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The Origin of All Evil – What is TRUTH?

Allow me to wax philosophical in this post.  Allow me to share my deepest thoughts about the meaning of life to me personally.    Allow me to be logical, in other words.

In the New Testament, we read that in His interview with Pilate, Christ Jesus, The Promised Messiah, the literal King of all Kings, and Lord of Lords, was asked: “Art Thou a King, then?”   Jesus responded with this most poignant answer: ” ——  TO THIS END WAS I BORN, and FOR THIS CAUSE  came I unto the world – THAT I SHOULD BEAR WITNESS UNTO THE TRUTH!”    Every one that IS OF THE TRUTH heareth my voice.”   In response to this incredible declaration, Pilate stated three simple words: ‘What is Truth?”   (See John 18:37-38).

Indeed, what is “Truth”?   The Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives us this definition:  TRUTH:  1.  sincerity in action, character, and utterance.   2. the state of being the case : FACT   (3) : the body of real things, events, and facts : ACTUALITY  (4) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality.     Indeed – truth is a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality.

I would also define TRUTH as being the opposite antonym of FALSE.   Thus a Falsehood (lie) can likewise be described as a spiritual myth or false-reality.   It is also the opposite of “transcendent” which means it is damning spiritually.

There are people in this world who adore and love the “Truth”.   Keep in mind that Christ also declared that He is “The Truth” as well. (John 14:6)  He gave us something He called “The Comforter” – which would “guide unto ALL Truth”.

Sadly,  there are also people in this world who LOVE lying and promoting falsehoods primarily to gain worldly power, fame, and MONEY.   He scorned these Edomite “Jew” Scribes and Pharisees in John 8:44 – “You are of your father THE DEVIL —— he abode NOT in the TRUTH,  because there is no TRUTH in him.   When he (the Devil) speaketh a lie, he speaketh OF HIS OWN, for he is a LIAR – and THE FATHER of it!”

Can you see the importance of understanding WHO is literally TRUTH, and WHO is literally the father of all LIES?    I submit this is the grand litmus test of the ages: to discern good from evil – i.e. what is Truth, and what is a Lie.  By this you can also determine who is anti-Christian, and who are true disciples of Christ.

Hoaxes, you see, are LIES.   They are therefore rooted in evil.   They are meant to deceive.  They are not “transcendent”.   They are harmful to the eternal soul of mankind.

Now here is the logic of this philosophical treatise.  If Christ is indeed TRUTH, as He declared – then all other religions that do not recognize His pure GOSPEL OF SAVING GRACE are simply nothing more than malicious HOAXES – and thus are  totally Devilish.   They are of necessity damningly false to the soul.

Now, of course there are “churches” who claim to believe in Christ – some even have His name on their buildings and temples.  Christ understood these would come from the author of lies and hoaxes,  Lucifer.   These devilish imposters would be “ravening wolves” among the sheep.   They would “CHANGE THE TRUTH OF GOD INTO A LIE!”  (Romans 1:25).   What is the central TRUTH OF GOD?  It’s quite simple really.   Jesus Christ, the Word Made Flesh, God With Us, made an appearance on planet earth, was crucified, and was resurrected.   The TRUTH then became THE WAY, and THE LIFE for all humanity.   ALL HUMANITY!    Truth is Jesus Christ and His incredible gift of grace.  A free gift – not of human WORKS.  Honoring human, carnal “WORKS” as the soul’s saving power, is nothing more than changing the TRUTH into a lie.   Again, it is really a simple equation – all “churches” who espouse variants of the TRUTH OF GOD, Christ Jesus and His Saving Grace, are anti-Christian Satanic Churches governed by the “Father of all Lies”.

Top on the list:  Judaism, Islamism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Buddhism and of course ZIONISM.   Basically all “isms” are ultimately hoaxes – and that sadly includes “Evangelicalism”.

You see, the TRUTH is that Christ never declared that Jerusalem and “The Holy Land” would be elevated in stature in the “last days”.  Indeed, He declared just the opposite as a matter of fact, declaring that “Behold, your HOUSE (your “Jewish” posterity) is left unto you DESOLATE.”  (Matthew 23:37-38).   I submit that perhaps the most dangerous lie dominating planet earth today is the HOAX that the descendants of those who Christ identified as literal “Children of the Devil” are honored by so-called “Christians” as being “God’s Chosen People”.  These spawns of Satan are simply setting up the final Kingdom of the AntiChrist in Jerusalem today.   Why is this so dangerous both physically and spiritually?   Because this literal SEEDLINE OF SATAN has been responsible for the deaths and torture of countless millions of innocent Christians (aka Righteous Blood) during the past century.   I can’t help but shudder when I read the incredible true history of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s  “The Gulag Archipelago” – but then there is the atrocities of Mao in China, and Pol Pot in Cambodia to consider as well.   Etc. etc. etc.

The bigger and more widespread the LIE, you see, the closer to the heart of Lucifer it is.

Many “Christian” pastors would have the Body of Christ believe that the false religion of Islam is the mortal enemy of Judaism and thus America – and as such would like the Edomite nation of Israel (and also America) wiped off the earth.   That, too, is a gigantic lie and a hoax.  Why?  Simply because Islam’s god is Lucifer, just as is the god of Judaism.   The TRUTH is that both Judaism AND Islam are the mortal enemies of Christ and HIS TRUTH and come from the exact same bloodline lineage.  It wasn’t exactly the “Muslims” who did the atrocities of September 11 – it was merely the combined Synagogue of Satan – the author of all terrorism and bloody horror on the earth today!!

The spiritual heart of the religion of Islam is the Kaa’ba (the Black Cube) of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.   The sacred black stone of the Kaa’ba was the basis of SATANIC IDOL WORSHIP by the Edomite descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael centuries before Muhammad walked the earth.  You see, Esau (Edom) took one of Ishmael’s daughters as a polygamous wife.  (Genesis 28:9)  These Edomites eventually made a blood covenant with Lucifer and followed him instead of Yahweh – the true God of Jacob.    Lucifer revealed unto them the “Zohar” (the worship of Light – the God of the East) and the Kabballa (the Kaa’ba – the Black Cube of Mecca – one and the same).   This was/is the basis of ALL Satanic worship today.   It is the basis of the Masonic Temple and their “Tracing Board” of degrees.   This is why both Judaism and Islamism offer certain prayers  at certain times of the day.

Satanists prior to the founding of Islam would pray five times per day towards Mecca.    Muhammad retained all of this for his “religion: of Islam, this pre-Islamic purely Satanic practice, sanctioning it of course with a story of a night trip to heaven on a mythical beast called al-Buraq.  (A demon is also called “Barak”)    While there in heaven, the Muslims believe that Allah originally demanded 50 prayers per day per Muslim. Upon advice from the dead Moses, however, Muhammed strikes a bargain with Allah and successfully reduces it to five prayers per day.

Zoroastrian Rabbis (those who follow the Zohar as well as the Talmud) are also expected to recite their (kusti) prayers at least five times a day having first cleansed themselves by washing and anointing rituals. So even today, this is not a practice unique to Islam’s faithful – but is shared by Judaic “Rabbis”.    But, contrary to the Muslims, these fellow Satanists pray in the direction of the Sun (at specified times of the day) and/or of the Holy Fire (if they are in a Fire Temple).

The Zohar text, you must understand, was claimed to have been traced back originally to Solomon’s “High Place (temple) of Chemosh”, even though this claim can not be validated.   This sounds confusing until one understands that Solomon eventually abandoned the one True God of his father David, and instead followed the false Sun God Molech, and “did evil in the sight of the Lord”.  (See 1 Kings 11:1-8).      Furthermore, 1 Kings Chapter 11 informs us that certain EDOMITES then gained dominion over Solomon’s “house” – i.e. his posterity.

So, it should be very plain to the Bible student that Islam and Edomite “Israel” are in reality two Satanic peas in Lucifer’s corrupt pod.   This also explains why the crypto Muslim Barak Hussein Obama is also so very cozy with certain Zohar-following communist “Jews” in Washington, D.C.

Be aware also, of the “Christian” pastors who are in reality wolves in league with the likes of the terrorist anti-Christian “BiBi” Netanyahu.    They even include the likes of the “Reverend” Billy Graham and of course, Mormon “Zionists” like Willard Mittens Romney (and ALL LDS Mormon “Leaders”).

