardless of age or faith, volunteers use megaphones, mass text messages, flyers, television and radio ads, and many other methods to spread the word. In the more remote villages and towns, door-to-door canvassing works best. In Madagascar, a member wrote a musical jingle that has been translated and played on local radios in 30 languages.

“One of the most important things social mobilization accomplishes is providing opportunities for members and others to be ‘true volunteers,’” Brother Riley said. “This helps members and others to give humanitarian service in their own area, without expecting compensation.”

In 2011 the Church partnered with GAVI, which seeks to save lives by increasing access to immunization in the world’s developing countries. Earlier that year, in preparation for World Pneumonia Day in November, the Church and GAVI launched a project in Kenya. More than 300 local members spent 1,800 hours distributing tens of thousands of flyers and posters offering information about immunizations and the availability of vaccines.

Long-Term Goals: Sustainability

In many countries, a lack of education or funds (or both) limits the ability to provide an adequate number of vaccines to citizens.

The self-sustainability of governmental health ministries and routine vaccinations are priorities the Immunizations Initiative aims to improve. Countries with developing health infrastructures need training and education to be able to continue to offer immunization services.

To further these goals, the Immunizations Initiative partners with organizations that help countries provide a higher percentage of funds for their immunization campaigns each year. Meanwhile, members have grown through their participation in previous campaigns. So far this year, two countries have participated in campaigns without short-term missionaries’ help. Members have also learned to take the initiative to help with other needs in their community, such as a clean-up project for an NGO in Haiti and a no-smoking campaign in Sierra Leone.

In each campaign the Church is involved with, local members receive training to help them educate people about immunizations. Hopefully that training will continue to be put to use to increase knowledge of and understanding about immunizations.

“In addition to providing funding and service hours, we want to build a culture of volunteerism and self-reliance,” Brother Riley said. “That is the end goal—to help a country reach the point where it has the resources necessary to help its citizens successfully combat these diseases through immunization.”

Individuals can learn more about donating to the fund or volunteering in their own countries by visiting, which will premiere in July of 2012. Donations may also be made via the “Humanitarian Aid” line on tithing slips.


Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity – Manna from Heaven?

Wake up America!!

Mormon shill and Mitt Romney lackey Glenn Beck crosses the proverbial line on his FOX TV show, and interviews author G. Edward Griffin – exposing the problems with the PRIVATE “Federal” Reserve system.   OOPS!  That was a most severe no-no you committed there Brother Beck!   Despite Beck’s attempts to “spin” the truth, falsely declaring that the “Fed” has nothing to do with the Jews or the “Rothschilds” – the damage was done anyway – the Edomite Jews were more than ticked over this.  Beck was axed.   Too volatile – a real “loose cannon”.  Worse for Beck and his blind entourage, following this fiasco, Beck’s financial gravy train was in very real danger of being seriously derailed.  He was dropped from a number of top-10 radio markets, and his star status was in full eclipse.

Beck needed to stop the bleeding.  He obviously needed to do some MAJOR damage control – so off he goes on a major Edomite-butt-kissing journey to Israel in August.

VOILA – despite a continued ratings nosedive, Beck is BACK – landing a whopping 5-year, $100 million dollar contract – DOUBLE his previous salary.   Something is definitely smelly in Denmark, good friends.   HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?   Let’s investigate deeper, and see if we can find the “Story Behind THIS Story!”

But in all fairness to B’rer Beck, pompous egomaniac Rush Limbaugh also received a HUGE RAISE from the Edomite world puppeteers  – topping the pay chart of Premier Radio Networks.   Back in 2008, Limbaugh reportedly received a cool $100 million signing bonus, and a contract extension worth $400 million over 8 years.   Wow!!   Pretty good for a 3 hour a day gig!

Fellow Premier Radio host Sean Hannity also is contracted for $100 million dollars.   Thus just for three top toadies, Premier Radio Network is contracted to shell out over $700 million dollars!  Business must be BOOMING in the radio market, one would think!

