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I authored the following document in May of 2010 – and posted it on this blog.   Download the original PDF file by clicking here: MIRACL ILLUMINATION!!

The article prompted a visit from U.S. Air Force “investigators” – who simply wanted me to tell them who was leaking information to me.   I simply shared my files with them – clearly I didn’t have an “informer”.   They didn’t like it when I asked them to remember their oaths to defend the U.S. Constitution from ALL ENEMIES – both foreign AND DOMESTIC.   I asked them WHO is responsible for the “Death Ray” being employed – and REALLY – do you think I am the problem here?   They left shaking their heads.

Now we have Dr. Fred Bell contacting Jesse Ventura with Bell’s well-documented story and insider info concerning “Directed Energy Weapons”  and NASA- and then 48 hours later, Bell literally drops dead.   We see Ventura’s team attempting to contact and interview retired USAF Colonel Bearden – only to have two police unites dispatched to Bearden’s residence.    Bearden then warns Ventura’s team that people who investigate and seek to report on the Tesla “Death Ray” technology typically wind up dead – often from “natural” causes.   RIGHT!

There is little doubt that Jesse Ventura’s team has touched a raw nerve with this particular investigation.   Why?  Because when you follow THIS Story, and when you uncover WHO is in control of this Tesla technology – you learn that WEATHER MODIFICATION and CLIMATE CHANGE are also exposed – for the technology is inter-related in a major way.   The world’s “elite” shadow government of EDOMITES who claim to be “Jews” are exposed!

I have been investigating these topics for the last 16 years.   All roads simply lead to Tel Aviv.

FBI documents show that NASA has been fully infiltrated by MOSSAD agents since its inception.  The most recent documentation of this is the very interesting, yet totally under-reported story of “Dr.”  Stewart Nozette.   See

Ventura asks the basic, simple question of his “team” –  WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SDI?  Was it ever perfected – if so, WHO HAS IT?

Since SDI is Tesla technology, whoever has SDI “Star Wars”  also has weather weapons.

Why did Reagan call the SDI weaponry “Star Wars”?  Simple, really.  The initial Star Wars movie by edomite George Lucas told the story of the “Empire’s” Death Star.  You know – a very large man-made satellite that could focus a Tesla DEATH RAY on a planet – and disintegrate it.   Truth in this case, is not far from Lucas’ “Science Fiction” genre.

NASA and the U.S. Zionistas has clearly shared the SDI satellite technology with Israel in the form of the so-called “Iron Dome” to protect Israel from those pesky Hamas rockets.   Supposedly, the basic story is that advanced RADAR installations pick up incoming rockets, and then Israel fires a missile to take down the incoming bogey.  But there is MUCH, MUCH MORE to this “Iron Dome” and it clearly involves satellite weaponry and deployment of MIRACL lasers when needed.  After all, didn’t Obama make sure that a mere 70 BILLION is earmarked for the “Iron Dome”?     See story here:

Hey Jesse Ventura: when you look at the events of 9–11, don’t forget the MOTIVE – covering up the paper trail of 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS that went missing from the Pentagon under dual Israeli/American and Rabbi Dov Zackheim’s watch.  Funny how Rumsfeld called it “a matter of life and death” – and the very next day DEATH rules and the 2.3 Trillion in missing funds is conveniently forgotten!   And it hasn’t gotten any better, folks.   Why worry about Pentagon trillions when your partners own the printing press called the Federal Reserve?

Whispering Hope (Additional Verses)

What could be a more blessed song for a confused nation than this 60+ year old classic song of Christian faith – the song titled simply: Whispering Hope?

Allow me to share a most personal insight to those who follow this blog:

My father, a wounded Korean War veteran, died from liver cancer in 1997 most likely contracted from Hep C from blood transfusions received by my father on a hospital ship.    My father was a rather unassuming man – never one to brag about his service – hiding his purple heart and other medals from the eyes of his young sons.   The one thing he did share with me, was his penchant for playing Whispering Hope over and over on his harmonica (along with Shenandoah).  He shared with me how he entertained himself with playing the song during his Korean experience, and how he had thrilled with hearing the Andrews Sisters sing it during a USO show.  He said it was like hearing the angels singing – and every time he played it on his harmonica, he was reminded of the “only good memory” of his time in Korea.

