This is an update to my February 2011 post on “Event Contracts” –

Just to refresh your memory – the term “Event Contract” is big EDOMITE money strategically invested to reap a huge profit following a devastating event that is in reality CAUSED by the investor.   Like certain people on Wall Street (not Osama bin Laden) short-selling United and American Airline stock days before 9-11.    This is also called “P-R-S” (Problem, Reaction, Solution) – all designed to make large profits.

The Rothschild cartel made their empire on an “Event Contract” – advanced insider knowledge on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo – which allowed Rotshchild to corner the City of London stock market.

Since authoring this post, I have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Ms. Andrea Psoras.  She truly is a remarkable and courageous woman.  She asked me to clarify her position in this matter – and so, for the record, here is what she has clarified in her own words:

“I didn’t call Alex [Jones], although had provided comment to the
CFTC on event driven contracts. I opposed them and knew their abuse
was also where there’s little transparency on the contracts and banks
write those for their clients who ask for specifics and then if the
client has the power to have or know when something like the weather
weapons would be used, they could profit from that or have the power
to have the OP pulled off after getting the OTC derivatives contract
from the bank.. it’s perverse that that could happen, however that was
my concern.

It’s not a conspiracy theory and the military contractors have close
relationships with the nsa, the nro and the pentagon all with tech in
the sky that manipulates the weather patterns, earth via squid, or
haarp, etc. and the military contractors do business with the banks
which write those contracts.

I am not the party Alex cut off and if someone is trashing Jeff Boss,
it’s NSA perps. ——   The nsa is like that nazi 3rd/4th
reich whore/bastard demon attempting to steal the wealth of people.
For example, normal people, the apparatus makes the people sick with
the food; the person goes to the doctor. the medical system is the
Mengele (Dr. Josef) medical system and the person’s insurance that is tapped for
the expense feeds the volume based revenue model medical system in
the US.   If it’s an old person, they’ll have them in the hospital, or
nursing home and kill them after bleeding their means, and then the
house often is sold and assets move… the wealthy if there are
children, the nsa are all over that… it’s probably part of the nazi
4th reich commercial and cultural war against the US.”


Well said, Andrea – I couldn’t have put it any clearer.   Keep up the good work.  We need more whistle blowers!!