This has to be filed in the “What Were They Thinking?”  waste bin.

The American Flag is a symbol that means a great deal to American vets – men who bled and comrades who died to raise the emblem on the mountain top at Iwo Jima.

Unfortunately, to many others The Flag has sadly become a symbol of global imperialism and despotism – especially to citizens of Iraq.

And that is where America has lost its way.   The Stars and Stripes is no longer given the respect it deserves.  To even THINK about putting the image of Barack Obama in place of the 50 state stars is incredibly bizarre – but to actually fly the atrocity from the flagpole at a Democratic Party office?????

There simply are no words to describe the pain these vets must be feeling to have witnessed such a slap in the face!

Our school kids no longer “pledge their allegiance” to this symbol.   Remember the “Pledge” we used to take?   Not only to the FLAG – but to the REPUBLIC (a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE) for which IT (the flag) stands?   You know, that ONE NATION, UNDER GOD?

How far we have fallen!