Yesterday, Jan. 18, 2013, I interviewed author Christopher Bollyn on my radio show, The Story Behind the Story.   You can hear the entire interview below, but in the sake of brevity, here are the primary points to focus on:

1.  Chris Bollyn was indeed savagely beaten, attacked, and tasered by Chicago police in the driveway of his own suburban Chicago home.  Arrested and charged with “resisting”, he was eventually convicted of bogus MISDEMEANOR charges.  Rather than taking a chance on what COULD happen in the criminal cesspool known as the Cook County (Ill.) jail – Christopher, his wife and young daughter instead fled the United States to a foreign country where they have resided for the past 5 years.   His wife and daughter now wish to come “home”.

2.  Bollyn has written and published a book on the events of Sept. 11, 2001 that in my opinion is the most honest and straightforward account of that event, bar none.    He also, in courageous integrity of an honest research journalist, points the finger of incrimination EXACTLY where it should be pointed – the “nation” of Israel.   Because of this, he was beaten and has become, in my words, a “Fugitive From IN-justice!”

3.  As thanks for simply telling the truth, Bollyn has been labeled a “hate-monger” – “Anti-Semite” and much worse by the Zionist-controlled mass media.

Just listen to CNN’s Paula Zahn’s hatchet piece on Bollyn.  As you watch and listen, keep in mind the following truths that Zahn (married to a Jew for 20 years, but divorced in 2007  see and Jewish producers and staff conveniently ignored:

1.  The “Dancing Israelis” apprehended after watching the Twin Towers collapse give much more credence to Bollyn than bin Laden does to Bush.

2.  Bollyn never said that all Jews were warned to stay away from the Twin Towers on Sept. 11. , for that is mostly misinformation.

3.  On September 10, Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld holds a press conference where he glumly announces that a whopping $2.3 TRILLION USD is “missing from the Pentagon”.   Funny – the Pentagon COMPTROLLER when it all went missing was none other than Dov Zackheim, a Rabbi and dual Israeli/American citizen – the son and grandson of the most bloodthirsty of the IRGUN terrorists of Israel.    Hmmm Paula Zahn – funny how you don’t want to focus on MOTIVE and OPPORTUNITY in your “journalism”!    Funny how convenient it was that the entire Zackheim paper trail of the trillions of US dollars was destroyed in the attack on the Pentagon that day.  Furthermore, Rabbi Zackheim was also a member of the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) that concluded that in order for American (i.e. Israeli) Hegemony goals to be achieved, a “NEW PEARL HARBOR” would of necessity have to happen.   Heaven forbid that anybody on CNN should question Israel!!

4.  The grieving Jewish father who was spotlighted to discredit Bollyn – was absolutely right in saying that his son’s body (who was killed in the WTC) was NEVER RECOVERED!  Hello, Paula, anybody home inside your blonde head?   What happened to the corpses of nearly 3,000 people including the hundreds of firemen?   A collapsing building (which is the official government lie you so blithely accept and promote) would mean that there would be thousands of body bags filled over time, and families could hope to recover the remains of their loved ones.  Nope. No Bodies.  NADA. Zilch. Just a piece of a finger or two here or there.   Isn’t that just a little bit strange?  The only logical explanation is due to the effects of a mini-nuke energy directed upwards.  All human bodies simply became part of the radioactive dust covering Manhattan.    And what facility is the only, completely impervious to international nuke inspectors, in the world where such mini-nukes could be manufactured?  The Nuke plant called Dimona – in Israel.

5.  Zahn mentioned the USS Cole, but never the USS Liberty attack.   Get the picture yet?


I know this takes a commitment of time to view these, but honest Americans in the know, have simply HAD ENOUGH!    First look at the TRUTH concerning the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.    Is this an orange, or an apple???