Just listen carefully to one such phony “Christian pastor” named Billy Hinn, who interviewed Netanyahu in 2008:

The year was 1951.  The place, a small village in the south of France named Pont-Saint-Esprit.  WW II was over, and the “cold war” was just beginning.

On 15 August , a strange “epidemic” rocked this village.    Marked by acute psychotic episodes similar to “zombie” mental insanity depicted in Hollywood movies, and various other bizarre physical symptoms, the world newspapers focused on Pont-Saint-Esprit for many months. More than 250 people were victimized, including 50 persons interned in mental asylums and four people died a most horrific death.

The “official” explanation for the incredible event?   Ergot mold poisoning.   This led to public demonizing of millet seed flours (supposedly more susceptible to ergot molds)   by a man named Ezra Taft Benson, secretary of agriculture under Eisenhower.    Wheat grain became the “safe and correct” source of the nation’s commercial flour as a direct result.

Here’s the “Story Behind the Story” that you’ll never read except on this website.

First, during the year 2008, when the CIA learns that an honest investigative journalist named Hank P. Albarelli Jr. is talking with certain CIA whistleblowers concerning the TRUTH about Pont-Saint-Esprit, and that Albarelli is working on a book on the subject, they immediately spring into all-out defense mode.   They commission Edomite “historian” Steven Kaplan to quickly write and publish a definitive report on the event titled Le Pain Maudit, and publicly bill it as “an extensive historical account of the incident and its repercussions”.    The Pont-Saint-Esprit event was 57 years old, and long forgotten, yet here is Kaplan making a public case that the poisoning might have been caused by nitrogen trichloride, a chemical commonly used to artificially (and illegally) bleach flour.   It is clearly timed to strategically precede the release of Albarelli’s book – and of course, to discredit it in the Edomite-controlled media as a wild “conspiracy theory”.

I interviewed Hank Albarelli on my radio show.   In his 2009 book, A Terrible Mistake,  Albarelli documents that the OSS/CIA tested the use of LSD on the population of Pont-Saint-Esprit as part of its MKULTRA  and covert biological weapons program!!   He also documents that CIA murder victim Frank Olson‘s involvement in and knowledge of the operation was the reason for his murder – (which of course was made to look like a suicide).   Albarelli testified that he located a top secret report issued in 1949 by the research director of the Edgewood Arsenal, where many US government LSD experiments were secretly being carried out.   The report states that the army should do everything possible to launch “field experiments” using the drug. Using FOIA requests, Albarelli also got hold of another CIA report issued in the year 1954. In it a representative from the giant Swiss chemical company, Sandoz Chemicals (formerly I.G. Farben, and whose factory that produced LSD under contract with the CIA was geographically close to Pont-Saint-Esprit), said, “The Pont-Saint-Esprit ‘secret’ is that it was not the bread at all… It was not grain ergot.”     According to Albarelli’s incredible book, the Pont-Saint-Esprit incident was intended as a precursor to similar experiments scheduled to take place in America.   Furthermore, Albarelli  points out that Sandoz Laboratories was covertly producing LSD for the CIA at the time and that Sandoz scientists falsely pointed the finger at ergot as the culprit.

Did you get that dear reader?   Have “similar experiments” been covertly going on in America since the 1950’s in order to “dumb-down” the American people as a whole?   I submit it isn’t only LSD that is being “experimented” with here in America.  I submit that substituting wheat grain for millet flour was and is itself an ongoing “experiment” in controlling human minds in a most dastardly manner.     Keep in mind the mass demonization and eventual abandonment of millet seed flour was a direct CIA manipulation in America following the Pont-Saint-Esprit event.

Consider the following facts.   During this same time period, sodium fluoride, a KNOWN neuro-toxin rat and cockroach poison, was widely introduced by government “scientists” to the American public as a substance that prevents tooth decay.  That notion that Na Fl protects teeth is simply a bald-faced lie.   Also during the same time period, BIG PHARMA began their blitz of selling their VACCINATION PROPAGANDA – peddling toxic mercury-laden shots to America’s children with full governmental support.   On top of that, anti-nutrient-rich UNSPROUTED GRAIN became the staple food of America concurrently – again by governmental decree.   I highly doubt this is all mere coincidence.  Want to know another strange fact?   The little French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit just happens to be the home town of a family named Bouvier.   Yes, that’s right, as in Jaqueline  Bouvier – the wife of Jack Kennedy.   Considering the history of  open HOSTILITY AND ANTAGONISM of JFK concerning the CIA and the Dulles boys, it has to make one at least say HMMMMMM!

You see, unlike millet seeds, grain is loaded with toxic substances called “anti-nutrients”.  That right folks – anti-nutrients.   Chances are great you’ve never heard of “anti-nutrients” – but that’s understandable considering who controls the mass media.  Unsprouted wheat is full of phytic acid, gluten, and lectins.  Oh my.   In a nutshell, these substances accumulate in the gut and not only make it nearly impossible to absorb minerals and vitamins from the healthy food you may eat – but they also block the formation of ATP energy at the cellular level.  When you have low ATP, dear reader – you also have imbalanced hormones.  When you have imbalanced hormones – guess what – you are extremely likely to be diagnosed as chronically depressed – i.e. you can’t produce nor ‘uptake’ the hormone seratonin.   Your white-coat MD trained at “Harvard” then will take a blood test -and then tell you you need a miracle drug like Prozac or Zoloft.  Get the picture yet?   When a medicated anti-nutrient infested person loses control and starts shooting, what happens then?   Blame the guns of course.   Gut the 2nd Amendment – and vilify people like A. True Ott, Phd.

Can you handle the truth good people??

For just one example of people coming awake to “anti-nutrients” – see

China’s Real “Agenda” and Power Exposed

This post is a must-read follow up to the movie “Agenda: Grinding America Down.”

Remember, the word EDOM literally means RED.   Is it merely coincidence that Communist China is symbolized by a RED FLAG with a YELLOW PENTAGRAM?  Is it merely coincidence that communist leaders in China exterminated millions of Chinese Christians?  See

As you read this great piece by Toby Westerman, you must first understand the sordid history of Edomite Communism in China, and how EDOMITE “Jews” stuck the proverbial knife in the back of Chiang Kai Shek while empowering the Communist leader Mao Zedung after WW II.

For a very recent example, read this excerpt from a story in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

Not many Jews fought on Mao’s side, but Kaneti wasn’t the only one – there was also the Viennese-born urologist Jakob Rosenfeld, whose aid to Mao earned him the rank of general and a job as health minister in the Manchurian government. From 1950 until his death two years later, Rosenfeld lived in Tel Aviv and worked at Assouta Medical Center; China honored him by putting his picture on a stamp.

Ianto Kaneti and his wife returned to Bulgaria after World War II. They settled in Pleven, and Kaneti got in touch with his Jewish relatives, the Uziel family. Relations between them were cordial; in 1950 Kaneti helped the Uziels immigrate to Israel.

Both members of the Kaneti couple easily found their places in the Bulgarian communist establishment: Zhang Sunfen worked as a translator at the Chinese Embassy and launched a Chinese school in Sofia. Ianto died in 2004 at 94. The Associated Press cited a Chinese newspaper story on the death of “the last Western volunteer who fought with Mao.” A Chinese television channel produced a film about his life.”

Who were these “not many Jews” who brought Mao’s COLLECTIVISM into power, and who, just like the Bolsheviks, slaughtered tens of millions of  Chinese Christians?   Consider this:

Jews were behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator of China, who tortured and murdered tens of millions of Chinese (mostly Christians) during his brutal reign. Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ. Another Jew, Israel Epstein, was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations (Finance).  Source:   [2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie

‘Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history’.–  Crypto Jew David Rockefeller

“Stalin was also a Zionist.  He was the son of Baron Edmond de Rothschild and the brother of Chairman Mao.”—New Zealand A Blackmailer’s Guide by Greg Hallett

The covert Jewish control of Mao and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) explains why convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, found guilty of stealing thousands of classified documents from the Defense Department where he worked, gave these materials to his masters, the Israeli Mossad operating in the U.S.A. The Israelis, in turn, transferred these valuable military secrets straight to Red Chinese dictators in Beijing. Pollard, a Jew born in Galveston, Texas, sits in a federal prison today. Recently, when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu came to America, he visited Pollard in prison and assured the despicable turncoat Israeli spy that the Israeli government was working behind-the-scenes with Obama’s White House to pardon the convicted spy. Meanwhile, Pollard is a national hero in Israel—honored for stealing America’s most precious military secrets which Israel gave to Communist China!—-[2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie

Gun Control The key date here is 1948. Secretary of State and Rockefeller minion General George Marshall intervened on no less than three occasions when Chiang’s Nationalist forces were on the verge of defeating Mao’s Communist forces by imposing a Cease-Fire. On each occasion, the Cease-Fire bought Mao much needed time to regroup and re-arm courtesy of the Edomites in Washington under Harry SOLOMON Truman. General Marshall ordered all shipments of arms to Chiang STOPPED. For years, Chiang was the poster boy for U.S. intervention in the Sino-Japanese War. Now Chiang’s usefulness was at an end and he was double-crossed and the Communist Mao was put in power on mainland China. Mao wound up murdering over eighty million of his countrymen. Collectivization led to the starvation of millions of chinese.   Some of Chiang’s key military forces fled to the Shan States of Burma (Myanmar) and this led directly to the bogus “War on Drugs” and the Vietnam War James Bartley

Gifting The United Nations To Stalin by Greg Hallett

David Rockefeller and Zhou Enlai and chamber pot in 1973.