Indeed, FOLLOW THE MONEY is always sound advice when trailing such rats in a sewer.   Who is responsible for these Millions to Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity?   Their contracting “employer” is a syndication outfit named “Premier Radio Networks” – and searching deeper we find that “Premier” is a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent company named “Clear Channel”.    And who owns “Clear Channel”?   Why Bain Capital of course.  You know Bain Capital – the home company of Willard Mittens Romney.   But who runs “Bain” and more importantly, where does BAIN CAPITAL get it’s “CAPITAL”?   Ms. Orit Gadiesh and company, and the INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTEL OF THE EDOMITE ELITE – the biblical “Synagogue of Satan”!  Who is Orit Gadiesh?  Merely the daughter of one of the key figures of the Israeli crime syndicate called the MOSSAD – aka the Israeli Defense Forces.   Ms. Gadiesh is no lightweight bimbo.   See and read about Ms. Gadiesh’s role in the RISE OF RED CHINA as a financial giant – among other eye-raising topics.

According to Forbes,  Clear Channel is in dire financial straits.  There is a HUGE negative cash flow there.  Forbes declared: “Simply put, Clear Channel has a negative net worth of nearly $8 billion. And that is thanks mostly to its $20.3 billion in debt”    Let’s see, $20,3 billion in debt with a NEGATIVE (Red) net worth of a whopping $8 billion – and yet they shell out over half a billion to Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity?    Good God – sounds like Bernanke and the Federal Reserve activity – money is no object to these folks simply because they clearly own the printing presses!

One word comes to mind:  Amazing!   Seems like Mitt Romney and Ms. Gadeish NEED ALL THE PROPAGANDA THE EDOMITES CAN GENERATE to further brainwash the gullible Goyim into believing the big lie!    I would bet the farm that Romney and his Mormon “prophet” has plans to somehow manipulate events and rebuild the “temple” in Jerusalem – even if it means igniting Islamic Jihad –  and of course, WW III.   I would further bet that Romney has promised this will happen during his “administration”.

Writer Eric Boehlert likewise is confused about this very strange arrangement it would appear.  Appearing today in the publication “County Fair”  –  Mr. Boehlert writes these remarkable words:  (Be sure to follow his links!)

Struggling Clear Channel Doubles Beck’s Pay With $100 Million Contract

June 13, 2012 11:01 am ET by Eric Boehlert

There aren’t many syndicated talk show hosts who get kicked off the air in the most important radio market in the country and then land a big raise. But Glenn Beck just did.

One year after landmark New York City talk station WOR yanked Beck’s show due to poor ratings, and one year after Beck has failed to find a replacement affiliate in the market that plays home to Madison Avenue, Beck just signed a five-year contract renewal with Clear Channel’s syndication company, Premiere Radio. The company not only gave Beck a raise, but doubled the talker’s contract to a reported $100 million.

Note that in 2011, Beck’s show was also taken off the air in Philadelphia and it took nearly eighteen months for him and Premiere to find the talker a new radio home in that crucial top-ten market. (Beck returned to Philadelphia just last month.) And in Kansas City, Beck’s show in 2011 was moved from the coveted morning drive slot and moved to the less desirable late-evening block.

Perhaps those high-profile dings were some of the reasons industry guide Talkers Magazine recently demoted Beck on its annual list of the country’s most important talk show hosts. This year, Beck tumbled from No. 3 and No. 9 on Talkers’Heavy Hundred” list.

And yet Clear Channel, the conservative-friendly media behemoth with a soft spot for right-wing radio, just doubled Beck’s deal to a reported $100 million, while the struggling company remains buried under an eleven-figure mountain of debt.

As I noted when Rush Limbaugh was rewarded in 2009 by Clear Channel with the biggest contract in terrestrial radio history (even though there appeared to be no other industry competitors in a position to lure the talker away), there’s something strange about Clear Channel going so far out of its way to overpay right-wing hosts while the rest of the company suffers through a chronic economic depression. (Forbes this year dubbed Clear Channel’s once-booming radio business a “loss leader.”)

Question: Why is Clear Channel, now owned by Bain Capital, so anxious to compensate two of its right-wing talk show hosts nearly $60 million each year. In terms of context regarding the entertainment industry economy, that $60 million is nearly identical to what late-night hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman make each year, and they bring in nearly half-a-billion dollars in advertising revenue annually for their TV bosses.

