America has become the Land of Hoaxes.   Recently, there is the Manti Te-o hoax.  There is the Lies of Lance [Armstrong] hoax.   Talk about “Dreamland”!  Is there ANYTHING that is “real” anymore, or is the collective American psyche controlled by the fiction of Hollywood greasepaint and lipstick?

These two examples of recent public hoaxes were of course performed by private citizens and were devised simply to elevate and promote a PERSONAL agenda to gain and profit in the ultra-competitive world of American Sports.   The hoaxes, keep in mind, were exposed simply by honest people seeking simple corroboration and documentation by digging deeper and questioning the story.    Since the hoax and associated  lies were not perpetrated by the GOVERNMENT, however, but simply private citizens, the mainstream media was quick to give the story fair and objective “coverage” – (even though it was the Mainstream Media that failed to QUESTION and document the testimony originally and thus became a very real accomplice to the hoax itself.)

Ok – so Manti Te-o had an “imaginary girlfriend” for over 3 years.  It’s laughable and tragic that the hoax was not discovered much earlier.   That’s a safe story to dwell on and gossip about over the company water cooler.   The only person hurt by the exposing of this hoax is Manti and his personal credibility and NFL draft potential.  It is small potatoes, with little at stake for this nation.   But, it is nevertheless a hoax – i.e. a lie – a patent falsehood.   A nation-inspiring “story” picked up by a sympathetic national news media that was later exposed as simply being pure fiction.

Why, I must ask, is it perfectly OK to expose the lies of Manti Te-o, and Lance Armstrong, yet it is strictly verboten and absolutely “politically incorrect” to expose the LIES of not only the Sandy Hook “shootings”  – but also the blatantly false lies surrounding September 11, 2001?   I submit the answer “lies” in who is doing the hoaxing!  If it is the federal government alphabet soup agencies, engineered and promoted primarily by a select “tribe” of “god’s chosen people” perpetrating the hoax – then the hoax in someway becomes immediately sacrosanct and untouchable, and honest QUESTIONING is not only discouraged, but is now somehow suddenly immoral, “unpatriotic”, “hateful” and morally “degenerate”!

I submit that I am nothing more than an objective and honest researcher.   Here is a list of what I personally have discovered to be the top 10 HOAXES that continue to deceive the good people of America today:

1.  HOAX:  The modern Nation of Israel is composed of the literal descendants of the poor and downtrodden biblical Jacob (aka Israel) and thus are “God’s Chosen People” – and as a result they are hated and persecuted by evil people.       TRUTH:  They are the literal descendants of the Khazar tribe of Gog and Magog – the biblical “Troglodytes” (aka Edomites) occupying the caves of Mt. Seir.   Not only are they NOT “God’s Chosen People” – they are the historical MORTAL ENEMIES of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

2.  HOAX:  America is a free Republic with free and honest presidential elections.   TRUTH:  America is controlled by an extremely wealthy oligarch of godless Troglodytes (see Hoax #1) that controls all presidential politics and elections via bribery, murder, and manipulation.   (“No man is more hopelessly enslaved than he who wrongfully believes he is free.” —– Goethe)

3.  HOAX:  The American Press and Mass Media (radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines) is independently owned and operated, and thus is honest and completely objective in their daily reporting.  TRUTH:   All mass media ownership is ultimately in the hands of the “Trogs” – (see Hoax #1).   By controlling what the “Goy” (the Trog’s human cattle) hear, read and see – they keep their FIRST HOAX completely protected.

4.  HOAX:  The Mormon (LDS) faith is a “restored” CHRISTIAN faith led by a sincere, loving PROPHET who talks to God daily.  TRUTH:  Founder Joseph Smith and the early LDS leaders were far more JEWISH EXTREMIST ZIONISTS, than humble, sincere Christians.   They even called Utah “ZION” – while doing everything humanly possible to further HOAX #1 – leading the campaign to give the demonic and Mammon-controlled Troglodytes their modern base of operations in Palestine.  Mormon leaders actually employed the TROG PR Firm Adelman Inc. to further embellish the hoax that they are a “Christian” faith.

5.   HOAX:  September 11, 2001 was planned, devised, and executed by a renegade ex-CIA “asset” named Osama bin Laden while living deep in an obscure cave somewhere in Afghanistan.   TRUTH:  September 11, 2001 was planned, devised, and executed by a powerful cabal of TROGLODYTES primarily to expand their hegemony and power in not only the Middle East – but worldwide.

6.   HOAX:  The Federal Reserve is autonomous and merely a division of the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury.   TRUTH:  The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE CARTEL composed of powerful TROGLODYTE families ruling with blood and horror on the earth.   Furthermore, the entire Federal Reserve system was envisioned and engineered by a Mormon Trog named Mariner S. Eccles.

7.  HOAX:  “Alternative patriot” media networks such as Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, et. al. are honest and unbiased.  TRUTH:  They indeed go deeper into the TRUTH than the “mainstream” – but yet they will NEVER expose HOAX #1 because they are simply “controlled opposition” designed to supply controlled vents.   In sum, they successfully get honest, truth-seeking people mad and agitated, but NEVER FOCUSED on the prime #1 hoax.

8.   HOAX:   Vaccines, both adult and child, are the reasons for increased life spans and conquering dread diseases.  TRUTH:  Increased knowledge of the role of proper sanitation and the life-cycle of viruses is the reason for low disease statistics.   Vaccines are loaded with dangerous chemicals specifically designed by the MEDICAL TROGS to affect the HUMAN MIND – while spreading seeds of future chronic disease states.

9.  HOAX:  The Food and Drug Administration keeps dangerous foods away from our children.   TRUTH:  Processed breakfast cereals are more dangerous to growing children than mumps, or measles.

10.   HOAX:  Guns are dangerous, but Px anti-depressant drugs are safe and effective.  TRUTH:   Every single “loan nut” gunman has a history of Px anti-depressant drug usage.   Big Pharma is also dominated and controlled by Edomite Troglodyte blood line families.

Now, use the same CRITICAL THINKING skills concerning the Manti Te-o hoax with the Sandy Hook “shootings”.   You will find there are many, many more WHAT THE HE– anomalies.   Yet, the media freely admits Manti Te-o’s “girlfriend” was a complete hoax – but NEVER the Sandy Hook project.

At least one “DeadSpin” level researcher has cared enough to produce a video.  Watch this with a critical eye – and keep in mind the top ten Hoaxes above.  Remember that the Parker family is Mormon (LDS) and see how many other TROG NAMES you can identify in this black operation.