Mao with Jew Financier Sidney Rittenberg.

Mao in a high-level meeting with several Jews [Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler]

China’s dictator, Mao Tse Tung, meets with Jew Henry Kissinger, President Nixon’s top foreign policy advisor.

Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of Communist Red China’s propaganda organ.

Israel Epstein, Mao Tse Tung’s minister of appropriations (Finance), shown here being honored for his service by current Chinese communist leader, Chairman Hu Jin Tao.

Israel Epstein, second from right in front, standing in front of Mao. He later became the minister of appropriations, an extremely powerful position in a practically cashless era. To the right of him is another Jew, also under cover as a journalist


January 3, 2013
By Toby Westerman

The most under reported, but potentially explosive story of 2013, is shaping up to be the rise of the “Soft Power” tactic currently being implemented by the Peoples Republic of China in the United States

Because America’s debt is exploding to unmanageable proportions, the United States finds itself financially dependent on China as one of its main creditors. We owe The Peoples Republic well over a trillion dollars and are going further into debt, but the Communist ruling elite in Beijing are not satisfied with having the U.S. as a virtual debtor client state. China’s political elite are also using their financial power to manipulate how Americans think — or don’t think — about China. Along with computers, electronics, and house wares, a new kind of Political Correctness is also being manufactured in China.

Since the time of Lenin, Communists have understood the value of mass propaganda through the entertainment industry. In the 1930s and early 40s, individual writers and producers in Hollywood actively towed Moscow’s political line. (For instance, they were against U.S. involvement in World War II when the Soviet Union was allied with Nazi Germany, and then in favor of entering WWII when Hitler invaded the USSR).

More recently, top Hollywood figures have fawned over the tropical gulag that is Communist Cuba. China, however, is going beyond merely relying on sympathetic Hollywood stooges. Beijing is now a major financial partner in Hollywood, a place where money has always trumped art, let alone truth. Communist China will now take a direct hand in the manufacturing of what American audiences see.

The Communist elite which controls China wants Hollywood to portray the Peoples Republic in a favorable light to American audiences, while rewarding the hard Left U.S. film industry with hefty profits for their cooperation.

The main goal is to desensitize the American people to Communist China’s growing military power, outright aggression against its neighbors, and the continuing brutal oppression of its own people.

China now has a “blue water” navy, which is capable of not only intimidating its neighbors, but eventually challenging the U.S. fleet in the Pacific. Beijing boldly claims the entire South China Sea, which puts America’s allies Japan and Philippines in danger, and China’s six hundred missiles aimed at the free, democratic island of Taiwan is a stark warning that the Peoples Republic is ready to use force to bring 23 million Taiwanese under its control.

These are dangerous events which directly threaten the United States. These are also developments which China’s smiling Communist elite do not want Americans to think about. We are to think of the Peoples Republic in terms of valuable business partners and graceful practitioners of Tai Chi.

The threats offered by an increasing powerful Communist China are already all but ignored by the American mass media, both on the Right as well as on the Left. Beijing’s elite, however, are taking no chances. Ignoring the China threat is not enough, the American people must be made to love the Peoples Republic and all its works.

And the new leader selected by the Communist Party elite is the man for the job.

The new General Secretary of the China’s Communist Party and the man who will be China’s new president, Xi Jinping, is interested in Hollywood and Hollywood is interested in Mr. Xi. China is “keen to influence Hollywood’s perception of China,” stated one overseas report. Xi visited Hollywood in February 2012 to introduce himself and his ideas to the Hollywood elite.

This was no problem for Xi, in view of Hollywood’s fondness for Communist rulers.

As a result of Xi’s efforts, more Hollywood films will be heading toward China, and a joint China-American film partnership is developing. The Communist Party elite will be better able to tell their story to the American people.

Chairman Mao, please be ready for your close up.

Communist China’s interest in the U.S. film audience, however, did not begin with Secretary Xi’s travels to tinsel town. In September of 2012, Wang Jianlin, the owner of the Dalian Wanda Group, the world’s biggest owner of movie theaters, purchased the AMC theatre group, the second largest movie chain in the U.S. Wang now owns the largest chain of theaters in the world.

Ironically, this writer saw the most recent version of Red Dawn in one of Mr. Wang’s AMC theaters. It is no coincidence that the producers of Red Dawn changed the Communist attackers from Chinese to the completely improbable North Koreans for the film to be shown.

Wang is also interested in co-producing films with Hollywood, as well as buying hotels and other significant holdings in the U.S. All of which are examples of “Soft Power,” the use of economic muscle to attain Party goals instead of using raw power to gain national goals.

The more diplomatic definition of “Soft Power” is “cultural diplomacy” to win “hearts and minds.” See this definition used in the Reuters article on Mr. Wang’s expansion into the U.S. movie and hotel business, which could amount to as much as ten billion dollars.

One individual whose heart and mind has been won over by PRC “Soft Power” is none other than Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric and chairman of the President Barack Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Immelt recently praised China on CBS. “Their government works,” according to Immelt.

Immelt demonstrates that “Soft Power” does lead to soft thinking. General Electric is making billions in China, and Immelt is profiting from how Communist China “works.” In an earlier era, other captains of industry, as well as politicans, echoed Immelt’s sentiments about the effectiveness of the dictatorships in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. The praise ended, however, in the face of aggression and war.

Within the velvet glove of “Soft Power” is the steel fist of growing military might. China has launched its first aircraft carrier and plans as many as five carrier task forces in the future. Advanced stealth fighters will be on the flight decks. China is also forging ahead with sophisticated cyber war techniques, powerful intercontinental missiles, and is aiming at establishing a lunar colony, possibly with Russia. China’s espionage against the United States is at Cold War levels, and Beijing, along with Moscow, is taking full advantage of Cuba’s sharing of its highly effective spy operations directed against the U.S.

The rise of China’s “Soft Power” must be recognized as the threat it is. Americans must demand that the mass media, especially the Conservative mass media, address the reality of the growing power of the Peoples Republic “Soft Power” phenomenon. Americans should contact their representatives, call talk radio programs, and demand news outlets inform the public of the dangers China’s “Soft Power” presents to the U.S. We must counter China’s “Soft Power” now, or wake to a real Red Dawn in the not too distant future.

Mr. Westerman is the editor/publisher of International News Analysis Today ( ) and is author of the recently published monograph, “Putin’s Process: From the ‘New’ Russia to a Reinvigorated Soviet State,” and the book Lies, Terror and the Rise of the New Communist Empire: Origin and Directions.

Fifteen years ago, I started my mineral supplement business – originally named Energy Images.   Today it is incorporated and is named Mother Earth Minerals.   I personally designed my company logo to represent the planet earth surrounded by a dark delta pyramid of evil dissipating thanks to the golden rays of Christ’s Truth.

During the past 18 months various extremely mean-spirited, defamatory and malicious accusations have been circulating concerning my academic credentials and business products.    Hardly a day goes by without somebody phoning my company, or e-mailing me personally because of such baseless rumors and innuendo.   Accusations include such things as: “A. True Ott is NOT a PhD:  he is in reality a dangerous covert agent working for some top-secret federal agency.”   That’s bad enough, but more recently my unique and proprietary product line of mineral supplements have also been maligned with declarations such as: ‘They are fraudulent, for they are NOTHING but water!”   Oh, good people!  Water is EVERYTHING.   Don’t take this miracle of God for granted!!!