My sweet wife Joan, and my Aunt Lorraine sang his favorite song:  Whispering Hope at his funeral – December, 1997.   I doubt either of them knew why it was so beloved by him – (and by myself as well.)

In a moment of pure inspiration that came to me, two different NEW verses of this incredible song came clearly into my ear while driving just last week.  I pulled the car over, and immediately wrote the words  down.

Only later, after returning home, did I realize that “Hope” is indeed a special, spiritual gift from Christ.  I was stunned when I read the scriptures that formed the very heart of the new verses I clearly heard being sung to me in my ear, by unseen voices, that incredible day.

The HOPE we have as Christians is in the promises of Christ – the promise that Death is not the end – but only the beginning of a beautiful eternity with Him. It’s all about HIM, not a Church, or any other organization of men.

This “HOPE”, is the very embodiment of GRACE -the free gift to all who truly believe in HIM.  The HOPE in the promise that all who truly KNOW HIM will be His Sons (that means ladies too) and literal JOINT HEIRS with Him throughout all eternity.   Imagine that!!  Joint-heirs with the literal Master of the Universe!!   What could be more HOPEFUL than that beautiful promise?

This HOPE is to me the very ANCHOR of Christianity – and in fact that is what I read in Hebrews 6:19 – that it is the very anchor of the soul in times of trouble; most especially at the death of a loved one.

Here is an example of how this incredible “oldie but goodie” should be performed –  but I submit it means SO MUCH MORE with the clarifying verses I received – for it gives the listener the deeper, scriptural meanings.

Tell me if this isn’t a song the  Angel Voices will sing in the heavenly courts?

And here is the Andrews Sisters’ recording back in 1948, that my father likely heard performed live while in Korea:

Additional Verses:

Grace is the Gift of the Savior –  and Hope is the Balm of the Soul

Hope in His Promises given – that Death cannot take its toll!

Such is the Verse of the Psalmist: HOPE is the Power Unseen.

Yes, its a Gentle Persuasion, that Leads us not into Sin.


Christ, as our Anchor so Steadfast,  Rends the Dark Veil from the Soul

Wherever the Master has Entered, He Robs the Grave of its Goal!

Come then, O come my dear Savior –  Come to my Sad, Weary Heart.

Come with your Blessed HOPE of Glory, and Never, O Never Depart.


I just received this incredible, “smoking gun” document from a trusted source in Washington who understands the subject and how it is controlled by Israel and the “Jews”:

WeatherModificationReport 1966

This was authored by NASA Director, Homer E. Newell, a deeply Zionist Jew, educated at Harvard (with ties to Romney’s Bain and Company and the MOSSAD) – according to the website

This should remove ANY DOUBT as to the reality of weather modification and “climate change” being utilized by Edomites entrenched in the U.S. Government during the 60’s and 70’s.

Concerning creating, guiding, and directing massive HURRICANES (Secret Project codenamed Project Storm Fury), we read this on page 28 of the Newell report:

As illustrated by current progress with Project storm Fury, the probability of acquiring a hurricane for modification purp0se at this time seems to be about three storms every two years. Indeed, current efforts have yet to acquire the first such storm well into the second year of operation.
For hurricane studies and possible modification, expensive facilities such as flight research aircraft are required on a seasonal basis, with the understanding that natural variance in the desired weather pattern prohibits a prediction of how long such research must be continued before meaningful results can be expected.

I recommend that the proposed effort by ESSA in the areas of severe storm and hurricane research be supported and pursued vigorously.

This eye-opening report was dated October 1, 1966.   Computers at that time were in their infancy, and Artificial Intelligence was only dreamed of.   I submit it is extremely naive to think that with massive MILLIONS of US tax dollars thrown at this TOP SECRET directive, combined with breakthroughs of computer and ELF (HAARP) technology during the 70’s – that Edomite “Jews” playing God in their prideful, reprobate mind, manipulating the worlds’ weather, even creating and controlling earthquakes, became extremely easy to accomplish during the 80’s.

Tel Aviv Israel is the computer control/technology hub of the planet.   Again, WHY IS ISRAEL SO BLATANTLY ABSENT FROM SIGNING AND RATIFYING THE U.N. WEATHER CONTROL TREATY???  Especially considering the FACT that Zionist Jews like Homer Newell were at the forefront of the development of the technology as evidenced by this incredibly damning 1966 document?