Let me be clear – I have historically not been a fan of Dr. David Duke.   His ties to the KKK and white supremacist hate groups in his younger years have been well documented – and as a result, much of his anti-Jewish rhetoric lacked credibility to me personally – at least in my mind.

Recently, however, I had the opportunity to speak with a fellow Christian living in the Southern “bible belt” – who told me that since I “used to be a Mormon” – my current “Christianity” will always be somewhat “suspect”.   I argued that maybe he should then ignore all of Paul’s (aka Saul of Tarsus) letters and writings since he was at one time a persecutor of Christians.   Why “suspect” me, I asked.   Couldn’t I, just like Saul,  have had a massive change of heart by Christ,  and my understanding of truth become solidified and expanded?

I submit that this may be true as well in the case of David Duke.   I can no longer dismiss his clear message of truth by prejudice against the messenger.

David Duke has hit the nail SQUARE on the head with his latest video.

As you watch this, keep in mind the following:

The simplest way the core pillars of the WTC  twin towers could have been turned to hot, radioactive powder is by deploying two special, “bunker buster” mini-nukes.  See my 2002 report here: 9-11 Truth   The Dimona nuclear plant in Israel is the logical and primary suspect for producing and deploying such a device.  Dimona has had ZERO international inspections, as Duke documents so accurately.   When President Kennedy exerted his power and influence to place Dimona under inspections, he was assassinated.   They have already killed one Democratic U.S. President.  Why should they hesitate to take out another?

Keep in mind that NASA also developed sophisticated weather-control technology during the decade of the 60’s.   Dr. Bernard Eastlund, a Zionist Jew, actually secured weather control patents – (including creation and guidance of hurricanes) and these patents were eventually sold to Israeli front companies.   In 1977 the United Nations wrote and sponsored a treaty regulating Weather Modification weaponry.  Israel refused to sign and abide by this treaty.   Why?

Dr. Duke is just touching the literal tip of the Zionist iceberg with this video.   America’s Christians need to wake up!   There is without a doubt a Clear and Present Danger against what little remains of this “Republic” – “One Nation Under God.”