The simple TRUTH is that I have never in my life received a penny from any governmental “agency”, and because of that,  like most honest Americans, I have to earn a living by means of my profession – which is helping people maintain, and in some cases, regain, their MOST VALUABLE ASSET – their health and well-being.  The TRUTH is that over the last decade and a half, thousands of individuals all over the world have seen extremely positive results from consuming my products, combined with following my dietary tips and recommendations.

The TRUTH is, my Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Nutrition was earned at a time (the early 90’s) when NUTRITION DOCTORATES were largely unheard of here in America.   No “accredited” university in the U.S. offered a “doctorate” in Nutrition.  I was eventually referred by a research MD friend in Washington to an online PhD course of study centered in the “Headquarters of Homeopathy” – Dresden, Germany via the Kneipp Institute and brokered by the World Naturopathic Health Organization in Washington D.C.  It was not easy to be accepted in this course – it took 5 professional references and interviews to finally gain admittance.

It didn’t take long to realize why such a course and incredible body of KNOWLEDGE was to be mocked, ridiculed and belittled by the B’nair B’rith Masonic-controlled “Regents” who grant “accreditation” here in “the land of the free” America.  Imagine – learning about MINERALS, and ENZYMES, and PROTEINS, and ANTI-NUTRIENTS, and FREE RADICALS – and most of all the INCREDIBLE STORY OF HEALING WATER!   I learned about the Austrian “water wizard” named Viktor Schauberger and his incredible “water cure” that was being validated and promoted in Eastern Europe during the early 90’s.   Could it really be true?  Could pure WATER be such a powerful healing mechanism?  After all, didn’t the vast majority of Jesus Christ’s many miracles revolve around water? Didn’t He turn water into wine?   I reasoned there was only one way to find out if the course study was legitimate -and that was to TEST it objectively and see.

Schauberger and his modern students in Austria, Germany, and Russia (Ukrainian Christians) were/are declaring that WATER has imprinted memory – and as such, can either be extremely healthy, or conversely, extremely toxic to the human body leading to chronic health challenges.  My PhD dissertation declared that if this was true about water, and thanks to pioneers in mineral research such as Dr. Linus Pauling – I knew that MINERAL DEFICIENCIES were the root cause of ALL disease states –  it seemed logical that extremely pure minerals added to extremely PURE WATER combined with high Gauss magnetic fields could possibly provide the ULTIMATE combination for reversing chronic disease and more importantly – maintaining health and vitality.   This is what inspired me to start my business.

Beginning in 1997, I partnered with a young licensed chiropractor in Cedar City, Utah – and began to test my theories of water and minerals.  I hosted a live radio show titled “Your Health is Your Wealth” on Saturdays, and also “The Story Behind the Story” live on Thursday afternoons.   In retrospect, the good people in conservative, predominantly Mormon Southern Utah didn’t know what to make of my public lectures and declarations.   More than a few likely thought I had lost my mind.    I purchased a commercial water distilling machine to “rebirth” the water – then added specific minerals, then applied specific electro-magnetic frequencies to the final product as instructed by Schauberger’s papers.  On my radio shows I invited people with serious health challenges to “try my experimental protocols”.   Within months I had over 150 “volunteers”.   The vast majority experienced what they termed “miraculous” results within 90 days.  Needless to say, I was elated.  I could see a real NEED for my products and naively thought that orthodox medicine would just as enthusiastically embrace them BECAUSE THEY WORKED!

At this time, Leonard Horowitz was living near Sandpoint Idaho, and was associated with my good friend and fellow researcher Dr. Joey Puleo.  Indeed “Joey” and I were communicating weekly, as we shared ideas concerning the secrets of water and shared success anecdotes.   At this time, I received a phone call from Horowitz announcing that he, his wife and children, were planning a Disneyland trip to S. Cal., and that he would like to visit me and see what I was working on as they would be needing a travel break.   Indeed, while his wife and kids took their break, I showed Horowitz what I was doing.   It was all very cordial and friendly, and after about 30 minutes,  he and his family headed south on I-15.

Two weeks later, I was arrested by Utah DOPL agents along with federal FDA agents and charged with a Class I Felony – “Practicing Medicine Without A License.”   They seized all my records and my equipment.   Worse, if convicted I was looking at 30+ years in Utah State prison.   How could honest “research” be a criminal felony, I asked?  At my preliminary hearing, thanks to an Amicus Brief personally presented to the court by my colleague Dr. James Dissault, head of the WHNO, Judge Braithwaite dismissed the charges with prejudice.  When he asked the prosecution who had been “damaged” – or in other words, who had filed the complaint, the “prosecutor” said that I was raided because of an “anonymous” complainant.

Of course, I don’t know WHO made this complaint- but I submit it likely had to be someone with clout and credentials – and more importantly an AGENDA to keep my work from progressing.   I was highly respected in my town of Cedar City, Utah – at least I liked to think I was.  Not all people there may have agreed with my study – but I highly doubt they would see me as a criminal threat – BECAUSE I DID NO HARM TO NO PERSON (I actually helped more than a few) – I only sincerely wanted to help humanity.

As he was leaving the courtroom that morning, Dr. Dissault told me he knew who had been behind this, but didn’t have the time to fill me in.  He was on his way to AZ to hep another researcher similarly charged as I was.  He told me to contact him in a week at his D.C. office – and he would fill me in.   A week later, I phoned his D.C. number – and found out that he had been shot and killed – and his World Naturopathic Health offices had been “firebombed”.    Just a coincidence?   Perhaps.  But on the other hand – maybe not!

I recounted this story briefly during a radio interview with Greg Szymansky a number of years ago – but in no way did I accuse Len Horowitz of being the rat.   Approximately two years ago, a woman named Sherri Kane called me out of the blue with the bald-faced lie that she was a “Fox TV news reporter doing a story on Dr. Len Horowitz”.  She was basically calling to know if I had publicly accused Horowitz of being the person who filed the complaint against me years ago.  I told her I simply didn’t know.   I told her it well could have been Horowitz, but honestly, I didn’t know.   She then told me how WONDERFUL Len Horowitz is, and that he couldn’t have done such a dastardly thing.   Fine, ok with me – it doesn’t really matter, right?  It’s all old history, right?

For the record, that’s what has precipitated these mean-spirited attacks.  The FACT is that if Len Horowitz didn’t maliciously seek to have my work shut down THEN, he most assuredly is doing what he can to do so NOW.  By his own public admission, he has filed NUMEROUS complaints against me to various FEDERAL AGENCIES.   All false, malicious,  slanderous, and damaging to my work and good name.   All BOGUS!  All designed to ruin me and my wonderful family permanently via organized harassment.  Amazingly, he has even maintained a libelous website using TRUE OTT as the URL name. (  Who in their right mind is so vindictive and obsessive to not only do such a thing – but to maintain such for so long?

Looking back, I realize that my work in the healing arts has always centered on water and imprinting it with energy in the form of minerals and Gauss fields.   Only a small minority of Americans have taken my research and work seriously, unfortunately.   They are simply ignorant and uninformed about the amazing properties of water.   Fortunately, science is now proving my theories independently.   It is nice to be vindicated!!!!!

Mike Adams – The Health Ranger – Natural News and Rima Laibow

Ok friends.  Please understand that I am not “attacking” Mike Adams.   Dozens of concerned e-mails show how Adams has quite a following.

I am simply searching for truth.

Both Adams and Rima Laibow appeared in the CCHR (a division of Scientology) anti-psychiatry film.    Adams has written numerous posts strongly defending Scientology.  Here is an excerpt:

“I’ve noticed that there are various levels of tolerance among the population for attacking various religions. Attacking Scientology, for example, is considered “okay” by lots of people because Scientology seems strange to them. Attacking the Jewish religion, however, is considered a hate crime, even as Israelis are right now murdering innocent civilians in Gaza with a military assault that targets universities and schools. If you dare say anything against Israel, you’re immediately considered a blasphemous hate crime promoter, and if you live in Germany, they can actually lock you up in prison for even questioning the official version of events like the Holocaust. Just ask David Irving, who actually spent time in prison for questioning the official explanation of the Holocaust.”   

This logic, at least to me, is dangerously warped.   I submit, Mr. Adams, that honest people simply are telling the TRUTH.    I attack SATANISM in all its covert disguises,  whether it be Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, and YES, Scientology for only one reason -because I am a deeply concerned CHRISTIAN who loves his family and his country.    Scientology is Satanic, perhaps even more so than Mormonism, and the pillars of Zionism and Communism in the upper levels of the Jewish Caballa.    The author of it all is the fallen angel Lucifer – the enemy of Jesus Christ.

