Ever wondered what really happened concerning the “Soviet Union” and it’s supposed conversion to capitalism?

Have you ever wondered why Gorbachev suddenly becomes a member of the mysterious and occult “Presidio” of Northern California?

Have you ever wondered exactly what precipitated Reagan’s sudden friendship with Gorby – and Reagan’s public statements concerning the world having to unite someday against a possible alien invasion?

Keep in mind as you watch this video, that historic COLOR of the Edomite god (aka Satan) is RED.   Also note the insignia on the “suit” of the 9-foot tall “giant” is the Delta pyramid in a GOLD circle.  Also note the “3rd eye” of the alien – in historical Illuminati text this is the “all seeing eye” of the rebellious “angels” known in the Bible as the giant NEPHILIM.   Notice also the conspicuous absence of anything related to Jesus Christ in this alien story of the GODLESS, ATHEIST-BOLSHEVIK-CONTROLLED RUSSIA.  WHAT GOD ARE THEY TIED TO?  Could the reason they were “chosen” be their “anti-Christian” activity and mass genocide of CHRISTIANS since 1910?    Exactly WHO is the enigmatic “indigo child” of Gorbachev by the name of ALDIS and will he somehow “reappear” from Alcyon in the Pleiades “Seven Sisters” constellation to take the seat and rule over all nations?   (That is what many satanic “new agers” have “channeled” via automatic writing – actually, don’t forget.)   Could he be the prophesied “anti-Christ” false “messiah” of the Edomites – full of POWER and LYING WONDERS?   Is this “Aldis” the  ULTIMATE “man of sin” who must come prior to the return of Christ?

For what it’s worth, I personally think it may all be highly possible.   Everything on this video rings of the “return of the Nephilim” and is something to take quite seriously.