I simply stand amazed at the incredible evidence that proves to my mind the fact that everything in this universe was indeed created!

The lie of evolution is tied to the hopelessness of lack of faith in not only a loving Creator/God, but also in ignorance of His divine Rescue Plan.

Christ was/is not just some “elder brother” – or special teacher of “ascension” truths.   He is God.   There is none before Him nor after Him.   Without Him, there is no HOPE.  Without Him – by all means we should look to computers and technology to cheat death and the grave.  Without Him, we must of necessity subscribe to the Transhuman Agenda of the hopeless Synagogue of Satan that dominates the thinking and actions of Mormon Mitt Romney, and Edomite “Jew” Raymond Kurzweil who inspire the LDS Transhuman Association.  (see  their website at: http://transfigurism.org/)

Funny how only the good, “Christian” Mormons are the only faith to wholeheartedly subscribe to Satan’s lie of “Transhumanism”.   Some LDS apologists have told me that this not an “official” LDS stance – but I gently remind them that the ruing “brethren” have not “officially” repudiated the “Association” either.   Furthermore, when one realizes that Bain Capital – Mitt Romney’s Israeli corporation – is the leading venture capital funding source for Transhuman technology – then one has to be completely naive not to realize that LDS Inc. is likewise completely “sold” on the Transhuman ideology at the highest levels.

How sad and tragic they do not know the Truth about Jesus Christ, and the signature of His Creation – all while using His sacred name in their structure.