I just received this incredible, “smoking gun” document from a trusted source in Washington who understands the subject and how it is controlled by Israel and the “Jews”:

WeatherModificationReport 1966

This was authored by NASA Director, Homer E. Newell, a deeply Zionist Jew, educated at Harvard (with ties to Romney’s Bain and Company and the MOSSAD) – according to the website  http://www.jewishbiography.com/biographies/list-of-jews/jewish-mathematicians/index.html

This should remove ANY DOUBT as to the reality of weather modification and “climate change” being utilized by Edomites entrenched in the U.S. Government during the 60’s and 70’s.

Concerning creating, guiding, and directing massive HURRICANES (Secret Project codenamed Project Storm Fury), we read this on page 28 of the Newell report:

As illustrated by current progress with Project storm Fury, the probability of acquiring a hurricane for modification purp0se at this time seems to be about three storms every two years. Indeed, current efforts have yet to acquire the first such storm well into the second year of operation.
For hurricane studies and possible modification, expensive facilities such as flight research aircraft are required on a seasonal basis, with the understanding that natural variance in the desired weather pattern prohibits a prediction of how long such research must be continued before meaningful results can be expected.

I recommend that the proposed effort by ESSA in the areas of severe storm and hurricane research be supported and pursued vigorously.

This eye-opening report was dated October 1, 1966.   Computers at that time were in their infancy, and Artificial Intelligence was only dreamed of.   I submit it is extremely naive to think that with massive MILLIONS of US tax dollars thrown at this TOP SECRET directive, combined with breakthroughs of computer and ELF (HAARP) technology during the 70’s – that Edomite “Jews” playing God in their prideful, reprobate mind, manipulating the worlds’ weather, even creating and controlling earthquakes, became extremely easy to accomplish during the 80’s.

Tel Aviv Israel is the computer control/technology hub of the planet.   Again, WHY IS ISRAEL SO BLATANTLY ABSENT FROM SIGNING AND RATIFYING THE U.N. WEATHER CONTROL TREATY???  Especially considering the FACT that Zionist Jews like Homer Newell were at the forefront of the development of the technology as evidenced by this incredibly damning 1966 document?