The video below provides the evidence, Mr. Adams.


If I were to recommend one video to sum up the problem with America (and the world), this would be it. 

It is not a modern problem of the 21st century.  It is the problem plaguing mankind since the dawn of creation – a group of fallen angels and their human “usefull idiots” are yet engaged in full and open rebellion to their creator, Christ the King.   The prophet Isaiah probably said it best over 2500 years ago: “Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who Seeth us? and who knoweth us?   Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him tht framed it, He had no understanding?”   Isaiah 29:15-15 KJV Holy Bible.   “Turning things upside down” is basically “Change you can believe in!”

The movie talks about the “Fabians” and other evil and conspiring groups all linked together ultimately – but they are just the latest in the historical stream.   The group is simply anti-Christian – aka Satanic.   I call them “Edomites” – Christ identifies them in the Book of Revelation as the “Synagogue of Satan.”  Indeed, Communism is synonymous with certain Ashkanazi “Jews” who are masquerading as “God’s Chosen People” – the biblical nationof Israel.   Of course, even though Karl Mordecai (Marx) and the Bolsheviks were “Jewish” – it doesn’t mean that ALL Jews are evil.  Not at all.  It is wonderful when god-fearing honest-in-heart  “Jews” begin whistleblowing against the dark evil in their own synagogues. 

In addition to watching the movie, a great resource documenting the “Fabian” movement can be found at:   This explains that “Fabianism” is merely an extension of the CITY OF LONDON, and of course – the House of Rothschild – (who of course funded Hitler, and of course, founded modern-day “Israel”).  

But it is never too late.  Remember the timeless PROMISE found in 2nd Chronicles 7:14:  ” If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 

Here is a short trailer for the movie: 

And if you doubt Obama is anti- Christian, watch this:

You can watch the entire movie Agenda – Grinding America Down for free for a limited time here:

This post is an expansion of my earlier writing:

I’ll try to make this as simple and as uncomplicated as possible.

Three truths:

1. The guiding “book” for the Edomite “Jews” is officially called THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD.

2.  Edomites that infiltrated “Israel” during the time of John Hyrcanus worshiped the Babylonian deity Baal – also known as the “Sun God” (aka Lucifer – the Son of the Morning – the God of the East).

3.  They became proficient in Luciferian “Black Magic” by means of the BLACK INTERDIMENSIONAL CUBE/HEXAGRAM- aka the Caballa.   This is also the primary SOURCE of the black cube worshiped by the Muslims at Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Now you know why MUSLIM “terrorists” (aka Al-Quaida) are in reality bloodline Edomites – the same basic Babylonian religion and race as the tribe occupying “the Holy Land” today.   Now you know who really financially controls “Al Cia-Duh” behind the curtain.   Now you also know the darkest secret of Muslim Barry Soetoro (aka Barak Obama) and why this “Muslim” bisexual owes his complete political career to syndicate-mobster COMMUNIST Jews from Chicago and NYC.

LUCIFERIANS?  You better believe it folks!   Black Magic practitioners?   Ditto!

Here is the historical timeline:  Edomite queen Bereniece (the daughter of King Herod Agrippa) prostitutes herself to Titus whose legions sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD.   The Edomite descendents of Bereniece (the Scarlet Whore of Revelation) and Titus eventually form the phony “Christian” Roman Church with its Edomite skullcaps and scarlet “Cardinal” robes.   Their power is eventually centered in Spain – and from there the Edomite “Jesuit” order is formed.   Their main goal:  DESTROY THE ORTHODOX GREEK CHURCH AND ALL TRUE CHRISTIANS (True Israel) AND WIPE OUT THEIR HISTORY!   Sadly, much of the world falsely believe the Roman Church is the first Christian group.   A subset of these Edomite GOD OF THE EAST Luciferians form the Muslim faith – and they too worship the occult power of the CUBE (Caballa) and the black Hexagram.

Think not?

Check this out:  The Jewish “Tefillin” (aka Phylactery) is identical to the Cube at Mecca – see how through geometry the “sacred cube” then forms the HEXAGRAM – which is used in the Satanic Grimoires to summon demons and other inter-dimensional entities of a most nasty nature.  See also for the skinny on “Jesuit” Alberto Rivera.


The Black Cube of MECCA, Saudi Arabia.  The Holiest Sight in all the Muslim World.

The Black Cube of MECCA, Saudi Arabia. The Holiest Sight in all the Muslim World.




Typical Black Magic Spell Book - Drawn from Caballa and Edomite Ritual Magic Witchcraft Grimoirs

Typical Black Magic Spell Book – Drawn from Caballa and Edomite Ritual Magic Witchcraft Grimoirs

Now you are ready to learn from Dr. Makow – in his own words, an “Ex-Luciferian Jew”.

Praise God!!!!

Confessions of an Ex-Luciferian Jew

January 21, 2013

snowwhite.pngAlthough this obscene 1966 depiction of the seven dwarfs ravishing Snow White was a protest against the Vietnam war, it expresses the Luciferian Jews’ visceral hatred of the Christian worldview.

“We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities…[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses.” (Protocols of Zion, 12)


“Jews don’t know it but their God is Lucifer,” Harold Rosenthal

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
I’m talking about myself. I’m not interested in the distinctions between Luciferian and Satanist. Until the age of roughly 50, I was another mass-produced Luciferian Jew –Zionist, liberal, socialist and feminist.
Luciferian Jews are “revolutionaries,” – people who deny and often defy God by overturning His design, the natural and moral order of the universe. They have defined the modern world,which is built on the ruins of religious “superstition.”
I was 17 in 1966 and swept up in the anti-war movement. The American invasion of Vietnam was a heinous injustice that discredited everything the US pretended to represent.


(left, Paul Krassner, making Eye of Horus)
Wally Wood’s obscene “Disneyland Memorial Orgy” (shown above) published in Paul Krassner’s Realist magazine expressed my outrage at society’s fundamental hypocrisy. Snow White, the ideal of American innocence, was being ravished by the seven dwarfs.
Jewish revolutionaries like Paul Krassner and I were useful idiots. The Vietnam war was engineered by Illuminati Jews (Rockefeller, Rothschilds) partly to alienate a whole generation. I was socially engineered. My mind was moulded. They manipulated me using my youth and idealism.
Illuminati social engineers were promoting a powerful Jewish meme: the sense that any universe is unjust if they don’t run it. You see Cabalist (Illuminati) Jews believe that God’s will is expressed through them. 


(left, Jerry Rubin)
Throughout history,this demented ideology took the form of a desire to destroy the world and rebuild it in their own image. Thus,they fomented wars to destroy the Gentiles and concentrate money & power in their hands. They put the entire Gentile establishment in place — mostly Freemason collaborators. Collaboration is a prerequisite for success in the public sphere today. Mankind is satanically possessed.
Their goal was to undermine wholesome virtues practised by their Christian neighbours. For example, they broke down all sexual restraint, labelling it with their usual guile, “sexual liberation.”
Even before the Vietnam war, I followed this Luciferian agenda. At age 15, I was almost thrown out of high school for buying a subscription to PLAYBOY for the school library. The story made the local newspaper, and the Principal was in hot water.


(Hugh the crypto-Jew?)
Little did I understand PLAYBOY magazine was crucial to the Luciferian goal of equating sex with the meaning of life. This contributed to our adolescent obsession with sex, and the breakdown of marriage and family.
I didn’t understand that this satanic cult is hidden within Judaism.  Judaism is a satanic cult (Cabala, Talmud) masquerading as a religion (Torah, Old Testament.) I had nothing to do with “Jewish teaching.” I was secular. But secularism is the true Judaism: Materialism, and the denial of God.
Any true religion renounces the world, especially the pursuit of sex and money. Judaism encourages both. “Be successful children,”my aunt used to say.
In a true religion like Christianity or Islam, God is universal. In Judaism, God (Lucifer) is exclusively Jewish. Non-Jews are considered animals intended to serve Jews. I didn’t know this then. Most Jews don’t. (The Real Talmud)
Although my intentions were pure, I was one of Satan’s little helpers. Satan loves idealists. “Useful idiots.” he calls them. Millions have died believing satanic Judaism (Communism) really stood for “social justice and equality.”  These are  gimmicks to put their agents into power.


