Yesterday, Tuesday, January 8,  a series of mysterious and massive “explosions” rocked Northern Utah from the Idaho border all the way south to Provo.

The first one hit shortly after 1:00 p.m. – with yet another occurring at 9:00 p.m.   News stations were contacted by concerned citizens, and a most incredibly thoughtful and thorough “investigation” was conducted by the mainstream media.

Even though these “booms” actually were strong enough to shake the ground at seismic stations in Utah – “officials” were quick to declare that first of all it wasn’t an earthquake, and secondly – it was not an underground explosion.

Question:  How exactly can you tell that the blast was “above ground” merely from a seismograph reading?

Then, the next “official story” declares that the blast didn’t come from Hill Air Force Base, or from ATK.   Where else could such a massive blast POSSIBLY come from?   Oh, yes, it was all from the “inversion” of stale air trapped in the valley of the Wasatch Front, of course!  SAY WHAT?  Since when does stale air cause a massive explosion?   Could it have anything to do with UFO’s the news team asks quite mockingly?    No way – it HAS to be from the “inversion”.

Are you kidding me?   And these are the same people who accept WITHOUT QUESTION the “official” fairy tale that the WTC towers collapsed and pancaked together – falling at free-fall speed!

Then – in a late night addendum – Hill Air Force Base offers an explanation.  It was simply bombing practice at the Air Force testing range west of the Great Salt Lake.  HMMMM.  That would mean the explosions were much closer to Wendover than SLC – funny – nobody from Wendover reported anything unusual.

Listen to how the Mains Stream “media”  handles this VERY SERIOUS story: