This pretty much sums it up.

Remember, Ron Paul parrots the official “story”


I also find this quite curious.   In 1974 the movie “Towering Inferno” is released by Khazar “Jew” Irwin Allen.   In 1975 the North Tower of the WTC has a similar fire as depicted in Allen’s movie STARTING ON THE 11th Floor.   11th Floor?  Coincidence?  Not if one understands that the number 11 is highly sacred to Kaballah Jews.

Check this out:

Intense heat destroyed much of the 11th floor – but NO STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to the building!   DUH!!!!  Why didn’t it collapse, especially with all the added weight above the 11th floor?

Also, I find it odd that nobody seems to be asking – WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NEARLY 3000 BODIES?    If the official “conspiracy theory” is correct, and the buildings simply pancaked, there would be thousands of human remains extracted from the rubble, right?   Where are the body bags??    However, a tactical hydrogen nuke would create enough energy to make the human remains part of the dust cloud.

Litmus test?  Most definitely.