Part of the “programming” of the masses is brainwashing them that only those “MD’S” (i.e. Medical Deities) in white coats are qualified to dispense health information.

The Truth is that most “MD’s” are themselves programmed from day one in “Medical School” to only prescribe FDA-approved “drugs” – and to never think “outside the box” – especially when it comes to alleviating PAIN and preventing cancer and other chronic, dread diseases from forming in the first place.

The exception to this rule appears to be the popular “Dr. Oz” whose “Dr.Oz Show” appears on FOX.   He recently introduced a truly EFFECTIVE machine simply called the QRS (Quantum Resonance System).   He made the declaration that the topic he was exploring is “the most important” of all his previous shows.

Indeed, in this 15 minute segment – Dr. Oz merely touches the tip of the QRS healing mountain.   Pain is the systemic symptom whereby the cells communicate there is a critical problem needing immediate attention, to the brain’s “opiod receptors”.    The typical “White Coat” response to this pain signal is to prescribe some form of OPIATE pain “drug” that simply disconnects (temporarily) the opiod receptors.  The pain signal is stopped, and the “patient” feels temporary relief – but unfortunately the underlying PROBLEM is seldom, if ever addressed by natural, non-invasive protocols such as the QRS technology.

As Dr. Oz proclaims, over 1/3 of Americans are currently suffering from daily, chronic pain.  That’s over 165 million people.   The other 2/3 may not be experiencing daily pain – but for them it’s likely just a matter of time.

I am proud to announce that I am now contracted to market this incredible device.   If you are interested in purchasing this unit, or just want more details – call me toll free at 866-989-9876.