(Abbie Hoffman,left)
Modern history and culture is the story of man’s induction into Satanism, i.e. Cabala Judaism.  All that nonsense about God not existing, and man’s “alienation” from God, is pure Satanism.
Since when do values like love, peace, beauty, truth and justice not exist? They inspire all human beings. Of course Creation is infused with Intelligence. A minor example: When I stubbed my toe, my body grew a brand new toenail! I couldn’t do that!
Every time I eat an orange or drink pure spring water, I know God exists. My friend’s baby is an unfolding miracle. How can we deny God?
“Modernism” was engineered by Illuminati Jewish bankers as part of a long-term conspiracy to divorce man from God and enslave mankind.
“The modern age is the Jewish Age, and the Twentieth Century in particular is the Jewish Century, ” Professor Yuri Slezkine writes. (The Jewish Century, p. 1)
At the beginning of the twentieth century, “Jews began to see themselves as the real bearers of the Enlightenment…”


(The disgusting Sarah Silverman) 
The “Enlightenment” is where Illuminati-sponsored “great men” redefine reality.
In Vienna in 1903, Solomon Ehrmann told a B’nai Brith (i.e. Freemason) meeting that the future was going to be fundamentally Jewish.
 “All of mankind will have been Jewified and joined in unison with the B’nai Brith.” (Lindemann, Esau’s Tears, p. 331)
As I have said, like Lucifer, Cabalist Jews are metaphysical outcasts. This is the reason many  are so restless; they are “alienated” from God,i.e. their soul, or sense of Being. They constantly have to justify their existence.
In the words of Goethe, “No Jew, not even the most insignificant, but is busy towards the achievement of some worldly, temporary or momentary aim.”
According to Werner Sombart, “This activity often enough degenerates into restlessness. He must forever be up and doing, for ever managing something and carrying it to fruition. ( Jews & Modern Capitalism)
Jews feel unloved because they deny God’s Love.  In order to finally feel loved, I had to write a syndicated column for 47 newspapers at age 11.

kp1.jpeg(Katy “I kissed a Girl” Perry performs at Obama inauguration. She says she “sold her soul to the devil” to become a star.)

The Illuminati control the mass media and use it to induct us into their Cabalist nightmare. We become what we contemplate: violence, greed, lust (pornography,) homosexuality,and the occult.  Art and entertainment are designed to remove us from historical reality.Does anyone believe the Oscar nominated Lincoln, written and directed by Illuminati Jews, tells us the true story? The real story,  mankind’s possession by a satanic secret society, is never told.
Mass media-control allows them to perform their magic tricks: conjure wars, demolish iconic skyscrapers or murder children.
Jews need to disown the Satanists in their ranks or they will take the blame. (This applies to all groups.) The days when Jews can pretend anti-Semitism is an irrational sickness are over.
Like my past self, most people are unwitting collaborators. Often, they are idealists. But it’s never too late to acknowledge they were duped, and face reality.
Thanks to JA for a quote.
Related – Jim Stone – My Intro to the Jewish Community
—————       The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit
—————-       The Devil & the Jews 

Today, a reader of this blog posted the following:

Hi Dr. Ott: Have you seen this pathetic 6-page “open” letter dated 1/19/13 by SHERRI KANE to Lt. Paul Vance of Sandy Hook fame? It’s nasty & includes hate-info re you along with others (Rense, Duff, Adachi, etc.):

I just saw this letter/link posted at’s Sandy Hook thread, pg. 62 (Sandy Hook thread is located under their “Local PsyOps” section from the CluesForum home page).

Thought you might like to know if you hadn’t seen it.

(Wonder why Kane does not include Bro Nathaniel Kapner of RealJewNews, & Henry Makow, etc., who are Jews who expose NWO-Jews? They also have had “anti-Semitic” articles exposing Sandy Hook. Maybe Kane does not want Jews to know there ARE other Jews like Kapner/Makow who ARE awake, but only wants to smear Gentiles?)

Please let me be very clear, friends.  It is usually non-profitable for me to take the time to answer such baseless tripe from such a deluded mind-warped paranoid excuse for a human being – but in the context of the Sandy Hook Line and Sinker Hoax – I MUST in this case make an exception.   I hope you can clearly see the “SPIN” being put on this by Ms. Kane et. al. (the REAL ‘cointelpro’ operatives).    She and her ilk clearly hate the truth, and if they can further the Edomite “disarm America” campaign while attempting to smear and slander the few honest journalists and writers who are awake about the Troglodyte Tribe of Edomites calling themselves “Jews” – all the better!

The clearly emerging Edomite mind-control AGENDA inherent in the Sandy Hook incident (whatever it may be, staged false-flag or legitimate slaughter) is to pull out all stops in order to spread FEAR in the Goy, and to demonize all guns while they portray, in their controlled media, gun-rights activists and Christian freedom defenders as raving lunatics and murderous thugs and fools.  This is exactly what Kane is attempting to do by slandering me and my good name and business.   These satanic Edomites have without a doubt, immensely raised the stakes.

I submit that only a few people, alive in the testimony of Christ Jesus and His TRUTH, can see the big picture.  WHY IS THIS SO CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TO ME TO WRITE ABOUT?  Because I am a student of history.  Because I have read and re-read and underlined and footnoted the book “The Gulag Archipelago” by an ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN named Aleksandr I.  Solzhenitsyn.  This is NOT some baseless “anti-semite” rant of a madman, good readers – but is solid historical fact that for the most part has been successfully hidden from public view by the complicit MSM.  In fact, according to Wikipedia, the book is now REQUIRED READING in Russian schools.  I submit it should be required reading by American Patriots and Christians as well.   See the basic explanation at:

What is salient in the context of Sandy Hook and the Edomite ‘cointelpro’ spin doctors and nurses like Kane, is this direct quote from Solzhenitsyn’s book:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
―Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn – The Gulag Archipelago
Our Founding Fathers were very well aware that a well-armed populace is essential to maintaining personal freedoms – that the two are indeed inseparably joined.   The ANTITHESIS of this truth is disarming the people through propaganda and a corrupt police state ruled by EDOMITES!
Solzhenisyn, you see, was writing about the Edomite “jewish” genocide Against White CHRISTIAN People in Russia, where over 66 million innocents (mostly Christians) were murdered, by the most horrible methods, ever ( according to Solzhenitsyn: “babies were nailed to the ceiling of their homes, and the parents, before being murdered, themselves, were forced to watch”).

So, hopefully you can now see exactly WHY it is that Khazar Edomite-Jewess Sherri Kane slanders and writes such vicious hate-pieces against Christian A. True Ott – and exactly WHY it is that A. True Ott of necessity writes about the unspeakable CRIMES and AGENDA of this Godless Tribe of miscreants wielding such power in America today!!!!

Here is the basic historical background of the Christian genocide that Solzhenitsyn documents.   The vast majority of slaughtered Christians in Eastern Europe at the hand of the Bolshevik “Jews” were members of the GREEK ORTHODOX FAITH.    You see, in America today, the satanic, lying Edomites are not worried about phony name-only “Christians” such as the LDS Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and American “Evangelicals” that are merely their duped puppets.   Since they control the “leaders” of these false religions in every way – they know they are in their control, and they will fall in line and will not need to be liquidated in massive concentration camps – the MODEL of the Bolshevik Communists of which Barak Obama is their disciple.

The GREEK ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS, you see, are the historical TRUE Christians full of the Holy Spirit and Apostolic Teachings based on the original Greek New Testament foundation.  The Greek Orthodox Church was founded in 37 A.D.  by none other than Christ’s “administrative” Apostle Andrew.   The first “members” of this congregation were actually present and personally witnessed the miracles at the “Day of Pentecost” described in the Book of Acts.   Centered in Constantinople, these TRUE CHRISTIANS indeed kept the faith intact – fighting the FALSE HERESIES of “Roman Catholicism” and the Edomite (SCARLET RED WHORES) who called themselves the “Cardinals”.

Over the proceeding centuries, the GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH established missionary congregations throughout the Baltic States and modern-day Russia.   By the time of the Bolshevik RED REIGN OF JEWISH TERROR – the Orthodox Christians numbered over 50 million strong.  It was these STRONG and HONEST CHRISTIANS who were exterminated by the Bolshevik Terror Squads – along with over 16 million other “Christian” believers.

Do you get the picture yet?  This is the REAL holocaust of Europe – not the myth of 6 million that even if true, PALES by comparison.

