The Culture of Reverence

America’s Pedophilia Hypocrisy

By A. True Ott, Phd

The “Freeh Report” is concluded.  Released to public eyes Thursday, July 12, 2012, the 267-page report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh and his select team of investigators has exposed in a most accurate manner, what is without a doubt a major problem in America.   According to the “Freeh Report”, Joe Paterno and top Penn State University officials consciously chose to protect the sacred institution of Penn State Football at the expense of innocent children.   Laws were broken, young boys were continually molested, and a most despicable cover-up ensued.   The reason this happened, according to the Freeh Report: was due to a “culture of reverence”.  A sacrosanct reverence for a GAME and the institution built to sustain the GAME called football somehow took precedence over basic morality in this instance.   The result was the creation of a safe haven for convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky to conduct his felonies.

This “Culture of Reverence” was so pervasive and insulating, that Sandusky felt he could use the public shower facility at Penn State for his felonious activity, and do so without consequence.  He was wrong.

Somewhere along the line, Joe Paterno and other top Penn State officials forgot that innocent, prepubescent children are more important than ANY football game (or season) or the institution and the massive money stream that supports and surrounds it.  Somehow they lost focus on the most basic spiritual truths which are the true foundational bedrock of integrity and honor.  By doing so, the glaring hypocrisy of Paterno and his “sporting integrity” and “legacy” has been laid bare for the country to see and to debate.   It may well be that “Football” is in jeopardy at Penn State University.   The NCAA has a monumental decision to make on this in the near future, and we’ll see how their integrity unfolds as well.


However, I submit that the biggest hypocrisy concerning this subject resides in the double standard by which the mainstream media continually ignores widespread, highly organized pedophilia widespread in certain religious organizations.   Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that the Freeh Report exposes at Penn State concerning a “Culture of Reverence” is greatly magnified in the protective cloak of certain “religions”.   When innocent children are sexually abused in a “Synagogue” by a trusted Rabbi, in a Mormon scout troop, or in a hallowed Cathedral by a “Priest” – the protective cocoon of the ultimate “Culture of Reverence” is invoked in a most powerful manner.  Victims are all too often ignored, threatened and even physically attacked by “congregation” members; while the most basic societal laws are trampled, the “separation of church and state” privilege and defense is successfully invoked by high-paid attorney firms.   Those who would expose these crimes are themselves vilified as “hate peddlers” just for daring to discuss the topic publicly – especially when Jewish rabbis are the perpetrators.   As a result of this “Culture of Reverence” the breadth and scope of these most abhorrent crimes of the church and synagogue are largely ignored by the media – and thus the pedophiles continue to perfect their predations against children.   Pedophile victims mature and themselves become predators, and the millennia-old cycle is continued unbroken.

Meet the “Bin Laden of Pedophiles” – Rabbi Mondrowitz


The “Bin Laden” of Jewish Pedophiles – Rabbi Mondowitz, on his way to his sacred synagogue in Israel

To emphasize this point, consider the bizarre story of Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz.    While the majority of Americans are aware of the sins of Jerry Sandusky, the story of Rabbi Mondrowitz has received very minimal national media attention.   The New York Post reported:

“[Avrohom Mondrowitz] was indicted in 1985 on charges of sexual abuse and sodomy against four Italian-American boys, ages 11 to 16, who lived in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Detectives also found many Orthodox Jewish boys who sobbed as they told of horrific sexual assaults by a man they trusted, but their families wouldn’t let them press charges. Community pressure to keep shameful allegations secret continues to shield child molesters today, advocates and law-enforcement authorities say.

“He got away with it,” said a spokesman for Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes.

The Post last week spotted Mondrowitz, 64, cloaked in religious garb, in Nachlaot, a hip, Greenwich Village-type neighborhood in central Jerusalem near his apartment on Yizreel Street. He wears a façade of piety and respectability, even leading prayer services at a local synagogue. But documents show he has indulged his penchant for child porn and continued to seek contact with troubled kids.

Multiple e-mails copied from his computer and turned over to the FBI show that Mondrowitz trolled child-porn Web sites, buying access to titles such as ErectXboys, SchoolBoys, Boy Heaven and Boys Lagoon.…”

What the Post conveniently omits is that he was aided in his escape from justice by his fellow Rabbis in Israel.  Moreover, his extradition to the US was rejected by Israel two times, once because raping boys was not a crime specifically covered by Israel’s extradition treaty with the US, and then again in 2007 after the treaty was finally changed. But Israel’s High Court rejected the second extradition request in 2010, ruling that too much time had passed from the point of the crimes for Mondrowitz to get a fair trial. It ruled in Rabbi Mondrowitz’ favor, even though explicit child porn was found on Mondrowitz’s computer by Israeli police in 2007.  Source:

According to the New York Post, Mondrowitz is not the first Rabbi to escape to Israel and there receive asylum.

“They may run, and it seems they can hide.

Brooklyn rabbi Gershon Kranczer, 58, hopped a JFK flight to Tel Aviv on Nov. 29, 2010, running away just days before cops went to his Midwood house of horrors to arrest him on charges of repeatedly raping several female relatives. One of his sons, Asher, 21, facing similar charges, joined his dad on the plane.

More than 18 months later, their Brooklyn indictments are sealed from public view and authorities won’t discuss any efforts to bring them to justice.

A spokesman for Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes said he asked the US Justice Department to extradite the Kranczers in early 2011, a move purportedly in the works.

The feds refused to comment.…”

One must ask, if Sandusky was a Jewish Rabbi, would he ever have been charged?

And what about the Jewish President of Penn State, Dr. Graham Spanier, he who authored a “scientific” paper outlining the emotional benefits of wife swapping (aka swinging)?   Will he face criminal charges for obstructing justice by not reporting the Sandusky abuse to the authorities?  If so, will he too jump a plane to Tel Aviv, or is that privilege only reserved for Rabbis?

The BUCK stopped at Spanier’s desk, and Joe Paterno notified Spanier and Curley, the Athletic Director in a timely manner.  It seems people seem to be forgetting that if Joe Pa had gone directly to the police instead of the daisy chain of command, he would have been vilified by the campus leadership as not being a team player.   Paterno reported the abuse as required to his immediate BOSSES – and it was they who kept the secret.   It appears as if Paterno is merely a convenient scapegoat here – the proverbial whipping boy.  How convenient.  He’s dead!