I have not been a “fan” of Ex-Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.   I frankly thought he would only tackle “safe” so-called conspiracy theories – and that made him quite suspect to me.

I publicly declare that I may have been wrong in my earlier estimations.  Recently, he exposed what is clearly one of the BIGGEST and BADDEST realities of a secret, UNELECTED government cabal of SATANISTS run amok – the covert manipulation of the American public via specific, targeted microwave pulses.   While not digging DEEPER than interviewing Dr. Robert Duncan -at least Ventura has opened the Pandora’s box – and done it in a very honest and objective manner.


I have personally been exposing the implications of MK Ultra and mind-control microwave technology (AKA The Sound of Silence – or the Voice of God (VOG)  for a decade and a half on “The Story Behind the Story.”   This is the one area where the majority of Americans roll their eyes and click their tongues, and pass the proverbial tin-foil hat!  Yet – they refuse to objectively review the massive evidence.

See my earlier expose power point presentation here:  The SOUND OF SILENCE

The primary rogue’s gallery of modern MK Ultra operatives (Psi-Tech) are exposed here:  Laibow’s Lackeys

In a nutshell, after personally reading and reviewing a number of U.S. Patents which have now been assigned to the U.S. “Military Industrialist Complex” I can authoritatively add this to Ventura’s information:

Targeted Individuals “T.I.s” are attacked via microwaves that have been specifically en-coded to their individual DNA markers – then stored in a rogue government operational data base.  It works much like a computer blog network such as the one you are reading right now.  Once an individual’s specific DNA CODE is entered into the psi-tech’s computer data base – they receive constant “personalized” Electro-magnetic pulses (EMPs) just as specific URL addresses on this blog receive regular “electromagnetic” posts when “send” buttons are either manually pushed, or on a specific timer.

The fact is that there appears to be certain DNA that is somewhat immune to the VOG pulsing to the brain – but that is a rare exception to the general rule.  Remember also that there are certain DNA-codes that are very hard, if not impossible to hypnotize as well.  Thoughts, you see, are nothing more than neuron impulses from the body’s central nervous system to the brain itself.   Some DNA is able to block access to these “voices”.

NOW YOU KNOW THE TRUTH OF HOW “CRAZIES” LIKE ADAM LANZA, HOLMES, LOUGHNER ARE JUST MERE PUPPETS of a very evil cabal of EDOMITES with a very dark, manipulative agenda!   Once again, let me remind you these “mind-control microwaves” are simply a subsection of the WEATHER CONTROL microwave frequency patents (HAARP) researched by NASA at the same time by THE SAME SCIENTISTS.   It’s absolutely inter-connected – without a doubt.