Genetic researchers have long ignored the majority of the human DNA strand, calling it “Junk” simply because it doesn’t relate to the color of your skin or eyes – and because it doesn’t dissect proteins.  The fact is, the “Junk” DNA makes up over 90% of the human DNA – and since humans were created by God, and are most definitely NOT a product of “evolution” – there has to be a divine purpose for this DNA – because God, the Creator, doesn’t make any junk.

Part of the incredible beauty and mystery of the “Gospel” (the Good News) of Christ is His promise that He can metaphysically enter the true believer’s heart and by this process make us His literal “joint heirs” – his SONS.   Is this just wishful thinking, or is there any scientific evidence that this is even possible?   I submit the key to all of this lies in the makeup and interdimensional POWER inherent in the so-called “junk” DNA strands.

According to research and reports coming out of Russia, the human DNA has clearly exhibited ability to access and communicate with other “dimensions” of time and space.   Furthermore, certain DNA can also rapidly change into other physical forms in rapid succession.   This explains the often-mocked and scorned reality of human “shape-shifting” – reports of certain humans taking reptilian (and other animal) forms is easily explained in the “junk” DNA research body.   No wonder this information is not widely disseminated in peer-reviewed science journals and Edomite controlled “research labs” in the West.   They will never expose their “biggest secret” – why in fact they perform Satanic rituals and consume human flesh and blood in order to feed their inner demon entities; causing their DNA to alter and thereby worshiping and glorifying the fallen one named Satan in the very form of the DRAGON.   Keep in mind that when Christ identified the “Scribes and Pharisees” as “Serpents” and the “Generation (gene-pool) of VIPERS” he wasn’t using meaningless SLANG – but was rather, a literal description of their “father” the Devil!

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