For a primer on this little-known, media-hidden FACT of history go to:      Keep in mind that the “Young Turks” that slaughtered the Armenian Orthodox Christians were also Edomite Bolsheviks – funded by the same exact BANKSTERS that funded Lenin, Trotsky, and of course later on, Adolph Hitler.

Again, as an objective and honest student of history, I am VERY deeply concerned that the exact same  Satanic destruction of the adherents of  TRUE CHRISTIANITY is now becoming the “progressive” (simply another synonym of Communist Bolshevism) ideal of America the Beautiful

Thankfully, I am not alone.   Check out this posting by my fellow Christian Patriot Texe Marrs:

Jewish Killers Massacre 66 Million in Soviet Gulag

“I love strong opponents! It’s such fun to break their backs!” said the Leningrad  interrogator Shitov. And if your opponent (e.g. your prisoner) is so strong that he refuses to give in, all your methods have failed and you are in a rage? Then, don’t control your fury! It’s tremendously satisfying, that outburst! Let your anger have its way; don’t set any bounds to it. Don’t hold yourself back! That’s when interrogators spit in the open mouth of the accused! And shove his face into a full toilet! That’s the state of mind in which they drag Christian believers around by their hair. Or urinate in a kneeling prisoner’s face! After such a storm of fury you feel yourself a real honest-to-God man!”

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The Gulag Archipelago

It’s been all over the press, on TV and in newspapers. Mel Gibson, the famous movie actor and director, has been horribly slandered, defamed, and verbally mauled by the Jewish elite who uniformly hate and despise Gibson’s powerful film, The Passion of The Christ. The ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and other racist anti-Christian hate groups have made Gibson their whipping boy now for over a year.

But, hold on! You think Gibson has been treated unfairly, you haven’t seen anything yet. Consider the case of Nobel Prize-winning historian and writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The Jews have been ripping into, slandering and otherwise savaging the reputation of the solidly Christian Solzhenitsyn for some four years now. But unlike the Gibson affair, the controlled media disingenuously refuse to report it. Solzhenitsyn is the hapless victim whose brutal mental whipping and emotional beating the world knows nothing about.

It now seems aeons ago that the stoic Russian author was celebrated for his insightful, poignant accounts of the horrible, subhuman treatment of the victims of the Soviet Communist Gulag, an interlocking system of thousands of concentration and slave labor camps. Solzhenitsyn himself had been a prisoner of the Gulag for a decade, preventively jailed for nothing more than the fear of the communist overlords that he might someday write something the Kremlin masters might find offensive to the state.

Solzhenitsyn: The “Conscience of the 20th Century”

Historian Solzhenitsyn’s gut-wrenching book, Gulag Archipelago, went through countless printings—in over 50 languages—and touched the hearts of westerners. Expelled by the Kremlin for telling the awful truth, this great man was honored by freedom-loving people both in the United States and in Europe. He was often called the “Conscience of the 20th Century” and recognized universally as one of the globe’s prime examples of bold courage and moral conviction. Even the liberal press initially had nice things to say about Solzhenitsyn. They were reluctant to go up against a man so honored for high moral stature, and recognized by so many as a truthteller of the highest character.

Then, the historian and truthteller Solzhenitsyn made what was, to liberals and communists, a grave error. Asked at a press conference his opinion on why the terrible events behind the Iron Curtain had occurred, why millions were carted away, tortured, starved and worked to death in Gulag slave camps, Solzhenitsyn gave this simple, yet startling, response: “Man has forgotten God.”

The brave Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian writer who has been called the “Conscience of the 20th Century,” served eight long years in the Soviet Gulag prison system. Today, he is hated by top-level Jews in America and around the world because he exposed the Jewish leadership of the genocide of 66 million Communist Gulag victims. Most of the victims were Orthodox Christians.

“Outrageous,” the Critics Roared

“What did you say? God? Outrageous!” the critics roared. Immediately, the world’s press began a reversal of opinion about this man they once had lionized. Some called him a “Christian fanatic.” Others said Solzhenitsyn was “reactionary…right wing…a religious nut.”

Then, in 2000, Solzhenitsyn released a blockbuster new book he had penned entitled Together For Two Hundred Years. The new book was a lengthy treatise, a thorough and far-reaching compilation of several decades of research by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn into the machinations for two centuries of Jews inside Russia and the Soviet Empire.

Karl Marx, the Jewish radical who inspired Lenin and Trotsky with his communist theories, was secretly a High Priest of Satan (see Richard Wurmbrand’s book, Marx and Satan). Shown here in his official portrait, Marx is giving an enigmatic Masonic hand sign (see Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry, p. 74).

Accurate in every detail, painstakingly documented, the author showed how, over the centuries, a small band of revolutionary Jews had conspired and plotted to overthrow the Russian Czars. Their aim: seize control of Czarist Russia and establish a beachhead for a Jewish utopia on planet earth—the long sought after Kingdom of the Jews.

The Gulags of the Jewish Revolutionaries

With staggering implications, Together For Two Hundred Years showed how Lenin, Trotsky and other Jewish conspirators had overthrown the Romanov dynasty in 1917 and set up their own Bolshevik totalitarian system. The result: The nightly assassination and roundup of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, most of whom were herded by black-hearted Big Brother secret police into thousands of monstrously evil Gulag concentration camps.

The largest number of victims, Solzhenitsyn reports, were Christian believers, understandable since the revolutionary Jews despised and hated Jesus and His Chosen People, the Christians. All-in-all, about 66 million innocent people were kidnapped and eventually died a hideous death at the hands of the Jewish “Ivan the Terrible” corps.

Four Gulag camp commandants. Note that all four are giving the secret sign of Jewish Freemasonry, the “B’nai  B’rith” just as did Communism’s founding father, the Jewish arch satanist, Karl Mordecai (Marx).

66 million murdered by mostly Jewish Gulag overlords! That’s over ten times the number of Jews claimed to have been slain in Nazi concentration camps.

Obviously, such a powerful—and truthful—book as Together For Two Hundred Years must be suppressed. And it has been. No English-speaking publisher, either in Britain or in the U.S.A. has dared to publish it. So far, Solzhenitsyn’s book has only been issued in the Russian language.

“Crush This Insolent Wretch”

Shamelessly, yet quietly and without a lot of fanfare, Jewish organizations have put out the word: “Crush this insolent wretch, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Give his works, his voice no forum, kill him with neglect. If you must mention his name, say it with scorn and with taunts and ridicule. Punish him severely for attempting to reveal our secrets to the world. Let him be an example of what the Jewish Power can do to a man who stubbornly refuses to tow the Zionist party line.”

I have seen what they have done to Solzhenitsyn. I have read their biased and spiteful reviews of his book in the controlled media and witnessed their revengeful hatred of him in countless Jewish magazines, websites, and journals influential but relatively unknown to the public at large. The ruthless Jewish Power clique works to kill men in a variety of ways. With Mel Gibson, it was more public. With Solzhenitsyn, it is more personal and private. Clearly, Solzhenitsyn’s writings about the Jewish leadership of the Soviet Holocaust is viewed as a grave threat to the Jewish Plan for global supremacy.

In Russia, millions of people—many of them survivors of the Gulag—still love and respect the aging man of God, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. They have read his newest book, and they know it is true. They lived it! They also well understand why such a book is being kept from the American people. The Talmudic Jews are fiercely determined that the whole truth about their repugnant, geno-cidal crimes be covered up. Solzhenitsyn’s reputation must be progressively tarnished and his writings buried forever.

So now, the man, Solzhenitsyn, who suffered under the Jewish Gulag tormentors for so long, must now be tortured once again, and for the same purported “crime,” the offense of using “words.”

It was Lenin who once said, “Words are more deadly than bullets.” Leninist ideology is truly an exemplar of the poisonous Talmudic Jewish mindset. Today, in America, there are, consequently, many things a man cannot say, cannot write about, and cannot publish. I know. I have, myself, faithfully followed God’s calling and done my best to follow in Solzhenitsyn’s footsteps. The Jewish holocaust revisionists have punished me, too, and they continue today to threaten and bully whip me and Power of Prophecy ministries.

Like Mel Gibson and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Texe Marrs is now being falsely and cruelly branded an “anti-Semite,” a “Jew-hater” and worse, on all seven continents.

Fascinating, isn’t it, how much fury, venom, and wrath just a touch of truth can whip up among the Jewish overlords and their Gentile accomplices, who today guide Western culture and minutely monitor and control every aspect of media reporting on politics, economics, and religion.

