This is an incredible video series, friends.  A MUST WATCH!!  As you view this wonderful expose of the IRS by Indiana’s Eyewitness News team, keep the following FACTS in mind:

1. The Federal Reserve is a private  corporation consisting of 13 families – the majority of which are not even American.

2.  When Federal Reserve notes are printed they are loaned at interest to the U.S. Treasury for circulation by the people of the United States.  Federal Reserve “Notes” that cost around 2 cents each are printed by the “private” Fed and loaned to the U.S. government at face value plus 8 1/2% interest compounded.

3.  The interest (or usury, aka PLUNDER)  is collected each year from the American people by the likewise PRIVATELY OWNED INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, also a private corporation controlled by the Federal Reserve international banking cartel.

4.  With a federal deficit of nearly 16 trillion dollars and counting, ( the interest alone payable to these banksters is in the neighborhood of $4 trillion a year.

5.  The TOTAL Tax Revenue FROM ALL SOURCES (IRS Collections, Gas Taxes, Import and Export Taxes, Social Security withholding etc.) is less than $2 Trillion dollars a year according to the US Debt Clock figures.   What a way to run a business!!

6.  Tens of thousands of American citizens have been saddled with massive monetary penalties and traumatic emotional harassment enacted by the private IRS – and countless homes and properties have been confiscated over the years.   “Protesters” have been thrown in jail.   As a result the average American is TERRORIZED by these white collar goons.

Now – consider these series of videos in light of the facts above.  Consider the FACT that over $4.2 BILLION FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES have been distributed EACH YEAR via the PRIVATE IRS to illegal Mexican aliens – aka “undocumented workers.”

The IRS won’t meet with the private investigation team to explain why this is allowed to continue.


This 6-part exposes their fraud in a major way!!



If this fails to open it’s because of record YouTube volume.   Click on:

For just ONE example of the IRS Terrorism Tactics while allowing BILLIONS to go to illegal aliens FREE, read this:

From: Robert G. Bernhoft
Subject: Marchellettas’ Motion to Dismiss the Indictment with Prejudice for Outrageous Government Misconduct
Attached below is our motion to dismiss the indictment with prejudice in our Marchelletta Atlanta case.  I did not defend their case at the trial in 2007, but was brought in for sentencing consultation and appeal in early 2008.  We got them bond pending appeal, then after two years of appellate litigation, including a rehearing the 11th Circuit granted in October of 2010, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out all the convictions two days before Christmas on December 22, 2010.  (The Marchellettas were in the middle of their company Christmas party when I called them to advise the 11th Circuit had thrown out all the convictions . . . that was really something).
The government’s been posturing for a retrial ever since, and when the judge saw the parties’ Joint Status Report on August 1st – which included our intention to file a motion to dismiss the indictment for outrageous government misconduct, our contemplated motion to continue the September 24th trial date, and or statement that the government still hadn’t complied with discovery after 3 and 1/2 years – the judge took action this past Thursday, the 2nd, and ordered us to file the whole tamale by this past Monday at High Noon, giving the government only 48 hours to respond (by Noon today).
The government has spent untold millions of dollars persecuting the Marchellettas for over twelve years, and now the IRS and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia want to retry the case.  The perversity of that position is stunning, given the unconscionable misconduct during the investigation, indictment, and prosecution of the case – going back to 2000 – and the serial misconduct continues to this very day.
Please circulate far and wide if you will, because my clients want everyone to know what has happened to them at the hands of the IRS and a corrupt U.S. Attorney’s Office over the past twelve years.  Perhaps you might even email your entire list with this brief introduction and the attached filings.  People really need to see what’s going on.
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