Ok friends.  Please understand that I am not “attacking” Mike Adams.   Dozens of concerned e-mails show how Adams has quite a following.

I am simply searching for truth.

Both Adams and Rima Laibow appeared in the CCHR (a division of Scientology) anti-psychiatry film.    Adams has written numerous posts strongly defending Scientology.  Here is an excerpt:

“I’ve noticed that there are various levels of tolerance among the population for attacking various religions. Attacking Scientology, for example, is considered “okay” by lots of people because Scientology seems strange to them. Attacking the Jewish religion, however, is considered a hate crime, even as Israelis are right now murdering innocent civilians in Gaza with a military assault that targets universities and schools. If you dare say anything against Israel, you’re immediately considered a blasphemous hate crime promoter, and if you live in Germany, they can actually lock you up in prison for even questioning the official version of events like the Holocaust. Just ask David Irving, who actually spent time in prison for questioning the official explanation of the Holocaust.”   

This logic, at least to me, is dangerously warped.   I submit, Mr. Adams, that honest people simply are telling the TRUTH.    I attack SATANISM in all its covert disguises,  whether it be Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, and YES, Scientology for only one reason -because I am a deeply concerned CHRISTIAN who loves his family and his country.    Scientology is Satanic, perhaps even more so than Mormonism, and the pillars of Zionism and Communism in the upper levels of the Jewish Caballa.    The author of it all is the fallen angel Lucifer – the enemy of Jesus Christ.

The video below provides the evidence, Mr. Adams.