As you ponder the Limbaugh/Beck question, it’s worth remembering that Clear Channel has a long history of playing partisan politics with its talk radio business. Around the time of the Iraq war in 2003, when Clear Channel was paying to produce and promote pro-war rallies hosted by Glenn Beck (which the company insisted were merely “pro-troops” rallies), several on-air personalities claimed they had been told by their Clear Channel bosses to tone done their anti-war rhetoric, and were eventually pulled off the air.

As for Beck’s performance, since 2007 he has added approximately 100 new affiliates.  But much of that growth was likely linked to Beck’s emergence as a Fox News cable TV star, which dramatically widened his national exposure.  Fox abandoned Beck last year though, and his profile as a national political commentator has dimmed dramatically. How Beck will be able to grow his affiliate base without a cable TV partnership remains to be seen.

Yet Clear Channel just doubled Beck’s contract.

And did I mention not many people have been getting 100 percent pay raises at Clear Channel in recent years? But lots (i.e. thousands and thousands) have been getting pink-slipped:

* Clear Channel Cuts 1,850 Jobs [January, 2009]

* Clear Channel Layoffs: Radio Giant Cutting 590 Jobs [May, 2009]

* Year-end layoffs hit Premiere Radio Networks [December, 2010]

* Hundreds Cut By Clear Channel Yesterday [October, 2011

* More Layoffs at Clear Channel Radio Stations [March, 2012]

Note that the endless rounds of Clear Channel layoffs are directly tied to the extraordinary debt the company operates under. “Simply put, Clear Channel has a negative net worth of nearly $8 billion. And that is thanks mostly to its $20.3 billion in debt,”  as Forbes wrote.

For most employees at the ever-shrinking Clear Channel, simply keeping their jobs passes for a professional achievement these days. For right-wing talkers like Beck and Limbaugh though, Clear Channel now doubles as their personal ATM.

The Harbinger – A Book Review (i.e. Reflecting Absence)

The “New York Times Bestseller” book The Harbinger was written by a Rabbi named Jonathan Cahn.   Its subtitle is: “The ANCIENT MYSTERY That Holds the SECRET of America’s Future.”   Rabbi Cahn claims to be a “Messianic Jew” – i.e. a practicing Rabbi who claims to have been converted and “saved” by Yeshua’s sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary.  I truly hope that this is true, for the saving grace of Christ is indeed available for all – either Edomite, Satanist, Gentile, Muslim or Jew – and His Love can indeed change even the most hardened criminal heart.   As “Rabbi” Cahn portrays so beautifully in his book, all humans are sinners and need a rescue plan.

However, Christ Himself declared that you can’t serve both God and Mammon simultaneously.  Water and oil do not mix. One can’t be just a little bit pregnant you see – how then can one be a “Rabbi” of the Babylonian genre and a born-again Christian at the same time?   This to me is the ultimate oxymoron akin to a baptist minister taking the black mass after his Sunday sermon.

While the core message of the book is the need for America to continue to turn to Christ – as a devout Christian myself, I feel the need to point out some glaring half-truths, blatant fallacies and problems with Rabbi Cahn’s thesis.

Point 1.   The warlike and (according to Rabbi Cahn) “terrorist” Assyrians that conquered ancient Israel were in reality “Semites” – indeed, the “Assyrians” were the direct descendants of Esau’s Hittite/Kenite wives and they eventually conquered the “rabbi’s” stronghold called Babylon.   Esau, the brother of Jacob (Israel) who was renamed Edom was their father.   Esau/Edom’s blessing from his father Isaac was to gain dominion over Jacob/Israel by means of the sword – and the Edomite Assyrians were indeed very skilled and formidable warriors of the sword.  Seems Rabbi Cahn is either ignorant of this biblical and historical truth, or somehow he just conveniently failed to mention this in his book and video.   Indeed the Edomite Assyrians were and still are the masters of “terrorism”.   It was NOT the “Arabs” of Iraq (the modern “Assyrians” according to Rabbi Cahn) who masterminded and perpetrated the events of Sept. 11, 2001, it was the “rabbis” of Edom – masquerading as Jews in Israel.    Sources:

Point 2.  The ANCIENT MYSTERY of  the satanic Kaballah “tracing board” is the source of mystical “seals” (aka harbingers) and the symbolic meaning of the number 9 – (meaning divine completion).   Of course, only Edomite Babylonian-Talmudic Rabbis are taught these highly esoteric”mystery school” teachings, SEALS, and symbols.   The gentile goyim are to be kept dumb and ignorant.   Little wonder Senators Edwards and Daschle had their speeches PREPARED for them by their Jewish handlers and speechwriters – and thus had no knowledge of the ancient mystical symbolism of Edomite-invoked Judgements.

