Amazing is the only word for this.  There is a company that calls themselves “Crisis Actors”.  They operate out of Denver Colorado.    Their website is:  Their “job” is to provide SKILLED ACTORS to simulate mass shootings and other “terror” events.  JUST FOR TRAINING PURPOSES, mind you.

Check out their website.   They feature a clip by none other than CNN’s Anderson Cooper doing his best to debunk wacky “conspiracy theories” concerning allegations that “Crisis Actors” were responsible for Sandy Hook “shootings” on Dec. 14, 2012.  Oh really?

Consider that Sandy Hook was scheduled to “drill” for just such an event.   Consider also what I consider to be the ultimate “problem” with this story – that of an official video of Robbie Parker, the father of little Emilie Parker appearing before TV cameras shortly after the event.  (5:22 pm of the Dec. 14).

What is deeply troubling to me is this:

Why does “Robbie” come to the camera with bright eyed anticipation and a big smile – then why does he need to take a few seconds to GET IN THE RIGHT MOOD before the cameras begin rolling?    Personally, if my little daughter had been gunned down just hours earlier, I KNOW I would be still in shock and dismay – there is NO WAY I would ever be laughing and smiling just before going on camera.  But hey, that is just me.

Secondly – notice at the end of the video clip, Robbie announces on NATIONAL TV about a “Facebook” account set up to accept money for poor little Emilie!!!!  WHAT???   What loving parent would think to set up such a PROFIT-BASED account the very AFTERNOON of the event?   Is that a valid question?   Moreover, analysis of the Facebook account seems to point to the fact that it was already set up PRIOR to December 14.  HUH?

But hey, look for yourself and determine if there is anything strange about this at all.

Something most definitely doesn’t smell right here.   In fact, it STINKS!