Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger, we now have “Dr.” Psycho-shrink Rima Laibow declaring in a PUBLIC VIDEO that “she is Sandy-Hook Shooter Adam Lanza’s Doctor”.  Not only that, Laibow the wacko tells you with a straight face that she “held Adam’s mother Nancy in her arms” and “comforted her.”    HOW SWEET, and HOW TOUCHING – all designed of course to preach from her cointelpro bully pulpit against vaccines and SSRI mind-altering drugs.   WOW!

Of course it all sounds pretty convincing, until you watch the very end of this masterful, DISINFORMATION video – where you see the disclaimer is given that Laibow is really NOT Adam Lanza’s “doctor”.  In short – the whole 17 minute presentation is based on a BALD-FACED LIE.   Hey Rima – YOUR ENTIRE CREDIBILITY IS NOW SHOT!!   Do you even know what is fact and fiction??    Exactly what “craft” have you actually been “perfecting” for the past four decades while working with the CIA assets of Scientology such as the notorious Ingo Swann, of MK Ultra????

From the online book Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

Furthermore, the pentagram-loving and Kaballa-based IOUCM group that “knighted”  fellow Khazar EDOMITE Leonard Horowitz into the bogus “Hospitalers” frequently has Rima consult for them, and offer “presentations”.

Finally, check out the website http://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/category/l-ron-hubbard/

Notice the “joker” section – and especially the part about Dr. Beatrice Golomb (you know, MY PRECIOUS, of Lord of the Rings).  Dr. Golomb and Dr. Rima are both Scientologist-sponsored  programmers, most likely sisters of the satanic VRIL combine, two sick peas in the same pod with what also appears to be the same makeup artist and hairdresser on the Addams Family set!

The Aurora theater shooter Holmes, and Adam Lanza are thus connected.   Also, check out the Batman movie – Black Knight Rises.   Notice SANDY HOOK is circled on the Gotham City map as a primary “operation”.


Now, watch the Video, and be amazed!