Just because an event has never before happened, doesn’t mean it won’t ever occur.   The November “elections” are a month old, and yet the presidential “race” is not “official” under U.S. Law until the first Monday after the 2nd Wednesday of December.  That’s the date the “Electoral College” officially casts their ballots and actually “elects” the POTUS for a four year term.   That’s the day the “Fat Lady” of the opera sings, and the 2012 election is official.  That’s the actual “election day” people!!
What happens if the SUPREME COURT of a very large and influential OBAMA electoral state rules that one candidate is officially ineligible to be elected, and that his prior “election” was accomplished via a massive fraud?   Talk about a “fiscal cliff”!   Apparently, that scenario is quite likely to happen, according to the Press Release below.  If the California Supreme Court, which has hitherto refused to rule on Obama’s “eligibility” until now, registers a JUDICIAL declaration – it sets a legal precedent for all other Obama states – and suddenly, the popular vote in November is invalidated!!!  What happens then?
Under the Electoral College laws, if Obama is ruled ineligible, and key Electoral States totals are blocked, then the U.S. House of Representatives would then elect the next president –  it’s likely the democrats would advance V.P. Joe Biden, as their candidate, and he in turn would run against the Republican nominee Romney in the quickie House vote.   Since the House is a Republican majority facing a FISCAL CLIFF SHOWDOWN – who do you think they would elect????
Notice the four “plaintiffs” in this case that apparently is going to be ruled upon by the Cal. Supreme Court.   It includes DEMOCRAT POTUS Candidate Keith Judd who finished 2nd to Obama in W. Virginia’s election.  Clearly, the plaintiffs, as F.E.C. certified POTUS candidates all have perfect “standing”.  Moreover, they clearly have a case.   A STRONG case – with a undeniable evidence of fraud and malfeasance.    The fecal matter is going to hit the oscillating blade, and there is going to be an unbelievable mess.   The inner city minorities that voted for their socialist superman will likely make the L.A. Rodney King riots look like a cakewalk if this scenario unfolds giving Romney the presidency.  Martial law?  More than likely, good folks.
What is also curious is the story circulating here in Utah that Romney’s Washington “transition team” headed by Mike Leavitt has not yet officially disbanded following the election, which if true is HIGHLY UNUSUAL.  It seems they may know something that the rest of America is not privy to.   They seem to know that the Fat Lady very possibly may sing a very different closing song than what is on the program!  

December 5, 2012
Press release from the Law Offices of Dr. Orly Taitz
Breaking news!
Supreme Court of CA to rule whether Obama should be declared illegitimate for the U.S. presidency due to his use of forged IDs and a fraudulently obtained CT Social Security number. Loss of 55 CA electoral votes will certainly mean new elections in the U.S.
After originally refusing to hear the case under the original jurisdiction, Supreme Court of California was persuaded by Attorney and Candidate for the U.S. Senate Dr. Orly Taitz to take on a case Noonan, Judd, MacLaren, Taitz v Bowen under the provisions of the California Constitution, which allow Supreme Court of California to hear special cases under the Original Jurisdiction. Docket excerpt is below. Case number is S 207078 Noonan v Bowen. Attorney Orly Taitz.
This case is brought on behalf of four plaintiffs, all of whom have perfect standing. Edward Noonan won the American Independent Party Presidential Primary in CA and certificate of his win was submitted to the court. Keith Judd is a Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. presidency, registered with the FEC, he was a runner up to Barack Obama in West Virginia Democratic Party Primary with 40% of the vote. Thomas Gregory MacLaren was a Republican candidate for President, registered with the FEC. Attorney, and Doctor Orly Taitz was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in CA.
This case has two premises:
First –Plaintiffs provided the court with evidence of nearly one and a half million invalid voter registrations in the state of California. Such a large number of invalid votes justifies STAY of certification of the results.
SecondPlaintiffs provided evidence of Candidate Barack Obama committing massive elections fraud by using forged IDs and a fraudulently obtained Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425, which was never assigned to Obama and using a name, which is not legally his, as he is listed under the last name Soebarkah in his mother’s U.S. Passport and there is no evidence of him ever legally changing his name from Barack Obama Soebarkah to Barack Obama.
Additionally, in his school records in Indonesia his citizenship is listed as Indonesian, not American. There is no record of him relinquishing his Indonesian citizenship and gaining the U.S. citizenship. Even if one were to believe that he arguendo changed his citizenship from Indonesian to American later in life, he would be a naturalized citizen and not natural born.
Additionally, plaintiffs provided the courts with a sworn affidavits of Maricopa county, AZ investigator Mike Zullo, who is currently conducting a criminal investigation of forgeries in Obama’s IDs, and who attested that Obama’s birth certificate, Selective Service certificate and Social Security card represent forgeries. Similarly, Plaintiffs provided affidavits of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, Senior Deportation Officer John Sampson, experts Paul Irey, Douglas Vogt and Felicito Papa and investigator Susan Daniels, all of whom are attesting that Obama’s IDs are forgeries.
Affidavit of Assistant Clerk for the City of Honolulu Timothy Adams attests to the fact that there is no birth certificate for Barack Obama in any hospital in Hawaii . Statement of the Minister of Health of Kenya, James Orenga attesting to Obama’s birth in Kenya and Obama’s own biography submitted by him to his literally agent in 1991, stating that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia .
Plaintiffs are stating that if this court does not STAY the certification of the election results, this court will commit treason against the United States of America by allowing a foreign national, a citizen of Indonesia and possibly still citizen of Kenya to get in the position of the U.S. President and Commander n Chief by virtue of fraud and use of forged IDs and a stolen Social Security number.
Attorney Orly Taitz is a civil rights attorney, who is conducting this and a number of other cases pro bono and donations are appreciated, pay-pal link and address to send a donation are available on her web site OrlyTaitzESQ.com Currently Taitz is suing Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Registrar Alvin Onaka, commissioner of Social Security Michael Astrue, “Obama for America”, Democratic Party and others in the state of MS in a RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) case, Taitz et al v Democratic Party et al 12-cv-280.
While Citizens cannot contact the court and influence the decision of the court one way or another, they can write to the court and ask to expedite this case, as this is the most important matter of National security and time is of the essence. If the Supreme Court of California does not grant a STAY, the case will go to Supreme Court of the United States Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is in charge of the 9th Circuit.
Two well-known historical figures that have hidden their birth records and used falsified records, were Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. We all know how that ended.
The public is asked to support the plaintiffs and attorney Taitz in helping to finally adjudicate ON THE MERITS the issue of Obama’s forged IDs. Over thirty high ranking officials, including Attorney General of the US and White House Counsel were indicted and went to prison in Watergate. More corrupt and treasonous officials and judges are expected to go to prison in ObamaForgeryGate
End of Press release
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