This official postcard, widely circulated by the Communist government in Russia following the Jewish Bolshevik takeover, is entitled “Leaders of the Proletarian Revolution.” The postcard reveals the Jewishness of these original leaders of the Communist Party. All six shown, including Lenin and Trotsky, are Jews!

The Fearless Few Are Hated

Their greatest hatred, their most vicious spewing of venom, is reserved for the fearless few who dare to reveal to the world the heinous crimes committed by the Jewish Power in the Communist Gulag, especially the Zionist murder of 66 million men, women, and children, many of them Bible-believing Christians.

Equally hated are men like Ernst Zundel of Canada, who have questioned whether six million Jews actually died in a Nazi Holocaust. But even if six million died in a Nazi Holocaust, what of the sixty-six million who perished in the Jewish Gulag? And remember: Thousands of Nazis have been tracked down and punished for their reported crimes against humanity. Why is it that not even one Zionist Jew has ever been brought to justice for the heinous crimes committed in the Jewish Communist Gulag? Why?

For almost six decades, America and the planet have been preaching to the Germans, reminding them of the terrible crimes of their Nazi ancestors. It is only fair and just that we all now turn our attention to the Communist Gulag Holocaust, that we expose the Jews’ role in its monstrous crimes and remind the Jews of what their criminal ancestors did to these sixty-six million innocent victims, most of whom were Christians.

Isn’t it also time we demand construction of a Christian Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., to be erected next door to the existing taxpayer-funded Jewish Holocaust Museum? Is only the suffering of Jews worthy of being memorialized? What about the pain and suffering endured by so many other ethnic and religious groups, including that of Russian and Eastern European Christians during the Jewish Bolshevik era? Don’t these tens of millions of Gentiles killed and tortured deserve to be remembered as well?

Manti Te-o Hoax and Sandy Hook – Line – and Stinker Hoax

America has become the Land of Hoaxes.   Recently, there is the Manti Te-o hoax.  There is the Lies of Lance [Armstrong] hoax.   Talk about “Dreamland”!  Is there ANYTHING that is “real” anymore, or is the collective American psyche controlled by the fiction of Hollywood greasepaint and lipstick?

These two examples of recent public hoaxes were of course performed by private citizens and were devised simply to elevate and promote a PERSONAL agenda to gain and profit in the ultra-competitive world of American Sports.   The hoaxes, keep in mind, were exposed simply by honest people seeking simple corroboration and documentation by digging deeper and questioning the story.    Since the hoax and associated  lies were not perpetrated by the GOVERNMENT, however, but simply private citizens, the mainstream media was quick to give the story fair and objective “coverage” – (even though it was the Mainstream Media that failed to QUESTION and document the testimony originally and thus became a very real accomplice to the hoax itself.)

Ok – so Manti Te-o had an “imaginary girlfriend” for over 3 years.  It’s laughable and tragic that the hoax was not discovered much earlier.   That’s a safe story to dwell on and gossip about over the company water cooler.   The only person hurt by the exposing of this hoax is Manti and his personal credibility and NFL draft potential.  It is small potatoes, with little at stake for this nation.   But, it is nevertheless a hoax – i.e. a lie – a patent falsehood.   A nation-inspiring “story” picked up by a sympathetic national news media that was later exposed as simply being pure fiction.

Why, I must ask, is it perfectly OK to expose the lies of Manti Te-o, and Lance Armstrong, yet it is strictly verboten and absolutely “politically incorrect” to expose the LIES of not only the Sandy Hook “shootings”  – but also the blatantly false lies surrounding September 11, 2001?   I submit the answer “lies” in who is doing the hoaxing!  If it is the federal government alphabet soup agencies, engineered and promoted primarily by a select “tribe” of “god’s chosen people” perpetrating the hoax – then the hoax in someway becomes immediately sacrosanct and untouchable, and honest QUESTIONING is not only discouraged, but is now somehow suddenly immoral, “unpatriotic”, “hateful” and morally “degenerate”!

I submit that I am nothing more than an objective and honest researcher.   Here is a list of what I personally have discovered to be the top 10 HOAXES that continue to deceive the good people of America today:

1.  HOAX:  The modern Nation of Israel is composed of the literal descendants of the poor and downtrodden biblical Jacob (aka Israel) and thus are “God’s Chosen People” – and as a result they are hated and persecuted by evil people.       TRUTH:  They are the literal descendants of the Khazar tribe of Gog and Magog – the biblical “Troglodytes” (aka Edomites) occupying the caves of Mt. Seir.   Not only are they NOT “God’s Chosen People” – they are the historical MORTAL ENEMIES of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

2.  HOAX:  America is a free Republic with free and honest presidential elections.   TRUTH:  America is controlled by an extremely wealthy oligarch of godless Troglodytes (see Hoax #1) that controls all presidential politics and elections via bribery, murder, and manipulation.   (“No man is more hopelessly enslaved than he who wrongfully believes he is free.” —– Goethe)

3.  HOAX:  The American Press and Mass Media (radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines) is independently owned and operated, and thus is honest and completely objective in their daily reporting.  TRUTH:   All mass media ownership is ultimately in the hands of the “Trogs” – (see Hoax #1).   By controlling what the “Goy” (the Trog’s human cattle) hear, read and see – they keep their FIRST HOAX completely protected.

4.  HOAX:  The Mormon (LDS) faith is a “restored” CHRISTIAN faith led by a sincere, loving PROPHET who talks to God daily.  TRUTH:  Founder Joseph Smith and the early LDS leaders were far more JEWISH EXTREMIST ZIONISTS, than humble, sincere Christians.   They even called Utah “ZION” – while doing everything humanly possible to further HOAX #1 – leading the campaign to give the demonic and Mammon-controlled Troglodytes their modern base of operations in Palestine.  Mormon leaders actually employed the TROG PR Firm Adelman Inc. to further embellish the hoax that they are a “Christian” faith.

5.   HOAX:  September 11, 2001 was planned, devised, and executed by a renegade ex-CIA “asset” named Osama bin Laden while living deep in an obscure cave somewhere in Afghanistan.   TRUTH:  September 11, 2001 was planned, devised, and executed by a powerful cabal of TROGLODYTES primarily to expand their hegemony and power in not only the Middle East – but worldwide.

6.   HOAX:  The Federal Reserve is autonomous and merely a division of the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury.   TRUTH:  The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE CARTEL composed of powerful TROGLODYTE families ruling with blood and horror on the earth.   Furthermore, the entire Federal Reserve system was envisioned and engineered by a Mormon Trog named Mariner S. Eccles.

7.  HOAX:  “Alternative patriot” media networks such as Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, et. al. are honest and unbiased.  TRUTH:  They indeed go deeper into the TRUTH than the “mainstream” – but yet they will NEVER expose HOAX #1 because they are simply “controlled opposition” designed to supply controlled vents.   In sum, they successfully get honest, truth-seeking people mad and agitated, but NEVER FOCUSED on the prime #1 hoax.

8.   HOAX:   Vaccines, both adult and child, are the reasons for increased life spans and conquering dread diseases.  TRUTH:  Increased knowledge of the role of proper sanitation and the life-cycle of viruses is the reason for low disease statistics.   Vaccines are loaded with dangerous chemicals specifically designed by the MEDICAL TROGS to affect the HUMAN MIND – while spreading seeds of future chronic disease states.

9.  HOAX:  The Food and Drug Administration keeps dangerous foods away from our children.   TRUTH:  Processed breakfast cereals are more dangerous to growing children than mumps, or measles.

10.   HOAX:  Guns are dangerous, but Px anti-depressant drugs are safe and effective.  TRUTH:   Every single “loan nut” gunman has a history of Px anti-depressant drug usage.   Big Pharma is also dominated and controlled by Edomite Troglodyte blood line families.

Now, use the same CRITICAL THINKING skills concerning the Manti Te-o hoax with the Sandy Hook “shootings”.   You will find there are many, many more WHAT THE HE– anomalies.   Yet, the media freely admits Manti Te-o’s “girlfriend” was a complete hoax – but NEVER the Sandy Hook project.

At least one “DeadSpin” level researcher has cared enough to produce a video.  Watch this with a critical eye – and keep in mind the top ten Hoaxes above.  Remember that the Parker family is Mormon (LDS) and see how many other TROG NAMES you can identify in this black operation.



Banning ANY Gun = Despotism and Loss of Freedom