In response to my re-posting of Ms. Julia Mitchell’s expose, (see Mr. Ralph Fucetola, JD posted the following response, personal attack, and CHALLENGE:

Your unprincipled attacks on General Bert, Dr. Rima and Mike Adams are false and malicious.  (He just slandered me a liar and a moral degenerate.)

They suggest you are an agent provocateur.   (Funny, same exact thing I have been called by other Edomites – namely Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz!)  I’ve known all three of these honorable, patriotic people for years and am willing to debate you or anyone you choose about them on any Internet venue you’d like. Tell me when you want to debate, which means when you will offer proof of your innuendo and misinformation. The burden of proof is on the person who attacks others as you have done.”

This challenge was EAGERLY accepted and an open invitation was in fact extended to Mr. Fucetola to join me on my internet radio show (an “Internet venue”) The Story Behind the Story on Friday, January 18, 2013.  I wrote: ” —as you desire, you are most welcome to debate these points on my radio show. I invite you to be my guest this Friday, January 18, 2013. The program airs live at The Micro Effect 5-7 pm MST and I will give you the full two hours to make your case.”    He not only failed to respond in any way to my quick acceptance of his bold PROMISE, he also failed to participate in his own challenge.  In other words, HE DEFAULTED on the debate.  He was a NO-SHOW!   Therefore, I submit the “burden of proof” is now COMPLETELY off my shoulders.

Listen to the broadcast in question and weigh the evidence yourself.   You will hear my guest, Arthur Evangelista PhD, testify as to the content of his SWORN AFFIDAVIT concerning the immoral and I submit clearly ILLEGAL activities of Rima Laibow, Bert Stubblebine, et. al.   Furthermore, during the show we fully expose Laibow’s connections to Scientology, Michael Aquino’s Church of Satan, and General Manuel Noriega of Panama.  This is not conjecture, nor is it idle gossip.  No, it is FACT!!      BURDEN OF PROOF, Fucetola – BURDEN OF PROOF satisfied indeed.  We have the documentation, piles of it.  We HAVE connected all the dots.  More than enough, actually, to write a best-selling book.

The credentials of my guest are beyond reproach.  Again, he’s Dr. Arthur Evangelista PhD – a former FDA federal investigator who now is a private consultant to help people through the FDA mine fields: