It is the symbol of modern day Zionism – and the Luciferian signature of the Khazars masquerading as “God’s Chosen People” – the terrorist nation of “Israel”.

It is the HEX-agram, the 6 pointed triangles forming the number 666.

It is the ancient logo of the fallen angel Lucifer.   It is used by the Satanist to invoke demonic forces.  It is the symbol of the Anti-Christ.

Watch this video and learn the incredible multifaceted history behind the symbol of the fallen angels and the “God of this World”.  The Hexagram is NOT the symbol of TRUE ISRAEL and Jesus of Nazareth – it is the world-wide symbol of Molech, the demon horned God of antiquity.  Under this symbol, homosexuals and child molesters have preyed on innocent children.   Under this symbol, children have been ritual murdered and abused from the earliest history.

Also remember that taverns and drunkenness allows demonic entities to enter the human body.  This is why alcoholic beverages are also called “Spirits”.  No wonder this is the universal symbol of the distillery industry historically.