This has to be one of the greatest stories of all time.   Here is the short, “condensed version” for your consideration.

The story begins back in 1978.  A self-proclaimed amateur archeologist by the name of Ron Wyatt is walking with an Israeli citizen outside his hotel located near the Damascus Gate immediately outside of the ancient city of Jerusalem.  In a strange moment of pure inspiration, Wyatt out of the blue points to an old garbage dump and declares it be “Jeremiah’s Grotto” – and then exclaims “that’s where the Ark of the Covenant” is located.

Right!   Three years later, following a massive “unofficial” excavation, Ron Wyatt humbly and matter-of-factly declares to the Israeli Antiquities officials that he indeed has found the Ark of the Covenant!   More incredibly, however, Wyatt declares that the Ark is perfectly positioned directly beneath the “cross-hole” where Jesus Christ was crucified, and that directly because of an earthquake at Christ’s moment of death – the rock at Christ’s feet cracked and funneled his blood to the “mercy seat” of the hidden Ark of the Covenant.    Moreover, Wyatt testifies that he took a sample of the dried blood to an Israeli lab – where it was not only still “alive” after nearly 2,000 years – but that the white blood cells of the blood were found to contain only 24 chromosomes!!!  If Wyatt is telling the truth – this clearly proves the fact that Christ truly had no earthly father.

See Wyatt tell of this incredible “blood testing” in his own words here:

Of course, such a story, if true, is extremely damaging to the world religion that calls themselves “Jews”.   They would, of prime necessity, need to discredit Wyatt and obfuscate and hide the truth – just as the “Chief Priest” Caiphas and his Edomite clansmen did following the miracle of Christ’s resurrection.

Because Wyatt was not affiliated with any University, and was not part of any “official” scientific brotherhood – the Israeli officials had nothing to lose by issuing him a permit to excavate the old trash dump.   It would be extremely naive not to understand that the head Rabbis of “Israel” would have been totally well aware of the “Lost Ark” – and its possible location in the vast morass of caves and tunnels underneath the Damascus Gate.   Knowing the Ark was hidden by Jeremiah years before the Babylonian conquest, and finding it are two very different propositions, however.   Think about it.  If Ron Wyatt – paying his own expenses, should happen to uncover the Ark, there could be instant “plausible deniability” by the Israeli officials.   They were in a definite win-win situation.

Let’s look at the details of Wyatt’s story.

1.  He claims to have found not only the Ark of the Covenant, but also the exact spot of Christ’s crucifixion.

2  This location was diametrically opposed to the “official ” Orthodox Christian Church claims – which built a cathedral and “tourist trap” at a completely different location.

3. The Israeli antiquities officials made Wyatt promise to keep the discovery secret – and to tell no one.    They apparently convinced Wyatt that if the Orthodox Rabbis learned that the Ark of the Covenant had indeed been located – they would stop at nothing at building the “3rd Temple” – which meant destroying the Muslim “Dome of the Rock”  – which would basically ignite a massive “jihad” or holy war.

4.  Is it just a strange coincidence that Edomite “Jew” Steven Spielberg directs the filming of “Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark” at the exact same time that Wyatt is working diligently to unearth the real Ark?  Is it just a strange coincidence that Spielberg depicts the evil Nazis as wanting the Ark to RULE THE WORLD??

5.  Wyatt testifies that shortly after reporting his incredible discovery to the Israelis, and after promising them secrecy – he is later summoned to the hidden cave because 4 “official Levite Rabbis” and 2 bodyguards went into the sealed cave – and never came out.   Wyatt went in and retrieved the corpses – all of which, according to Wyatt, died of a strange “stroke of apoplexy” and all 6 corpses had crossed eyes!

It would appear that only Ron Wyatt was allowed to be in the presence of the Ark and live to tell about it.   What does this tell you about the Edomite Rabbi’s claims of being of the House of David and claiming to be the descendants of Levite priests????????

Of course, the skeptics all scream: “Show us some pictures!  Until you provide some concrete proof – it is all just a wild story!”  Wyatt claimed to have snapped dozens of photos of the inside of the chamber – but every single one failed to develop – showing only black on the negatives.   Instead, Wyatt produced this sketch:



Personally, I have no problem publicly declaring that I believe this incredible story to be absolutely true for the following reasons:

1.   Ron Wyatt does not appear to be seeking a “following” and begging for massive donations.   On the contrary, he appears to be very sincere, quite simple and soft-spoken in his speech – with a clear love of Jesus Christ and His divinity shining through.

2.  I too have personally discovered “sensitive” and highly “politically incorrect”  archeological sites in Southern and Eastern Utah, and have likewise taken many pictures that failed to develop for some strange, odd reasons.

3.  Character assassination and “black balling” of the honest researcher is to be expected when dealing with Edomite “Israelis”.   They absolutely FEAR the truth of Yeshua coming out – for it exposes their chicanery and massive fraud.  What you can absolutely bank on is double dealing and outright lies on their part.

4.  It makes absolute, perfectly total sense that Yeshua, the last High Priest, would completely fulfill the Law of Moses (i.e. the Law of Sacrifice) in the exact manner in which He had prescribed earlier to His prophets – the Blood of the PERFECT LAMB falling on the MERCY SEAT of Moses’ Ark of the Covenant.    I highly doubt that Mr. Wyatt would stage such a remarkable event.

5.  Look at the matter-of-fact way Ron Wyatt responds to the “Israeli Antiquities” letter of defamation against him in the video below.   There is no recrimination, no anger, no hostility on his part – just a truthful explanation of the reasons behind it.   Totally and completely believable, my friends.

Finally – Ron Wyatt died in 1999.   On his deathbed, he once again told the amazing story for posterity – and never denied its truthfulness.   I also would submit that the fact that this remarkable gentleman and his work has remained virtually unsung and anonymous for the last 30+ years is yet another indication and marker that it is indeed factual and true – given that the EDOMITES that control the mass media would do their best to keep it silent.

For a complete account of his story written by his wife, Mary Nell Wyatt, go to: