The “New York Times Bestseller” book The Harbinger was written by a Rabbi named Jonathan Cahn.   Its subtitle is: “The ANCIENT MYSTERY That Holds the SECRET of America’s Future.”   Rabbi Cahn claims to be a “Messianic Jew” – i.e. a practicing Rabbi who claims to have been converted and “saved” by Yeshua’s sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary.  I truly hope that this is true, for the saving grace of Christ is indeed available for all – either Edomite, Satanist, Gentile, Muslim or Jew – and His Love can indeed change even the most hardened criminal heart.   As “Rabbi” Cahn portrays so beautifully in his book, all humans are sinners and need a rescue plan.

However, Christ Himself declared that you can’t serve both God and Mammon simultaneously.  Water and oil do not mix. One can’t be just a little bit pregnant you see – how then can one be a “Rabbi” of the Babylonian genre and a born-again Christian at the same time?   This to me is the ultimate oxymoron akin to a baptist minister taking the black mass after his Sunday sermon.

While the core message of the book is the need for America to continue to turn to Christ – as a devout Christian myself, I feel the need to point out some glaring half-truths, blatant fallacies and problems with Rabbi Cahn’s thesis.

Point 1.   The warlike and (according to Rabbi Cahn) “terrorist” Assyrians that conquered ancient Israel were in reality “Semites” – indeed, the “Assyrians” were the direct descendants of Esau’s Hittite/Kenite wives and they eventually conquered the “rabbi’s” stronghold called Babylon.   Esau, the brother of Jacob (Israel) who was renamed Edom was their father.   Esau/Edom’s blessing from his father Isaac was to gain dominion over Jacob/Israel by means of the sword – and the Edomite Assyrians were indeed very skilled and formidable warriors of the sword.  Seems Rabbi Cahn is either ignorant of this biblical and historical truth, or somehow he just conveniently failed to mention this in his book and video.   Indeed the Edomite Assyrians were and still are the masters of “terrorism”.   It was NOT the “Arabs” of Iraq (the modern “Assyrians” according to Rabbi Cahn) who masterminded and perpetrated the events of Sept. 11, 2001, it was the “rabbis” of Edom – masquerading as Jews in Israel.    Sources:

Point 2.  The ANCIENT MYSTERY of  the satanic Kaballah “tracing board” is the source of mystical “seals” (aka harbingers) and the symbolic meaning of the number 9 – (meaning divine completion).   Of course, only Edomite Babylonian-Talmudic Rabbis are taught these highly esoteric”mystery school” teachings, SEALS, and symbols.   The gentile goyim are to be kept dumb and ignorant.   Little wonder Senators Edwards and Daschle had their speeches PREPARED for them by their Jewish handlers and speechwriters – and thus had no knowledge of the ancient mystical symbolism of Edomite-invoked Judgements.

Point 3.   America was indeed founded as a CHRISTIAN nation.  America’s “God” was and is Jesus of Nazareth!  America is the prophesied New Jerusalem!  It was never to be a “Jewish” (Edomite) nation worshiping Baal-Marduk and the 72 (gematria of 9 “seals”) hierarchy of the all-too-real demons.   The Edomite (Jewish) Bolsheviks butchered untold millions of Christians in Russia, Armenia and Poland at the direction of the legions from hell.   Could it be possible that the same Edomite “Synagogue of Satan” that slaughtered the Eastern European Christians are the actual engineers of September 11, and the economic “meltdown” of 2008 as portrayed as “harbingers” of destruction by Rabbi Cahn?   I agree that America is increasingly decadent and corrupt – but I submit it is primarily BECAUSE of the propaganda, and constant “programming” of the Hollywood “elite”  and banksters:  those who “Say they are Jews, but are Not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”  (Revelation 3:9)  Look closely behind the abortion clinics, the LGBT movement, and most other decadent anti-Christian cancers, and you see prominent “Jews” orchestrating the processes.   Could it be that the Edomite minions of Satan not only are responsible for millions of Americans forgetting Christ and His promise- but are also behind the planned physical destruction of Christians in America?   How devilishly shrewd to make America feel their destruction is DESERVED when the entire Satanic plan of Christian conquest and desolation unfolds.  America, I maintain, is STILL a nation the majority of which consist of good, hard-working, and honest Christian men and women.  It is nowhere near Sodom and Gomorrah, and even Ninevah.    Sure, America has a terrible CANCER  that is growing daily, and which needs to be exposed and exorcised – and that cancer is the Synagogue of Satan – whose God, according to Harold Rosenthal, is LUCIFER.


Point 4.   Rabbi Cahn’s thesis completely ignores the clearly demonic, esoteric symbolism of the 9-11 memorial named “reflecting absence” at ground zero.   Could this be due to the fact that “reflecting absence” is likewise a product of his “rabbinical” brethren?  I find it highly suspect that Rabbi Cahn, supposedly a born-again disciple of Yeshua the Messiah would not be HIGHLY INCENSED and visibly shocked at seeing 66-foot DEVIL TRIDENTS erected at this godly Harbinger site.  Yet, there is ZERO mention of this anywhere in his book and video.  I know that I, as a TRUE Christian, am shocked by the silence of Christians concerning this most satanic display.  See my earlier expose at:

Point 5.   Why is the role played by Israeli “spies” concerning the events of 9-11 (including Israelis dancing for joy as thousands died) such a state secret?   See the shocking video below – then ask why the Jew Barney Frank is not in jail following his actions with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from 2000-2008, which caused the mortgage crisis in 2008, and was the first domino to topple.    Seems THIS Harbinger’s little sordid detail is not too important to “Rabbi” Cahn either.

And Finally, Point 6 – the last point of the Satanic HEXAGRAM – the symbol of Edomite “Israel”.  Rabbi Cahn focuses WAY TOO MUCH on Isaiah 9:10.   Esoteric judgement, harbingers, and destruction is not the central tenet of Chapter 9 at all -especially not the entire book of Isaiah.   Chapter 9 is all about the WORD sent to man – Yeshua and His mission of salvation.    Ephraim had joined with the Edomite Assyrians according to Isaiah, and this HYPOCRISY among the religious leaders was the cause of the calamity of destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel.  See Isaiah 7:5-6.   Seems nothing ever changes with these satanic deceivers.

Hosea said it best: “My people are destroyed for lack of KNOWLEDGE.”   (Hosea 4:6).  It would seem that too many Christians are LAZY – and simply don’t read and study the scriptures like they should.