I’ve been lecturing about the “CIA’s Best Kept Secret” for years.   This godless, Edomite super-technology is closely tied to the “Elite’s”  TRANSHUMANISM agenda – where God’s masterpiece of creation called the human DNA becomes literally inter-active with computers, and vice-versa.

The CIA’s “Best Kept Secret” is a massive, artificial intelligence (A.I.) driven super computer operating underground in Arlington, Virginia, a computer literally called “The Beast”.   It is able to access the world’s data base and rapidly compute future scenarios with a tremendous degree of accuracy.  Literally – NOTHING IS LEFT TO “CHANCE” with this monstrosity.   Of course, humans of necessity become mere pawns in this “predictive programming” – because you see, the BIG SECRET is that the computer knows exactly HOW to program the collective human consciousness in order to SHAPE world events into a prescribed – elitist vision – aka their “New World Order”.

That’s right, friends.   It’s not about the “machine” spitting out business trends – its about the MACHINE orchestrating world events and controlled catastrophes with PRESCRIBED NEWS RELEASES, ETC. in order to MAKE THE PEOPLE BEHAVE IN A PRESCRIBED MANNER!    Now this technology is being “shared” with certain select private sector lackeys in order to further refine and streamline the agenda.

Take a few minutes and review this report by “Stansberry and Associates”.

Notice how accurate the “predictions” are – especially concerning the nation of Yemen and Target stores – and that’s just two small examples.    Keep in mind as you view this, that there is a basic computer TRUTH that even the most powerful government-owned A.I. machines must adhere to, and that is G.I.G.O. – (Garbage In — Garbage Out).  In short, software applications designed to analyze vast streams of DATA must have at their core a logarithm program that first of all predictively programs HUMAN MINDS in order for the resulting “business trend” prediction to be anywhere near meaningful and valid.    This is the end result of decades of covert CIA MK Ultra mind-control experimentation to scientifically understand the makeup of the human brain – and more importantly, how to CONTROL IT by eliminating as much as possible, any variables.

A “Brave New World”?  Indeed.

(To access the report – simply highlight the link below, (hold left click then move the cursor to highlight the address) then right-click to open the website link).