Point 3.   America was indeed founded as a CHRISTIAN nation.  America’s “God” was and is Jesus of Nazareth!  America is the prophesied New Jerusalem!  It was never to be a “Jewish” (Edomite) nation worshiping Baal-Marduk and the 72 (gematria of 9 “seals”) hierarchy of the all-too-real demons.   The Edomite (Jewish) Bolsheviks butchered untold millions of Christians in Russia, Armenia and Poland at the direction of the legions from hell.   Could it be possible that the same Edomite “Synagogue of Satan” that slaughtered the Eastern European Christians are the actual engineers of September 11, and the economic “meltdown” of 2008 as portrayed as “harbingers” of destruction by Rabbi Cahn?   I agree that America is increasingly decadent and corrupt – but I submit it is primarily BECAUSE of the propaganda, and constant “programming” of the Hollywood “elite”  and banksters:  those who “Say they are Jews, but are Not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”  (Revelation 3:9)  Look closely behind the abortion clinics, the LGBT movement, and most other decadent anti-Christian cancers, and you see prominent “Jews” orchestrating the processes.   Could it be that the Edomite minions of Satan not only are responsible for millions of Americans forgetting Christ and His promise- but are also behind the planned physical destruction of Christians in America?   How devilishly shrewd to make America feel their destruction is DESERVED when the entire Satanic plan of Christian conquest and desolation unfolds.  America, I maintain, is STILL a nation the majority of which consist of good, hard-working, and honest Christian men and women.  It is nowhere near Sodom and Gomorrah, and even Ninevah.    Sure, America has a terrible CANCER  that is growing daily, and which needs to be exposed and exorcised – and that cancer is the Synagogue of Satan – whose God, according to Harold Rosenthal, is LUCIFER.


Point 4.   Rabbi Cahn’s thesis completely ignores the clearly demonic, esoteric symbolism of the 9-11 memorial named “reflecting absence” at ground zero.   Could this be due to the fact that “reflecting absence” is likewise a product of his “rabbinical” brethren?  I find it highly suspect that Rabbi Cahn, supposedly a born-again disciple of Yeshua the Messiah would not be HIGHLY INCENSED and visibly shocked at seeing 66-foot DEVIL TRIDENTS erected at this godly Harbinger site.  Yet, there is ZERO mention of this anywhere in his book and video.  I know that I, as a TRUE Christian, am shocked by the silence of Christians concerning this most satanic display.  See my earlier expose at:

Point 5.   Why is the role played by Israeli “spies” concerning the events of 9-11 (including Israelis dancing for joy as thousands died) such a state secret?   See the shocking video below – then ask why the Jew Barney Frank is not in jail following his actions with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from 2000-2008, which caused the mortgage crisis in 2008, and was the first domino to topple.    Seems THIS Harbinger’s little sordid detail is not too important to “Rabbi” Cahn either.

And Finally, Point 6 – the last point of the Satanic HEXAGRAM – the symbol of Edomite “Israel”.  Rabbi Cahn focuses WAY TOO MUCH on Isaiah 9:10.   Esoteric judgement, harbingers, and destruction is not the central tenet of Chapter 9 at all -especially not the entire book of Isaiah.   Chapter 9 is all about the WORD sent to man – Yeshua and His mission of salvation.    Ephraim had joined with the Edomite Assyrians according to Isaiah, and this HYPOCRISY among the religious leaders was the cause of the calamity of destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel.  See Isaiah 7:5-6.   Seems nothing ever changes with these satanic deceivers.

Hosea said it best: “My people are destroyed for lack of KNOWLEDGE.”   (Hosea 4:6).  It would seem that too many Christians are LAZY – and simply don’t read and study the scriptures like they should.