The “Smithsonian” Institute is a veritable black hole for the majority of major archeological finds that would expose esoteric TRUTH.    Why keep the people ignorant?   Quite simple, really – TRUTH is knowledge, and thus TRUTH is POWER.  Those who wish to maintain their control of power on the world’s stage, based on lies and outright fraud therefore must keep TRUTH under wraps by any and all means.

Of course, controlled media propaganda is vital as well – making people believe that anything outside of the “mainstream” set of politically correct beliefs is the realm of lunacy and wacky “conspiracy theory”.

One such area is the TRUE history of pre-Columbian North America.   The Edomite elite keep a very tight grip over any archeological evidence that would disprove their massive body of lies concerning America! Proof that a pure CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION existed and flourished in Michigan, Ohio, and other U.S. states hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus was even born would not only wreak havoc with the elite Edomite’s false religious traditions, but their lies concerning their being “God’s Chosen People” would quickly evaporate as well!

Sadly – even the LDS (Mormon) division of esoteric Edomites has joined in the coverup.   One would think the LDS leadersip would be eager to prove that white Christians existed in America before Columbus -for indeed that is the very foundational bedrock of their faith – i.e. Joe Smith and his Book of Mormon story of early Israelites emigrating to America at the time of Jeremiah  – the “cornerstone” of their claims of authority and “restoration” of modern gnosticism.    But alas, over 30,000 unearthed artifacts provide documentation of  not only the early inhabitant’s culture, but also of their extensive knowledge of not only Old Testament events – but also graphic knowledge of details of the life of Christ and His crucifixion.  Here’s the salient point: in all of the many thousands of ancient artifacts – NOT A SINGLE “BOOK OF MORMON” EVENT WAS EVER DEPICTED IN ANY OF THESE MANY THOUSANDS OF ARTIFACTS!  All of which simply means – the Mormons need to keep the evidence squirreled away as well so that they can continue protecting their extensive religious fraud and lies too.

Over the years I must say, they have done a damned good job of this!

During the 1980’s, I personally photographed and studied over a thousand such artifacts the LDS Church Inc. kept under lock and key in a dusty SLC warehouse.   They have since been labeled as hoaxes by LDS Mormon scholars and others and disposed of in various ways.   I can’t help but wonder if these artifacts had also depicted Nephi slaying Laban, Lehi’s voyage to America from Jerusalem, the Nephite Tree of Life, the Stripling Warriors, Capt. Moroni, the Jaredites from Babylon, etc. etc. that LDS Inc. would be more than eagerly declaring their legitimacy.  For the detailed story of just a portion of these artifacts – read this expose:  Ancient Michigan Tablets and Artifacts

Who were these ancient ones in America?  My 2o years of research lead me personally to the conclusion that they were associates and personal friends of Joseph of Arimathea – the Uncle of Jesus Christ – and who emigrated to America circa 40-55 AD.   Joseph of Arimathea was an extremely wealthy merchant of Roman-controlled Judea.  His personal wealth and standing with Rome came primarily from the brokerage of copper and tin (essential elements to make brass, bronze, and other alloys for Roman shields and armor).  Documents prove that Joseph of Arimathea controlled the tin mines of the U.K. – as well as the massive ancient copper mines of Michigan – yes indeed, right here in the U.S.!    Following the Crucifixion, Joseph and other close confidants and disciples of Jesus knew the “Abomination of Desolation” of Judea/Jerusalem was pending in just a few short decades.  It is totally logical that by means of his extensive merchant fleet – Joseph began an organized emigration of early Christians to the shores of America where they could freely practice their faith of Christianity.    I submit the preponderance of archeological evidence absolutely PROVES this to be true – and also proves Mormonism and modern Judaism to be fraudulent hoaxes as well.   We can’t have that now, can we??

Part and parcel to this is the biblical story of the giant Nephilim (odd perhaps that a central B of M hero is a shortened version – NEPHI – a man mighty and strong (maybe even gigantic) in stature) – and the necessary annihilation of these wicked Giants from the American continent would have been required by any true Christians who descend from the original Giant-Killer named David.   Many apocryphal texts describe these “giants” as exceedingly wicked CANNIBALS – who loved nothing better than feasting on the “flesh and blood of angle-men”  (the covenant descendants of Jacob/Israel).   There are a number of artifacts unearthed that also depict the “son of the left hand” (Satan) becoming the God of the giants and the REPTILIAN DRAGONS by means of covenants with evil sorcerers and magicians – such as Joseph Smith Jr.

Here is just one example from my personal photo collection – an ancient American stone carving depicting the Son of the Left Hand (Satan) as the dragon:


Keep in mind that the Old Testament documents these Nephilim “Giants” in numerous places.   Perhaps the most significant scriptures detail the Philistine lineage of “Goliath” and give his physical dimensions: “6 cubits (20 inches = a cubit) and a span (roughly 9 inches)” means Goliath stood around 10 feet, 9 inches in height.  Goliath’s armor was equally massive – and his spear point alone weighed in at over 18 pounds.   Pretty impressive!   Also consider 2 Samuel 21:20 – these ancient Giants “of great stature” had six fingers and six toes.   (They also had double rows of teeth.)   Skeletal remains of these abhorrent genetic experiments from the fallen angel (Lucifer) have not only been excavated all over North America – but worldwide as well.

Take a few minutes and watch the following extremely relevant videos: